30 lashes for "insulting ahmadinezhad"

by Roozbeh_Gilani

22 year old Mr. Amin Niai Far is the kind of guy who in US would be looking at a very bright future in hi-tech industry. You see young Amin entered Tehran University's elite Engineering school having gained the very top marks in the entrance exams. Intelligent and bright Amin joined tens of millions of other Iranians who back in 2009 bravely protested against the oppressive Islamic regime, demanding their basic human rights. He was arrested during the Ashura day demonstrations almost 2 years ago and had been held at various times at the notorious Evin jail ever since.

This morning, Amin received his punishment for "insulting Ahmadinezhad". He was lashed 30 times. He was then taken back in extreme pain, without any medical treatment to an Evin Jail cell, and left there to "ponder his crime".

Amin's crime? "Insulting Mahmood ahmadinezhad"!!

Amin will almost certainly never be allowed to continue his studies. Amin future - at least under an Islmist regime - is certainly ruined. All because this young and intelligent man loved his country. Amin is one of tens of millions of Iranian men women and children whose life had been turned into a living nightmare due to the criminal acts of this most barbaric form of fascism, the islamist fascism.



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This is a curse

by divaneh on

This is a curse that srudents in Iran have to danger thier lives on the street instead of building their futures. Thanks Roozbeh for highlighting this.


IRI has to go "in to the pages of Infamous History"

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The sooner Iranians within the IRI system turn the sooner they will collapse.  We can help by Demanding the west engages the people of Iran and not just speak to the IRI, which only represents the hezbollahi party in iran and not the people of iran.

Anonymous Observer

And we wonder why we see the largest brain drain in Iran's

by Anonymous Observer on

history. Keep it up mullahs and all you will be le ft with is a bunch of rozeh khoons.