a despised Commis verdict on NIAC vs MKO cat fight


by Roozbeh_Gilani

In case you have not read and are not yet completely sick of all these recent blogs on  NIAC vs MKO fight, here is one more from your resident commi:

These blogs and the responses to them prove one thing to me: The total irrelevance of these so called "organisations" such as NIAC and MKO to Iran and it's people. Lets face it, very few Iranains struggling with daily challenges  such as where and how to find a job and money to  feed the family, put the roof over their heads, school them, let alone protect them from the  gangs of bassijis gone wild would have heard of , less care about rajavi and parsi and their respective organisations.  

The future of Iran will be decided by Iranian people, on the streets, factory floors and class rooms  of Tehran, Tabriz, Sanandaj, Rasht, Esfahan, Ahvaz, and other great cities of our beloved motherland. Not by a bunch of crop dusting LA, Toronto, London residing fake armani wearing pseudo intellectual, triple passport holding parasites who lacking trust and confidence in great people of Iran, hope to achieve their aims (read money and power) by petitioning this and that congressman of the US of A! 

Get it in your heads, people of Iran having once shed their blood in total vain to get rid of one tyrant, then being severly short changed by having a much worse tyrant installed by your beloved US of A and ingilis, would never ever accept another chalabi like, US congress appointed tyrant, be it Masoud joon or Trita Joon installed upon them. People of Iran will send the Islamist so called "republic" to the trash can of history and replace it with a democratic secular republic of Iranian people, for Iranian people. we will achieve our independence, democratic rights and social justice no matter what US congress or British paliament decide. Yes the "forces of history" are alive and kicking and on our side.

Long Live Iran, Long Live Democracy, Down with the fascist islamist so called republic.


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bfarahmand, it's not very complicated

by Reality-Bites on

The reason why some of us are not as stary-eyed and impressed with NIAC as others is pretty straight forward.

The argument in favour of NIAC's activities is that it is doing good work to help improve the situation of Iranians both in US and Iran. That's fine and dandy as far as it goes.

The problem is, the main source of problem for Iranians, inside and outside Iran are the actions and policies of the Islamic Republic. On one hand the IR has made life a misery for people though its gross violation of their human rights and on the other its inept economic policies have resulted in making Iran far from a good place do business in and attracted very little inward investment. Of course, this has been made worse by the IR's continued intransigence and prevarication on the nuclear issue, which has rsesulted in sanctions

NIAC's only solution to help Iranians is to continually attack the US and its policies towards Iran. There is never any attempt by NIAC to address the main cause of the problems, i.e. the Islamic Republic hierarchy. Not a peep. For example, there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Iranians who have fled Iran to seek refuge in the US, leaving their loved ones and livelihoods behind to get away from the clutches of the IR. Can you tell me what has NIAC, who claims to work for the welfare and good of Iranian Americans above all, done to raise this issue with the IR and help these people get their livelihoods back?


Dear Zamin

by iamfine on

Fred and Roozbeh are both anti NIAC and I cannot get it. I will not say anything more because Zamin summarized it very well.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Dear MM and Dear Bavafa: When I see NIAC campaigning against the islamist regime with the same zeal as it is now campaigning against the MKO, then I'd have a Picture of Trita Parsi hung above my fire place. Until then I reserve the right to crircize them for their duplicity.

Vildmose Gerami: You are very kind, Frankly, it would be a very sad day if we would have to mince our words, and do not say what we believe is the truth, even on internet

Dear Mr/Mrs Zamin: Sorry. I have no idea what you are going on about, so can not respond. But as you mentioned sanctions, I actually articulated my views on that in a separate blog. In summary, I believe the sanctions should be  targetting the life line of the fascist islamist regime, the oil exports.

"Personal business must yield  to collective interest."


As Frustrating as fair minded Americans are with Birthers

by Bavafa on

No amount of information or relevancy has had an affect on their belief, some innocently many by design.

The only connection between MEK and NIAC has been the fact that NIAC has taken the lead among many who independently voiced their concern about the nature of MEK and its consequence of legitimizing them vise a vie Iranian freedom seeking opposition.

Ironically, we are seeing far more opposition to NIAC (a lobby group) then MEK a treasonous group with cult like ideology with pre-selected president for Iran or IRI itself.

