Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

by Roozbeh_Gilani

I know, it has been a tough week for you:

Had your "president" called a pile of Shite by a big apple newspaper, and he could do F all about it, let alone sending the  the papr editors to Evin to be tortured...

Had your very high ranking "Diplomat" spat at and punched in the stomach by some middle aged little guy from Arkansas or somewhere and again, no Evin for the Arkansas guy...

Had your sworn enemy who used to skin your "guards" alive for fun, all of a sudden "de-listed"....

Found out your favourite Lobbyist had been cought red handd commenting on internet forums using crazy user ID's....

Just found out your wife gone to Vegas for the weekend with the Jewish guy next door, and yup, guessed it right, no Evin for the Jewish guy....

Never mind,  it could be worse. At least you had not yet been deported back to the Islamic paradise you left behind so eagerly  30 odd years ago, for the land of Kaffirs...

So, Just cheer up and sing along with the tune below. It has been written for you:


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Soosan Khanoom

and thanks for the Nasrudin chuckles. here is one for you : )

by Soosan Khanoom on

Nasrudin was approached by someone in the chai shop.
"Nasrudin" said the man, "people say that you are a teacher
and a Sufi. But I've never seen you at the thursday meetings
of the tariqa. How come?" "You see, I belong to the inner
halka of the tariqas. We meet on other days" explained
Nasrudin. "Yes, I've heard that. But I know you do not attend
their meetings either" "That's because I belong to the inner
circle of the inner circle. It is very exclusive" "Oh yeah? And
how many members in this inner circle?" "Only one. Me."

Soosan Khanoom

Oh come on Shazde don't play that card with me,it's long overdue

by Soosan Khanoom on

If you think so then so what ? I have no allergy to be called one . Although, I should say that the real anti semites are The Zionists ..


Shazde Asdola Mirza

سوسن خانم: عذر بدتر از گناه که میگن، همینه

Shazde Asdola Mirza

This comment of yours is even worse than the others and even worse than my interpretation. You do suffer from a serious case of Anti-Semitism, whether you know or acknowledge it or not. Believe me, it is a disease ... seek help.

Ozr Badtar Az Gonah: "One night molla Nasrdin was invited to a friend's home. After dinner, they move to the yard for some tea and sweets. In the hallway, molla pinches his friend's butt. He becomes angry and asks: What the hell are you doing? Molla appologizes and explains: Sorry, I thought it was your wife!"

Soosan Khanoom

I agree Zendanian but

by Soosan Khanoom on

unfortunately all I am hearing these days is the drum of war .. Indeed war is a gift to IRI !! .. I , however, do not think so this time the world allows IRI to breathe .. this time they are in it to win it .. so IRI will be going down but not without the fight. The real question is at whose expense? As you know this war has nothing to do with human rights in Iran. 

Sadly, lately, i am hearing something new and that is a pre emptive strike by Iran on Israel .... where did that come from?  ... I can't believe it ... Those in Sepah who are making these comments specifically at this crucial stage are just making BiBi so very happy !  The whole thing reminds me of the book " Time to Betray? Yes indeed it is time to betray!!

Check this article out , the idea of an pre emptive strike on Israel is so unfortunate.  

//    Anyway, if you read the comments of the article all are almost pro Iran by US citizens.  Why?.... they are fed up more with US government than we are fed up with the Mullahs.  James Defense of London predicted if war ensues Iran has the capacity to totally destroy US base in Deigo Garcia; but also at least 5 million Iranians will be killed.  WOW... Iran has the capacity to destroy US base in Deigo Garcia. so, then, all US and British carriers will be destroyed by Iranian Missiles.  Of course US and Israel will go for hell on Iran.  Iran will be divided and its infrastructure totally destroys. US economy will also be destroyed.  Gas at 20 bucks a gallon.....  So get your dirt bikes out.
All this is planned by Luciferian US neocons and banking elite to start total police state in US and Europe under guise of WWIII.  Now I am not sure how to blame all of this on IRI ... All I can say is that the Devil has too many faces; for us, the Iranians, that face is IRI but for the world which we also are part of that face is the Neocons .. 


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

To avoid more confusion I am posting my original comment which by the way was posted after watching NutYaboo begging blah blahs....

