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by Q

As a frequent visitor to Iranian, I have developed a meaningful perspective on the type of people who come here. I have learned this by reading the comments left under the articles. Some of the comments are irrelevant. But a substantial set of these comments are very very valuable.

This category of comments is usually left by some of the most important Iranians alive. This is why they have decided to deny the enemy the chance to assassinate them and choose instead to go with the all-deceptive "chicken" avatar most of the time.

For the sake of Iran-zamin, I thank all of them for preserving thmselves and their unique educational perspectives so that future generations of Iranians can benefit from their wisdom! I never get tired of hearing them evaluate those of us not fortunate enough to have ESP and superior sense of justice, or those who are weak in the ability to tell good from bad.

More than myself, I am truly thankful for Iranians living in Iran who are spared the complex task of deciding their own future for themselves. Just like the olden days of the Persian Empire where the good people of the higher fortunes relieved the poor "dahati's" of their public decision burdens, these brave Iranians are the best fit to sense and decide on the future of Iran from here. After all, the smart people in Iran have all escaped, and they frequently inform the rest of us of this terrible exodus. Thus, it is only natural that what is best for the country should be decided by the best and brightest of all Iranians wherever they may reside. Fortunately for me, one of those locations is here in Southern California. That's why I have first hand knowledge of these brave souls even though I am not one of them.

So without further delay, let me reveal to you the profiles of Iranian.com writers who grace this site and honor it with their comments.

Profiles of Iranian.com visitors:

  • Islamists: Islamists have a disease. This puts them under the mistaken impression that Islam is a legitimate religion. This disease is hereditary, sexually transmitted through Arab genes which the Islamists' ancestors received through force by the invading Arab armies. Identifying Islamists is simple: Anyone who mentions anything positive about Islam is an Islamist. Every Islamist by definition is an IRI agent because the first "I" in "IRI" stands for "Islam". Therefore every Islamist is also a terrorist. Because their condition is genetic, they can't be reformed. The best thing we can do is to make sure they are either killed or jaild by Western authorities so that they can't hurt anyone or reproduce. Short of that, the truly brave ones among us just expose them through comments.


  • Peace Activists: These are lefty liberal naive (useful) idiots. They are so stupid that think the weak have actual "rights" and the strong should not use violence even though they clearly can! Peace activists are for sure IRI agents because IRI is weak and America is strong. Peace Activists refuse to accept the decision made by Iranian exile leaders that Iranians living in Iran should be sacrificed for the greater good. Iranians inside Iran are not very smart (if they were, they would be living in Hollywood), and they could be part of IRI (we don't know, but we can't take a chance). Therefore, their life is not very valuable to us and to the future of Iran. It has been decided that they should serve Iran in this way, as to pave the way for real Iranians to come back and establish the new Persian Empire. Stupid Peace Activists just don't understand this. How to recognize a peace activists? They say they support human rights, but refuse to drop bombs for it! We must expose peace activists so that everyone else can laugh at how weak they are. Examples are: Daniel P, Soraya Ulrich, CASMII, NIAC, Trita Parsi, Hooshang Amirahmadi.


  • Reformers: Reformers are brainwashed former Islamists who are so stupid, they think gradual and peaceful reform is possible without bloodshed. They usually fail to convince any real Iranian because real Iranians know that only death to all the Ayatollahs, Clerics, Basijis, Pasdars, Hezbollahis, IRI jailers, administrators, police, firemen, TV reporters, sanitary workers, mortuaries and any other muslims; in addition the banishment for all Mojaheds, Tudei, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Statists, Leftists, Democrats and Jebhe-Mellis can solve the problem in Iran.

Reformers are dangerous because sometimes things get better in Iran and gradual change seems possible. But we know this is not acceptable, even if all the change that we want occurrs, it is still unacceptable because real, smart and sophisticated Iranians living in exile will not be the rulers. All reformers are IRI agents. Reformers do not believe in democracy because they encourage voting in elections. Examples: Hoder, Jahanshah Javid, Akbar Ganji, Ahmad Sadri, and Shirin Ebadi.


  • Leftists, communists, socialists: They are just like reformists or peace activists. If they are Iranian, they are IRI agents. It's that simple. 

If they are not, they have been paid off by either Khamenei or Fidel Castro. Their ideology has failed (thanks to Reagan) therefore, the only reason they are alive is because they get Iran's oil money. We need not listen to their ideas about Iran or democracy. They are leftists and therefore irrelevant.


  • Mojaheds: Mojaheds are a bunch of radical cultists who wear the hejab. These fanatics have killed many innocent Iranians and Americans under the Shah. They have also brainwashed and abused teenagers and made them soldiers for their army. They are internationally recognized terrorists.