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



NIAC is trying to remove

by Zamin on

NIAC is trying to remove sanctions from Iran.. How in gods name can you compare that with a group like MKO? A group advocating war with Iran.. This is why Iran is so backwards, so third world-like... All Iranians betray each other.. Imagine how much Iranians would benefit without sanctions for a second, all the influx in capital and technology in Iran.. It would be wonderfull, yet you Iranian Americans despise this? Claim they are working for the mullahs, "damn those mullahs!, trying to remove sanctions! Investing in stem cells! etc..)... Iranian Americans are 1,000,000 strong with over 100 billion in capital, yet what do they do for Iran? Absoultely nothing. NIAC is only 300 man strong and gets more done for Iran then these so called "real iranian nationalist" in USA. Just more pathetic behavior!


RG: You don't mince words,

by vildemose on

RG: You don't mince words, that's what I like about your writings.

I'm not sure if Parsi is not being groomed by his mentor (Brezienski) to be another Chalabi...



by MM on

There has been at least one more blog comparing MEK with NIAC, and I have to agree with Ari that NIAC is an Iranian-American advocacy organization.  I have never heard Trita Parsi saying anything about going back to Iran to start anything what so ever, or that he wants the Mullah's to endure.  However, MEK's goals, vis-a-vis Iran, are clear to me, and that is to establish another form of dictatorship.

I also have to agree with you that the people on the streets of Iran will end up determining their path.  However, our job here (at least me) is to inform the young people of Iran that within the realm of democratic principles, there are choices to be made.  That is, democracy is the common denominator in binding all the secular forces in order to oppose distatorships, whether IRI or MEK.......


Thank you friends for the comments.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Maryuam Aziz: you more than welcome.

Afshinazad aziz:  I agree with you on the value of international support for Iranian people. Indeed I do not miss an oppurtunity personally to highlight and try gather support for our political prisoners in iran from where I live.

Reality-Bites Gerami: Your comments are appreciated as always.

Dear Ari: I was hoping more from you than attempts at ridicule and trivialisation by putting NIAC in the same league as NFL and Microsoft, and all the rest. But as you did, may I remind you that Mr. Trita  Parsi is nowhere near as clever as Bill gates nor as athletic as a 13 year old NFL champion hopefull! Masoud rajavi on the other hand is both. Just look at his hair, still jet black and he must be at least in his late fifties!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Ari Siletz

Undeniably well intentioned, yet frustratingly misinformed blog

by Ari Siletz on

"The future of Iran will be decided by Iranian people."

So absolutely right!! Bravo! Golden Shoaar Award to you, Roozbeh--for this year and every year for the decade to come. It's what most of us hope will happen and will work towards at every turn.

But what does NIAC (or Microsoft, or the NFL) have to do with it? NIAC is not a contender for leadership in Iran (neither is Microsoft or the NFL). NIAC is a non-ideological organization where Iranian-Americans can hope to democratically influence their government on issues of concern to Iranian-Americans. If those issues happen to be political, so be it and NIAC will have to step on some powerful toes. If, for example, the issue is quick visas for Iranian artists and scholars to come to the US for concerts and lectures, so be it, and life will be less controversial for NIAC.  

MEK on the other hand is a contender in the nasty politcal rivalries of Iran. Among it's first act of "leadership" seems to be attacking the one civic institution some Iranian-Americans have worked hard to build with some level of influence in US decision making circles. Judging by past behavior MEK's subsequent acts of "leadership" will be moves to destroy any other civic institutions Iranians attempt to build, this time the ones inside Iran (the ones that will decide the future of Iran, Roozbeh).

Here's a simple way to remember the facts: NIAC has no "M" or "E" or "K" in it.


Couldn't have said it better myself

by Reality-Bites on

Right on the money, Roozbeh jaan.

We need more Iranians to join a mass movement, inside and outside Iran, who will work to put an end to the present nightmare and bring about a modern, progressive, secular state that will make freedom for all, democracy, respect for human rights, good relations with all other countries and the promotion of Iranian national identity the corner stones of its governance.

Here's is to that day. 


Very True

by afshinazad on

End of the day, True leader will be from IRANIAN who are in Iran and pays the blood for it, not the people who are attached with co-operations or others, however it is vital to have a voice in countries like US or UK.

Also otherside of the reality can not be ignored.

Maryam Hojjat

Very Well versed, Roozbeh

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks encouraging us to be with IRANIANs 7 think about their plights.