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by Roozbeh_Gilani

Unemployable? Lazy? Bored? Fat? Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction with no money for Viagara? Neglected by society? Read on...

work from your condo and earn top $$$$.

We are IRI Incorporated, a well known, ME based muti national corporation involved in oil export. We are leaders in  Human rights violation & Terrorism . Our extensive  IP portfolio includes thousands of patented ideas in the fields of murder, torture, rape and general violation of human rights. We are involved in  nuclear technology  import, building and managing large detention centres and cemetries. We are a financially secure company with massive funds in swiss, British  and canadian bank accounts. Our companies mission statement is to wipe Israel off the surface of earth.

Our company's core values as defined by our visionary, late founder ayat.ol. sheytan R. Khomeini Hendizaadeh are:

 Kill, Steal, Lie   

Job title: Publicist (internet based). Grade 5

Department: US interest section, MKO sub division.

General duties

1)Search internet discussion forums for the word MKO (dont worry about what MKO is,  just collect the paycheck you  dumb ass....)

2) launch into a frenzy of attacks. ask for immediate torture and execution of all MKO members, with their heads offered on a silver plate to our CEO, Mr. S.A. Khamenei, Thi.Ef, Murde.Rer. Label anybody who argues for anything less than immediate murder of evey MKO member, as zionist, bahaii, jew, traitor, Mossad/CIA agent, commi, stalisnist, member of pol pot fan club, etc.

3) Write at least one blog (two would get you a bonus..) comparing MKO members to Nazis, Al_Qaeda, neo Cons (never mind, we tell you later what neo con means, once we learn it's meaning ourselves), imperialist, any other fohsh khar madar you learnt  back in your early days in the New city region of Tehran, before leaving Iran in 1979. Adding a crude cartoon would also earn additional bonus.

Pay Rate:

50 cents/hr  more than Wendy's


None. But you must be able to tell lies as easy as downing a few bottles of beer at Eftar. (remember  our core values....)

Contact for application:

visit our website at: www.SAVAMA.org

call our employment hot line: 1-800-bivatan

or visit our rep, Mr Shaban B. Mokh Jnr,  Managing Director,  at the "Aryan Bassij finga lickin Kabab", westwood, CA, USA

Closing date for application: 8/27/2011 



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 Most excellent...Ghash

by vildemose on

 Most excellent...Ghash kardam az khandeh...merci

"Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe." Robert Browning in 'Ceuciaja'