But since they hate Mullah's so much, they are OK and we like them. Some of our friends in US and UK governments help them also. We will need them to do some dirty work so therefore we will not say anything bad about them for now. After they serve our purpose, we can kill them too.


  • Iranians on Probation: Every Iranian who is not on any of the above categories is on probation. Most writers who are not political on Iranian.com are in this category. All poets are in this category.

We must always make sure they do not belong to any of the above categories before we can consider them human. The number one priority for any new person we encounter is to find out who they are. Either they are on our side or else they are terrorists. The context doesn't matter. Therefore, we must heckle, harrass, redicule, talk about their wives and mothers and ask so many personal questions such that they confess to which category of IRI agents they belong to.

For example if they say something bad about Reza Pahlavi they are terrorists. If they say anything good, even by accident, about any Iranian public official this also means they are terrorists. We must remember: No one can take pride in Iran or anything Iranian under current conditions because this empowers terrorists. Any hint of pride means that the person is an IRI agent and we were right to harrass them about it. The vinication will be worth the work!


  • Good Iranians: We are the good Iranians. We care about Iran so much that we take up our burden to cleanse our Persian race from arabs and arab-zadehs. We have moved outside of Iran because Iran is no longer civilized for us, but we continue our work here laying the ground work for our triumphant return.

Do not think just because we don't do anything, that we are not helping Iran. We are doing the most important work for the future of our country: identifying IRI agents, potential agents and pre-agents in America. That is our service to Iran.

For the future, we have various plans for Iran, all of which include killing all the Iranians who cooperated with the arab occupation of our land. It's easy to tell us apart. We are far too valuable to show our face or real information, therefore we bravely hide ourselves so that we may serve Iran better. I'm sure that is what most Iranians demand of us.

One easy way to tell us apart is to pay attention when someone is being accused of being an IRI agent, lackey, enabler, supporter, sympathizer, defender, friend or terrorist. Sometimes the accused is also a suspected muslim or peacenick. Anyway, the person doing the accusing is always a good Iranian. Proof is almost never necessary, real Iranians can tell agents just by looking at them or reading their biographies. We should always trust our superior Persian instincts. Examples of good Iranians: Jamshid, Kadivar, Rashidian, Madadi and many others.


  • White friends: White friends are American, British, Israeli or other West Europeans who vocally express their hate against the IRI clearly. These people have no agenda of their own and just want the best for Iran and Iranian nation. They understand that powerful weapons, advanced technology and a good economy are bad for Iran because they legitimize the regime. Like us, they have made the painful moral decision that Iranians in Iran are willing to be sacrificed to get rid of this regime.

They are very good at spotting terrorists online and they have decided to help Iran recover from the cancer of Islam out of the goodness of their hearts. Because they are white Europeans, we will listen to their civilized analysis and vision for the world. We should always trust them even if they don't know much about Iran.

Like us, they understand that the more power you have as a nation, the better your ideas and morals must be. Thus, American and Israeli policies are always selfless, moral and pure and the very best of humanity. This is also the reason they are rich and prosperous.

They just want to help real Iranians get the power that was taken away from them by the arab/Indian invasion of Iran. Deep down, they hate Arabs just as much as we do, so that makes them definitly OK. Examples are: Zion, Programmer Craig.


I will have more on this important issue later for you. Thank You all!


more from Q

and One More Category..

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

You forgot to add one more category Q.

The group that you belong to that finds it root in Hitler's eugenics policies, the Persians anti Arabs group.

Have your DNA checked sometime and you will definitely find Arab genes. Measuring the size of your dick is not always a good indicator. That is why you think you have been left with the short end of the stick.

Red Wine

Farsi nah ?!

by Red Wine on

Agha Q,farsi shuma baladi bekhuni aziz ? lool ... Heifeh keh farsi balad nabashi aziz ba in hameh info keh dari :D .



by Zion on

I see you are at it again Q, but you are not correct as always. Regarding the conditions on Gaza and West Bank, Israel is in a state of war, the territories do not have a clear status, suicide bombers, terrorists and weaponry are transmitted into Israel. Road blocks, incursions, check points, they are defense measures that Israel unfortunately has to take. No different than the situation in Europe, Germany, Austria... during and after WWII (since the D-day at least) when allied forces had all these and more inside European soil and ordinary people had to go through them as well. This is not oppression, this is just an unresolved situation resulting from past wars.


Actually, no, it's not as innocent as denial

by Q on

It's nothing short of sinister apologism.

