closing down sale: User_IDs R us

by Roozbeh_Gilani

islamist_monarchist (with cyrus cylinder as avatar)

Islamist_aryan (Avatar: persepolis)

i-am_so_brave (avatar: ahmadinezhad photo)

islamist_commi( avatar: red flag and those two yellow commi things on it...)  

islamist_zardoshti (as back up to above)


The full list  can be viewed at our web site:, or by calling: 1-800-KAHRIZAK

Note1: 10% surcharge on female user ID's

Note2: open exclusively to Trade only. Proof required:

1) Bassij medical discharge card (due to sever beating at the hands of a 90 year old iranian jewish lady) + proof of receiving unemployment benefit (in canadian dollars, Euro or british pound sterling only)

2) proof of residence at a secure mental institution (with high speed internet access) + unemployment benefit....

3) EX_ SAVAK membership card (we'd love to hear from you..)

See ya all there ya happy shoppers!


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Soosan Khanoom

By the way ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

Where are you going MG?   everywhere on this planet has some internet access ... have fun and stay in touch ...

: ) 

Soosan Khanoom

ok ... now that was funny

by Soosan Khanoom on

LOL .......






by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Rabit gerami: Good one, but ayatollah K himself visited me in my sleep and told me that  eslame naab mohamadi (VF style) is the highest state of marxism_leninism_stalinism!

 Amir aziz: Glad you liked it my friend

Rafigh MG: Thanks, I must have been learning from other friends here. I tend to keep the mind occupied  with resolving technical issues at work during those long, lonely runs. Yesterday I thought of writing this. Thanks for the good advice on triathlon, I'll definitely increase my pre exercise stretch and fish oil consumption. This triathlon thing started about 10 years ago when I read the bearded guy in beret  saying that there is no limit to what human will can achieve. I decided to test the theory.  I also used to suffer from astma at the time. Astma is at bay for now, the will power thing, I'll let you know after finishing an Iron Man race this fall. I'll also expect to visit this site less frequently for the next 4-5 months. Just enough to  ensure our virtual sangar is not  taken over by forces of reaction. Enjoy your trip rafigh, take good care of yourself and I sincerely hope to see you when you are back. This virtual communication has it's limitations. One can never beat human FTF.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


How about this one

by Roger_Rabbit on





Hilarious :-)

by AMIR1973 on

This was actually "laugh out loud" funny...

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Rozbeh jan kudos. This is so hilarious (I wish I could write like that) couldn't resist complementing your tanz. Damet garm.

P.S. Old man's advise (as if you asked for it) on triathlon: do a lot of stretching before and after work out, and don't forget Fish Oil (tea spoon in the morning, not exactly tasty, but it works), have a great summer. I'll miss our tag team for a few months, cheers