"Seriously BiBi, do you mean you haven't staged the Embassy invading and killings? Oh come on, you have Al Quida at your service man!!  But what's the matter are u scared? R u trying to butt kissing the American people this time? so they send their kids only to be killed for your evil ego while your chosen people enjoy deep see diving at the Red sea!!! You sounds like those rabbis who talked the Roman Empire into killing of Jesus!! This time it  is American Empire and innocent ordinary Iranian people  ... You have same evil mentality, same deceitful manner, same cowardliness as those biblical Rabbis... Now don't tell me that these are fake Bible stories cause then you contradict yourself ... After all haven't you occupied a land much more barbarically than those who invaded the embassy only and only based on the 5000 years old bible stories? You devil will soon be kicked out of office.  Israeli people are not that dumb to keep you !!  ! "

 To above add another comment of mine which i made before,

Jesus was a revolutionary at his time... first move when he entered Jerusalem was to destroy the bankster given money with usury level interest. He broke all their stands and stores. "Jesus called the *Pharisees ‘graves that men have painted white’. They looked good and holy on the outside. In fact, their lives were selfish and greedy.  "

" Be careful, " Jesus said to people."Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees"

I wonder what he would do today with THE banksters that are ruling the world. "


And then you'll see what I mean by Golden cow worshipers!

Golden cow worshipers =  Pharisees = Jewish Rabbis 


And no it has nothing to do with the true followers of Moses (Peace be upon him) but rather with greed and arrogant of a specific group who claim him. 

Now , since you brought up " David " in the kink that you provided, I would like to share the following two great comments by others in response to BiBi's begging show !! 


" Here we see an arrogant Government that preempts the six day war. Takes more land than they need. Treats human being's in Gaza like Animals. And who have the so called SAMSON OPTION(google it) Which translates to a PREEMPTIVE Nuke on anyone who they consider an enemy. Spies on the U.S. and then expects the U.S. to sacrifice more men and woman for THEM in yet another war$$$$$$$? And they have the nerve to HIDE behind the Star of David and call themselves "God's chosen people"??? I DON'T THINK SO. REMOVE THE ZIONISTS and let the REAL Jewish people live in PEACE."

"Zionism is a 100% creation of the House of Rothschilds who could not give a damn about Jewish people. The Rothschilds own Israel, they funded early settlers, terrorist gangs and its Knesset/Supreme Court with its black magic occult symbols. Rothschild comes from the German ‘red shield’ and Meyer Amstel Bayer changed his name to Rothschild because he had a red hexagram flag in his home in Frankfurt. Where is this hexagram now? On the flag of “israel. The Israeli government is rapidly losing favor with the American people. What can be done to turn this avalanche around? Read the blogs, the comments on any forum, and the obvious is very clear. The American people are beginning to view Netanyahu as an habitual liar, and AIPAC as a stumbling block in Washington." 










SK: Isn't curious that you leave IR: AS THE CAUSE OF ALL THESE

by Zendanian on

problems for Iranian people.

If you hate sanctions , war and worse, OVERTHROW ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF HELL.

I assure you those ruling thugs in Tehran, need a War more than anyone else in the world.

As a matter of fact a War is their last best chance.

Put the blame on blamee. 

P.S. All this blaming of Jews from Christians is nothing but a historical fiction. Read Karl Kautsky on the Foundations of Christianity, and you'll see why.

Foundations of Christianity



Another one to add to the

by vildemose on

Another one to add to the list:

فیلم بردار کاروان احمدی نژادبه آمریکا پناهنده شد+ عکس


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Shazde Asdola Mirza

سوسن خانم: گاو طلایی پرست ها کی‌ هستن؟ شما گفته بودید یهودی‌ها

Shazde Asdola Mirza

... دارن واسه نابودی ایران دسیسه میبافن، همونطوری که واسه به صلیب کشیدن مسیح توطئه کردند.


Of course, you may be half-right, but for different reasons:


Soosan Khanoom

Shazdeh I did not say IRI.Why do you put words into my mouth?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Throughout the history there has always been the power of lobbying and yes the golden calf worshippers they did lobby hard to have the Roman Empire get rid of Jesus... Somehow the NutYaboo begging of the American Empire instead of him doing the job himself reminded me of that... The symbolic act of crucification of the innocent exactly applies to the innocent Iranian people who are under tight sanctions and possible pre emptive war.  But, Where did I say  IRI?  

And,yes, Rozbeh,  I am having a tough time seeing Iranians collectively going through sanctions and war and no I can't much enjoy life at pebble beach these days seeing middle east in fire ... Seeing revolutions and cries for democracy are all being hijacked by the golden cow worshippers, the money hungry Bankstrs, the evil doers...

And, no, I have no hope for tomorrow knowing that peace is not going to ever come to the middle east  as long as we have fundamentalists in Iran and assholes such as BiBi in Israel which I equally hate.  

I can't even focus on the human rights in Iran anymore and how can I?knowing that at any given moment there may left no one in Iran to fight for any damn right. I take the threat of war so very seriously.  Obama is no better either ... He just wants to make people starve first, then starts the war. If not then, the best he can do is to instead start a civil war ...

But nothing I am saying is new or is something that I did not know comming to the middle east....I am sure you have read blogs I wrote before long before all of these. 




by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Incidentally, if you click on the various ads and banners, of the site IC makes some money, who do you think pays for all this rubbish and the MeK too.  LOL.