Opression is "willful" by definition. And unless it occurs as an isolated incident, can easily be described as "systematic." Once again, our propagandist friend is trying to redefine the language in her favor. You see, she's not denying oppression: just the willful and systematic kind. Thus in reality denying oppression, but making it sound more innocent. Classic.

Even Israelis don't deny this. Some say, the Palestinians deserve it or it has to be done for safety, but they don't deny there is oppression. As if checkpoints, bombings, control of resources and imports, humiliation and widespread discrimination is anything but oppression. Now I can say for sure that s/he has never actually lived in the Middle East.

Pretty sad for a self-defined cyber 'defender' of Israel, but not surprising.



this is called "denial"

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

"There is however no willful and systematic oppression of palestinians by Israel."



by Zion on

`There is a lie right there. Supposed oppression [of palestinians]?`
There is no lie. I did not deny the sufferings that human beings now referred to as palestinians go through in bad condition they live under in camps in arab countries who deliberately keep them that way and have refused to integrate their own people in to their societies. I do not deny the sufferings they go through under corrupt rulers of Fatah and Hamas, sufferings due to brainwashing and opportunistic use of their misery by religious fascists like the Islamic regime you are here to defend.
There is how ever no willful and systematic oppression of palestinians by Israel. Arabs who are Israeli citizens live a much better life than almost all arabs in other regions and face no real oppression, they might feel caught between two sides but they don`t feel oppression.
I said no lie.

Mola Nasredeen

The Profile of a proud graduate

by Mola Nasredeen on

The profile of a proud graduate.


Q and his "oloomeh eslaami"

by AnonymousX (not verified) on

Q, do you believe in "oloomeh eslaami"? (Islamic Sciences")
Of course you do! So here are some educational videos on "oloomeh eslaami". Must see for anyone interested in Islamic "sciences":
Islamic "science" on men and women:
Koranic "science". Go to 2:45 to 2:55, then go to 3:55 to 4:45. I PROMISE you all that you won't regret watching (and learning Islamic sciences):



by AnonymousX (not verified) on

Q, don't you think you should respect Monarchy? After all you owe a great deal of your ideology to "Monarchy" (note the capital "M").

Confused? Ok, I'll clarify.
The Safavid "Monarchy" brought Shia to Iran. Idiots like you are by-products of the "Monarch" "Shah" Esmaeel Safavi (note the captial "M").
You owe Q, You owe to "Monarchy". Your leader and hero, khomeini, and the government you support, the IRI, owe their existence to Mr. "Monarch" "Shah" Esmaeel Safavi, who happened to be the "alaa hazrat bozorg artesh daaraan shahanshah" of his time.
Pay respect Q! Pay respect to your "Creators", the "Monarchs", the "Shahanshahs" of the Safavid dynasty (note the captial "M").
You, your ideology and your views are all the illegitimate children of "Monarchy".
I'll bash you some more later Q, as it's always fun to find an "easy" prey like you to bash.
P.S. Feel free to find spelling errors in my post to "prove" that I must be wrong. What an idiot you are Q!


re Zion

by AAA (not verified) on

"Definitely one of my motives here is to defend the Israeli, Zionist and Jewish people"
"I do not lie"
The above two statements can not both be true at the same time. Defending Israel necessarily means telling lots of lies.
"supposed Palestinian oppression"
There is a lie right there. Supposed oppression?
Get real mate. One can not defend the indefensible without resorting to lies.


On Motives and Intentions

by Zion on

My dear Q, There is no reason to deny that we have certain intentions and motives for doing what ever we do, and that they are not necessarily those of mother Theresa. I, on my part, have been very honest and straight forward in my motives and positions. It is clear from the name I have chosen here, which seems to extract almost physical allergic reactions from some of you, to my clear statements. Definitely one of my motives here is to defend the Israeli, Zionist and Jewish people and to defuse the vicious propaganda that is being waged against us by your government, your extremist leftist or Islamist activists and people like you. I very clearly try to win people over to our side as much as I can. This is no hidden agenda or conspiracy. There is nothing wrong with it either. I do not lie, I put my arguments, use logic and facts, give links and reference for my claims and I try to win Iranians over to what I believe is right and I also believe is to the advantage of Jews. However that doesn`t mean that it is consequently to the disadvantage of Iran and Iranians. It doesn`t mean that I am trying to fool people or seduce them. I am trying to convince them of the correctness of my positions, and the main one, the one I truly believe in is that Iranians and Jews have shared interests, that what I do for the benefit of Jews here is also for the benefit of Iranians. Is to let them know of stuff I know that has convinced me that we share, as Iranians and Jews and `specially` Israeli Zionists, a long history of alliance, a deep rooted shared world view and value system, a very rich common cultural heritage and a out right geo-political interests. Why is there anything wrong with that?
So now let me ask you about your insistence on supposed Palestinian oppression and your interest in defending Palestinian rights , more than you do for Iranians by the way, what agenda and motives does that have? And while we are at it, what are your motives for writing here at all? If it is all angelic, what makes you such a blue-blooded angel that we all should trust?

