Child poverty, Child labour in Iran

by Roozbeh_Gilani

Despite Iran's massive oil revenue over the past 32 years, The gap between the super rich (mostly Islamic republic's political and Revolutionary Guards top  leadership and their families and friends) and the poor in Iran  is widening as never before. Poverty and unemployment in Iran is a growing social and economic issue. One very disturbing outcome of this issue is the growing number of children who have to work and miss education , in order to support the family income. Brief statistics (2007)

* 1.7 million children in Iran are working to support their family income, or as main bread winners.

* There are 14.5 million Iranian school kids, and 3.6million children in Iran who are not attending school.


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Inequality and injustice

by divaneh on

Thanks Roozbeh for highlighting the plight of these children. Akhonds can now put their amaameh a bit higher. An unequal society is an unstable society and will collapse.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you RG for bringing attention to this issue

by Anonymous Observer on

it is an absolute shame for a country that floats on oil to have children in this type of a situation.  



The trend for social injustice…

by Bavafa on

It is very unfortunate that as the world is getting more socially aware, the social injustice is growing rapidly both in third world countries as well as the leading nations.  It is hard to ignore this social injustice in US and other Western nations but it is hardly any excuse to ignore or try to justify in other nations such as our mother land.

  The apparent theft, grand mismanagement and lack of accountability in our home land and especially under the criminal regime of IRI has resulted in much greater gap between rich and poor.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

It is so heartbreaking

by Soosan Khanoom on

I have a story to tell about these kids ... May be I write a blog on it later .. I mentioned it before on this site that these kids have skipped everyone's attention even the opposition groups.... These kids have no one to defend their rights both inside Iran and outside. 

a great blog ... something that we do not see much on this site.  

I think we all have forgotten that why there was an uprising, a revolution, in Iran before and i am sure the innocent tears of these kids will bring another one soon,  hopefully this one will stay on its track .  I pray for the day that children of Iran will find a home that treats them with care and respect rather than hunger and poverty.  

Thanks for bringing them and their cases to our attention .. Change should come from within... We have to bring these poor innocent kids to public's attention otherwise they will be lost forever and no amount of bombing or regime changes will change their miserable situation.  


Mash Ghasem

بچه‌های اعماق

Mash Ghasem

بچه‌های اعماق

گفتار برای یک ترانه، در شهادتِ احمد زیبرم
به علیرضا اسپهبد


در شهرِ بی‌خیابان می‌بالند
در شبکه‌ی مورگی پس‌کوچه و بُن‌بست،
آغشته‌ی دودِ کوره و قاچاق و زردزخم
قابِ رنگین در جیب و تیرکمان در دست،

بچه‌های اعماق
بچه‌های اعماق


باتلاقِ تقدیرِ بی‌ترحم در پیش و
دشنامِ پدرانِ خسته در پُشت،
نفرینِ مادرانِ بی‌حوصله در گوش و
هیچ از امید و فردا در مشت،
بچه‌های اعماق
بچه‌های اعماق



بر جنگلِ بی‌بهار می‌شکفند
بر درختانِ بی‌ریشه میوه می‌آرند،
بچه‌های اعماق
بچه‌های اعماق


با حنجره‌ی خونین می‌خوانند و از پا درآمدنا
درفشی بلند به کف دارند
بچه‌های اعماق
بچه‌های اعماق



Mash Ghasem

کودکان ایرانی کودکان کار کودکان فقر

Mash Ghasem


@RG: Could you please provide a link

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Hi. could you please provide the link for the 2007 statistics? Tnx.