"خطبـه هلاک": شعر: نادر نادرپور، دكلمه: استاد جمشيد فرزانفر


"خطبـه هلاک": شعر: نادر نادرپور، دكلمه: استاد جمشيد فرزانفر
by R2-D2


This poem was written by Nader Naderpour in 1985 while in exile in Paris. The poem was directed towards Ayatollah Khomeini .. It's very much applicable to Ayatollah Khamenei today, and the events taking place in our beloved Iran; Recitation (Deklame') by Ostaad Jamshid Farzanfar


خطبه هلاک

برای امام امت، آیت الله خمینی

ای دوزخی سرشت! اگر ظلم آسمان
میراث سرزمین مرا بر تو عرضه داشت،
در زیر آفتاب دل افروز آن دیار
دست تو، غیر دانه ی نامردمی نکاشت
وقت است تا ز کِشته، ترا باخبر کنم.

زان پیشتر که پیک هلاک تو در رسد ،
ای ناستوده مرد!
زان پیشتر که خون پلیدت فرو چکد
بر سنگفرشِ سرد
بگذار تا سرود فنای تو سر کنم :

در چشم من، تو باد سیاهی که ناگهان
چندین هزار برگ جوان را ربوده ای ،
یا روح ظلمتی که پس از مرگ آفتاب
چندین هزار دیده ی پر اشتیاق را
بر بامداد بسته و بر شب گشوده ای.

شبهای بی ستاره ، که چشمان مادران
بر گونه ، اشک ماتم فرزند رانده اند
در دیدگان سرد تو ، ای ناستوده مرد!
رحمت ندیده اند و ندامت نخوانده اند.

پیران مو سپید که بر تخته سنگ گور
نام جگر خراش عزیزان نوشته اند ؛
خون گریه می کنند که در رورگار تو
آن را دروده اند که هرگز نکِشته اند.

گر نقش شیر و صورت مهر مُنیر را
از رایتِ سه رنگ دلیران ربوده ای ،
یادش همیشه مایه ی جوش و خروش ماست
ور نام آن سخنور شهنامه گوی را
از لابلای دفتر و دیوان ربوده ای ،
تنها ، سروش اوست که در گوش هوش ماست.

بگذار تا که ناله ی زندانیان تو
چندان رسا شود که نگنجد به سینه ها ،
سیلاب اشک و خونِ کسان را روانه کن
تا بردَمد ز خاک ، گل سرخ کینه ها .

بگذار تا سپیده دم روز انتقام ،
وقتی که سر بر آوری ز خواب صبحگاه
پیر و جوان و خرد و کلان نعره برکشند
که ای دیو دل سیاه!
مرگت خجسته باد بر انبوه مرد و زن ،
نامت زدوده باد ز طومار سال و ماه ….

 پاریس - اسفند ماه ١٣٦٤ - نادر نادرپور



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by yolanda on

Hi R2-D2,

Dr. Noury did a bio on Naderpour....Yeah! He also posted "Winter homily" in Farsi....

Thank you for promoting his poems.



by R2-D2 on

Yolanda, Thank you very much for your very kind words .. Remember, it was your reminding me of this poem in the Kohan Diara blog that made me post this :)





by yolanda on

Hi R2-D2,

     Your friend did a great job with the recitation. He really enunciated every word, that is nice. I like the Persian background music (Santur?) also! I clicked on the you-tube's video and saw the entire Farsi poem under the description section, it is great! I will never forget this poet 'cause he was a Nobel Prize nominee. He knew that if he criticized IRI, there would be a consequence.....he went ahead criticizing IRI anyway....his work is banned in Iran and he lost a big portion of his readership......I believe it was very painful.....I understand why he said he was super-lonely 'cause he lost the opportunity to communicate with his readers thru his poems and his writings.....I am so glad that your friend just recited Naderpour's poem and posted on You-tube....it is great that someone is carrying on his legacy!

Thank you for your multi-media blog with Farsi poems, English poems, and poetry recitation video, it is very cool!



by R2-D2 on

Dear Yolanda,Thank you very much for posting the English Translation of this poem .. Please let me know if you have any questions about the poem or Naderpour :)





by yolanda on

Hi! R2-D2,

     Thank you for posting this touching poem. Like you said it is applicable to Khamenei. I read another touching and sad poem by Naderpour called "Winter Homily".....he said that he is the loneliest, lonelier than God....he even used the word "exile" in his poem...it is just heart-breaking! I found a tribute article in LA Times //articles.latimes.com/2000/feb/25/local/me-2583

saying his work is banned in Iran...it is so sad this genius could not express himself thru his work and died a lonely man in exile...LA Times article also said

"Even the recent changes in leadership would not have dulled his opposition, Mafie said, adding that Naderpour felt religion and politics should never mix.

Despite his popularity, Naderpour and his wife had lived a simple life in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles since 1986."

Another thing I wanted to say is that I am puzzled by the fact that no Iranian has won Nobel Prize for literature.....I really don't understand why!


                             Homily of Perdition
                                   by Naderpour

O, infernal nature! Although the oppression of the sky
gave you the heritage of my land,
under the mirthful sun of that land
your hand planted nothing but the seed of inhumanity.
It is time to inform you, you the newly planted.

Till the moment that your death message arrives
O, despicable man!
Till the moment that your wicked blood flows
on the cold cobblestone.
Let me compose an anthem to your annihilation.

In my eyes you are a black wind that suddenly
has stolen several thousand young leaves.
After the sun's death your dark spirit closed
several thousand thrilled eyes
to the morning and opened them to the night.

The starless nights that mothers' eyes
mourned tears running down their cheeks for their children.
In your cold eyes, O, you iniquitous man!
No one has seen compassion nor read repentance.

The white haired elderly that on the tombstone slab
have written the names of their loved ones
are crying blood in your days,
harvesting what they have never planted.

Although you removed the lion's image and the face of the sun
from the three colored flag of champions,
their memories are still the source of our enthusiasm.
And although the name of that eloquent Shahnameh writer
was stolen from the books and tomes,
only his holy voice exists in our thoughts.

Wait till the groans of your prisoners
are too loud to fit in their chests,
let the people's tears flood and their blood run
till red roses of revenge grow from the earth.

Wait till the morning of the revenge
when you get up from your morning sleep
and young and old, small and big, scream
O, black-hearted devil!
Your death will be celebrated by all men and women,
Your name will be removed from the journey of time.


                          The Winter Homily

                              by Naderpour

  • O, the fire that flames from inside the night!
  • rises to dance,
  • but turns to stone by morning!
  • O, the memory of the earth’s seething anger
  • in the days when the sky’s rage was spreading.
  • O, the sense of pride!
  • O, the point where epics begin and end!
  • O, the magnificent summit of old epics!
  • O, the house of Ghobad !
  • O, the stony nest, the destiny of the phoenix!
  • O, the land of Zal  the Champion’s childhood!
  • O, the astonishing summit!
  • O, the anonymous grave of the unfortunate Jamshid!
  • O, the cliff of anguish of Zahhak the Black-Hearted!
  • O, he who was thrown into his brother’s well!
  • But the king’s crown
  • at the moment of the fall
  • was saved for the world from the well’s narrow pass.
  • O, the white summit on the horizon of childhood!
  • So like a whitened sugar cone on blue paper.
  • O, the summit new in appearance to the poet’s imagination!
  • Like a gigantic stone that lasts forever!
  • I am, on a night when even the crickets are sleeping,
  • the loneliest voice in the world,
  • never reaching anyone else, from any direction.
  • I am, in the frozen silence of this dark night,
  • the loneliest voice and the loneliest person,
  • lonelier than God
  • working on the numinous creation of the world,
  • lonelier than the stars’ praying sound
  • along the hands of speechless trees,
  • lonelier than the breeze’s morning anthem
  • in the city of sleepers.
  • You, O, far summit!
  • In the beginning of the upcoming spring,
  • will the loneliest voice in the world
  • be allowed to echo in your quietness?
  • Will my lost voice, panting,
  • be able to find a path to your height?
  • Will your cold mouth, by my warm tune,
  • be able to erupt again?
  • Ah, O, the tranquil and the virtuous!
  • O, the dour wintry face!
  • O, the angry lion!
  • Will I, from the small door of this strange exile,
  • again see the rising of the sun
  • from your summit peak?
  • Will I be able to see you again?