It is also interesting that you identify my background and origins with such certainty when I have deliberately never stated them here?

On a side note, It is also big news for Israelis to know that they are considered `white` by default what ever that nonsense word supposed to mean) , especially for Jews coming from Ethiopians, Middle Eastern, South American ... backgrounds, not to mention all the arabs that are also Israeli citizens. The ones your type somehow always forgets exist. I must say, it is also news for Ahskenazi Jews, who were always treated as eastern non-European aliens through out the centuries by Europeans. It is a pity that you weren`t around to make that discovery in time of Hitler, you could have spared so many lives. Or do you also agree with your president that was a Jewish hoax? Maybe that`s why you are all convince it must have been a hoax?


QLOVER: you should follow some intelligent advice

by Q on

You see, this is a category for extremely smart people, such as yourself, who respect such idiots as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein. These are people who do not understand power...

Now that's funny! Say, have you had a chance to read "Understanding Power" by Mitchell and Shoeffel? I really recommend you read it before you say something stupid like this again.

On a serious note, your characterization of Chomsky and Finkelstein is in fact not your own. You are repeating cheap shots constructed by people who have ideological opposition to what these people are saying. I know you are because what you said is in fact the "party line" against them. I have heard it many times. These people have identified such great scholars as dangerous to their cause, and they spread such characterizations to make people think these individuals are impractical and "naive." You should always be suspicious when a "rebuttle" to any argument does not address the merrits.

Both Chomsky and Finkelstein are in fact, very hands-on and practical. There is no wild idealism, there is on grandiose Utopia that they strive for. If you are actually honest about what you say, and are not just here wasting my time, you would form your own opinions from your own first hand reading.

As for President Carter, he catches a lot of hell because he refused to intervene on behalf of the Shah and actually talked about Human Rights. Talking doesn't topple governments. But foreign intervention does keep them in power. If he decided that US does not need to send Marines to protect the Shah, or to arrest Khomeini by force, that's a good thing. If only America had done this earlier, things would have been a lot better.


Why go easy on Mojahedine KHAR?

by Nader on

They don't deserve such a soft treatment!


Very Intelligent Fools

by AnonymousQLOVER (not verified) on

Dear Q,

On a serious note, you failed to leave the real category you belong to. This category is called "Very Intelligent Fools". You see, this is a category for extremely smart people, such as yourself, who respect such idiots as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein. These are people who do not understand power, how to use power and fail to appreciate international relations in "real life". They have good hearts inside but their blind passion for justice has made them join the side of evil (the dark side we can call it) and made them lose all their credibility among rational people (lets call them the silent majority). If we follow them, more people will actually die or suffer.

If these "Very Intelligent Fools" (Khoda Nakoneh- or god forbid), were ever in charge, we would be in deep shit.

One such "Very Intelligent Fool" who still champions "Human Right" (Hoghoogeh Bashar)actually became president of the US for 4 years and we can all thank him for the Iranian Revolution and the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism throughout the world.


Hey Queue! Keer to koon'e goshadet!

by A kooni Hezbdollahi (not verified) on

You forgot to include the kooni Hezbollahies in the list! Shame on you.


Help is out there Q....

by Clue (not verified) on

If Q meant to be funny by writing this piece, he/she did succeed. If, on the other hand, this is how his brain really operates, I know a few good psychiatric doctors provided he can first admit to his mental disease and chooses to get some help....


Thank You all for reading!

by Q on

I see my identity still seems to raise a lot of questions for people. Part of the reason I wrote this was to show some people that I really am a writer. Oh well, you can't please all people.

I was never "MI6", however, F*** jan. But I did go under cover to Egypt in order to do a story about the true factors behind the Iranians revolution. The story called "The British Did It" was published here and elsewhere some years ago. I got a lot of thank-you letters for it from good Iranians who already knew many of the facts I uncovered. If you are interested, you should read the story. I can guarantee you it will make you think differently about Bahais!

Yek Irani, you are right. Good Iranians usually come out to greet me with enthusiasm. In fact, I'm often drawning in their goodness. For example, Bird flu's observation: 

Q et al are bunch of immature genuine angry narcissitic, bald, 40+ year old-- hired on Iranian.com as blog Gestapo's-- who never learned to interact with other people. All they can do is to express themselves in temper tantrums, all others are dumb and stupid. They overreacts to every criticism perceived or otherwise and always act with inconsistent, puerile and impulsive manifest hostility incapable of analytical thinking and logical reasoning.

After reading this, I realized he's right. I am the one who overreacts, throws tantrums and has anger problems. Good discovery, aziz! The way you went about showing me this was especially instructive.

jesus also opened my eyes with this powerful sentence:

He does not know what to do, so like a typical islamofascist, he categorizes people.

such wisdom is hard to come by anywhere, let alone cyberspace!


But to get back to the first point, let me address the chickens who always ask me about this: I am not part of MI6 or any other intelligence organization. As I have said before, I am deeply interested in holyland (Palestian/Israel) issues and I am a member of the anti-imperialist Popular Front (of Judea). That is my most important affiliation. I assume this is self-explanatory but if someone needs more information about joining this group, I can provide it.

Thanks to Abarmard, Chickenzadeh, Iranian-, and Troneg for the suggestions. Thanks to everyone else for reading.



Q thanks for taking the time to write this

by Jesus (not verified) on

Shahi crackheads aside, this site is great. It's too bad what they've done to ruin this site.


f***-IRI , Please get in touch with Yek Irani

by Hashary (not verified) on

My boy:
You need some good sex to calm down a little bit.
take it easy.

Yek Irani

The Good ones

by Yek Irani on

As you can see we have a lot of “Good Iranians” on this site.


to thetruth

by f***-IRI (not verified) on

dadash to fekr kardi fagat tasadofie ke ma badbakhta ye chos messghal ham opposition nadarm bad as 29 sal? in pasdarha kareshoon kheily dorost tar as onie ke fekr mikoni. mamoor ha mesle hamin agha ro mishe kharid va forookht to bazare jahani. inha ro namishe daste kam gereft.


to f*** IRI

by thetruth (not verified) on

Boro Baba to am,

This is just a joke. Take it easy. He is making fun of exactly your kind of mentality. Always so willing to dump on people. M16 my ass.

Get a sense of humor, and relax before you have a heart attack... on the other hand...

Red Wine

Puffff ...

by Red Wine on

Man in aghaye Q ro nemishnasam,hala cheh jurieh keh ishan umadeh dasteh bandi kardeh va hameh ma ha ro pakhsh makhsh kardeh touyeh chand ta group,Khoda danad !!!

Q jan in dafeh nashod, dafeh digeh pa sho bia inja poahlouyeh ma france neshin ha,ye sham bokhorim,yokhdeh chagh salamati bekonim.Injuri behtar adama ro khahi shenakht aziz .

Ezzat Ziad .

Mola Nasredeen

Thank you for the compliment

by Mola Nasredeen on


We took this picture,

when we were on our honeymoon,

close to Tafresh area.

She takes nice pictures doesn't she?

How do you like my profile? 

Lotf dareen,



this Q is a very dangerous operative

by f***-IRI (not verified) on

he always defends the mullahs and attacks everyone else, calls them zionist for yrs. i think I met him yrs ago in england talking bout rushdie and israel. if hes an agent, he s with MI6. if its the same person, he is not irani, think he lives in london and is the founder of Q or QNews magazine and sold it for a big profit.


I like Torang's suggestion

by Arezu (not verified) on

In fact it would be great to take a self-test exam to determine which category one falls in. Sometimes, we believe we are pro something while in reality we fall into a different category, or we determine we are really very confused people.


Mola Nasredeen

by Anonnymous (not verified) on

Mola jan, forget about the article. I would like to give you a compliment on your choice of image. It is very cute and refreshing.

Mola Nasredeen

Eva and Jesus, Our civilized bloggers have started again round 2

by Mola Nasredeen on


Here we go again,

Our civilized bloggers have started again.

They are "az ma behtaroon".



loved it...

by jesus (not verified) on

Loved Bird flu's analysis. He or she hit the nail right on the head. Q is a control freak, you can see that in his other replies else where. He defends IR, and Hoder by calling us writing on this site fascists. One hangs people, the other throws insult at somebody. This post shows that Kooneh Q dar-e bad joori misooze. He does not know what to do, so like a typical islamofascist, he categorizes people. That is a true sign of a degenerate, and Q exemplifies that.
Very well written Bird flu.


What category

by Iva (not verified) on

What category you place those who when presented with question, "what do you think about crimes such execution of innocent Iranians in the hands of moslem akhonds?' they reply with either "energy hastayee haghe mosalame must" or "one or two video clip on YouTube ... is that all?"

Would it be "VatanForosh", "AyatoolehHa", "pure moslems" ... I guess they are all the same!