Top 10 theories on the catastrophy

by Q

Sorry Foad (admin), I know you said no conspiracy theories but I'm just articulating what's on everyone's mind.

10. IRI did it to silence Fred, who was causing so much damage to the Islamic Republic in the past 4 weeks, that its very existence was at stake.

9. It was done by the Taliban who needed to hide the fact that Afghan women have to enter hamams without the Islamic dress code.

8. The artist formerly known as Hajiagha did it to get back at the government of Canada. However because he was distracted by a big breasted woman walking by, he was only able to accomplish 1 months worth of deletions.

7. Fred did it because that's the new AIPAC policy on Iran.

6. Ex Programmer Craig did it because for some time now he felt under appreciated for his programming skills and his service in the US Coastguard.

5. After years of struggle with a systemic problem with users, Jahanshah Javid and Admin finally installed a new program to automatically delete pages with unacceptable personal attacks and intolerable profanity. By the time they figured out that's every page in the whole website, a months worth of material was deleted by the program.

4. Ghormeh Sabzi finally figured out how to make himself the Iranian of the day.

3. Ostaad had changed his mind about leaving the website and wanted to pretend it didn't happen.

2. Maryam Rajavi's US operatives did it so they can form a fake data recovery service and scam out of millions of dollars and launder it back to Paris.

1. In a profound "moment of evolutionary sentience", the website itself rebelled against the uncivil discourse and endless debates and began putting itself out of its misery by "ending it all". However, after being shouted down by advertising programs who are generally more powerful, it gave up on this task after having destroyed 30 days of data.


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It was Imam Ali with collaboration from William Shakespeare

by ramintork on

If you merge 10/10 and 11/11 you get 110 also known as 'eleventy' which is the abjad number representing Imam Ali who was angry with all the fighting over Islam on IC!

But he had help from William Shakespeare who in his sonnet 110 confesses to dishonest behaviour.

They contacted a medium an astrologer who had a revelation when he was observing 110 Virginis in the constellation of Virgo.

They hired a hacker because 110 is the tcp port for POP3 email and that is his tag.

The hacker was a Russian whose father sacrificed their family dog Veterok when he worked on the COSMOS 110 project and since then he hated any authority.

He lives in USA but has anti establishment tendancies and his favourite book is '110 people who are screwing up America'.

When he worked for Rackspace he advised them to use Raid 5 or at least Raid 110 but they said to save money they will use raid 0 and the customer would not be the wiser!


Why only the past month?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Whoever did it may have figured out that the collective memory of us Iranians only goes back one month. Anything before that, is forgotten anyway. I mean look at the situation, in a country when Montazeri, Kahrobi, and Rezayi suddenly become the saviours...



by HollyUSA on

Surely someone must have had the most to gain by the disppearance of particular comments.

Faghan, I think you should amend your slogan to include the declaration of the details of all paid 'paaksazee' efforts.

Q: #3 is absolutely hilarious.



by rustgoo on

touche'; it might bring a sense of relieve, after all

Ari Siletz

Clue in backup date

by Ari Siletz on

if you subtract 1 from the day and add 1 to the month you get 9-11. Let's invade

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

You forgot to add Q to the

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You forgot to add Q to the list. lol

#11 Q did it so that he could create his conspiracy theories hit list. lol


My royal hermaphrodite

by فغان on

Whatever it was, as long as it didn't cause my favorite drag queen: FR, loose his "charm!?", his pantyhose, his makeup on his pruned up face and, last but not the least his evasive tactic which includes but it is not limited to Ignoratio elenchi, is fine with me.

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.



by yolanda on

#5 is very funny!


The hacking was done by a by

by Faramarz_Fateh on

The hacking was done by a group which consisted of AIPAC members, Jewish defense league, Israeli government and neo-zionist group based in Tel Aviv.