A humerous approach.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Thank you dear friends for reading and commenting. I trust you are all enjoying your weekend as much as I am, with your hearts filled with love for life, humanity and a bright future for our beloved motherland.

Maybe a more humerous approach is what is needed to make the few misguided "regime friendly" folks  on this side realise how wrong they are in their overt or covert support of islamist regime and it's agenda, both on  moral and practical grounds 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks for the correction Vildemose

by divaneh on

I meant the possible ban of NITC (National Iranian Tanker Company) who escaped such a ban this time.


possible ban of the

by vildemose on

possible ban of the IRISL?  


Islamic republic of iranshipping lines

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


فردا روز بهتریست


فردا روز بهتریست

ناهيد وفايى
September 29, 2012

فردا روز بهتریست
فرزند من
 تو باور نکن
وقتی که از انسانها دسته های مختلف می سازند
دسته های سیاه پوست و سفید پوست، زرد پوست و سرخ پوست

اروپائی و آمریکائی، آسیائی و آفریقائی و.....
که در این دنیا دو دسته آدم بیشتر وجود ندارد
دسته ای که می چاپانند
و دسته ای که چاپیده می شوند
و تمامی جنگهای کوچک وبزرگ
یا جنگ این دو دسته است
یا جنگ بر سر این دو دسته
تو باور نکن
 وقتی که می گویند
که  ارزش زن در جوانی و زیبائیش
و ارزش مرد در ثروت و قدرتش است
که زنان انسانند و عروسکهای همیشه جوان و زیبا  نیستند
و  مردان  ثروتمند و قدرتمند همگی یغما گر و دزد هستند
تو باور نکن
آنچه را که در تاریخ می خوانی
 که تاریخ سازان
 خود نگارنده گان تاریخ نیستند
 و نام پادشاهان را بر بناهای تاریخی  باور نکن
که  پادشاهان خود سازنده گان بناهای تاریخی نیستند
 و نام قهرمانان تاریخی را باور نکن
که قهرمانان واقعی
برای همیشه گمنام مانده اند
تو باور نکن
 که تحقیقات  دانشمندان، فعالیتهای  نماینده گان حقوق بشر و تلاشهای  دولتمندان
در خدمت مردم است
 که  دانشمندان و نمایندگان حقوق بشر و دولتمندان
 همگی عوام فریبان و دشمنان مردمند
فرزند من
در دنیائی که حتی به پاکی باران و سالمی هوا هم
نمی شود باور داشت
و زمین از درد تبخالهای جنگهای  یغماگران بر خود میپیچد
و دنیا، دنیای مسابقه بر سر غارت زندگی من و تو
 و نسلهای بعد از من و توست
تو بجز به دوستیها، به یاری، به صداقت، به صمیمیت
و به یگانگی و همدستی با تمام ِ  مردمان ساده پوش و ساده دل
و تلاش برای ایجاد دنیائی برای همه
به هیچ چیز دیگری باور نکن
و اما
تو هرگز شکست را باور نکن
و باور کن که فردا روز بهتریست

ناهید وفائی   ‏2012‏/


Not to forget the NIOC ban

by divaneh on

Thanks Roozbeh jaan for the good fun, it seems like Allah is not doing much to help those who kill his enemies.

Please add the inclusion of the National Iranian Oil Company to the sanctioned companies to your list. With that development and the possible ban of the IRISL there will be less oil money to steal by Allah's friends. However looking on the bright side house prices in Canada may drop.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Where's Susan Khanom, where IRI is crucified like Jesus by Jews?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Thanks Roozbeh jan: Made my day brighter!



by yolanda on

Thank you for your blog! A great summary of the tough week!

Is Iraj Khan really Trita? or just speculation?


To Honor the Auspicious Return of Demo to IC

by shahrvand2 on


faramarz: That was

by vildemose on

faramarz: That was precious....hahhahahah

I can't stop laughing. 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


How tough of a week was it?

by Faramarz on


Thanks Roozbeh. What a fun way to start the weekend!

How tough of a week was it?

It was so tough that Mehmanparast asked Great Satan's NYPD for help to cross the street!

It was so tough that even the NYPD police officer called Mehmanparast  "Kos-kesh!"

It was so tough that the little Spanish girl on the streets of New York recognized Mehmanparast and said, “Oon Ramineh!”

It was so tough that Ahmadi in his speech in the UN said that Jesus will accompany Mahdi upon his return!

It was so tough that Iraj Khan spent more time here on than out there lobbying!

It was so tough that they started laying off interns at NIAC to pay Dai’s legal bills!

It was so tough that even Demon came back from self-imposed exile!


SNL makes fun of Ahmadinejad

by Fesenjoon2 on


    Iranian News

by vildemose on



Iranian News Agency Plagiarizes The Onion By ROBERT MACKEY


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir