Obama's anti-war speech from 2002

by Q

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Vote Obama

by wondering (not verified) on

Obama all the way! Americans need to start making pies instead of stealing the property of others.

The agents of the institution have done enough damage to America over the past 20 years. Enough is engouh. And wile you are at it, vote all the old farts out of the house and the senate and america will recover in no time.


Obama will be the end of

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Obama will be the end of America. If you hate America, then you will vote for Obama.

If you like to be enslaved by the Communist China or Communist Russia or live under Sharia, then you would vote for Obama...The world is a very hostile place and Idealists have always refused to accept this fact.

Hillary's lates add against Obama:


Bahram the Iranian

old dude here

by Bahram the Iranian on

we got senior pepole in this site who have been in US from the time of Carter up to now. they recall every thing Carter said and with immaculate detail. they must be as old as carter is. woww!!!what a iranian pioneree. give a round of applaud for this great old dude. he just cant help himself!!!


Carter was (and still is)

by Anonymous212 (not verified) on

Carter was (and still is) one of the most honest and courageous politicians that America has ever seen. I'm not surprised that the Zionists and Shahi's are all against him. They deserve nothing but Bush and his vicious gang.


Peace loving has become a foolish thing now?

by Iranian- on

Since when a person like Mr. Obama who wants to bring peace and justice to the world has found so many enemies?

But of course, just look at the usual characters who don't like him! No need to say any more.


Obama is...

by jamshid on

... another "ahmagh" like Jimmy Carter, maybe even worst than Carter. The things I hear about Obama are similar to the things they used to say about Jimmy Carter when Jimbo was running for presidency; that Carter is different; that the US and the world needs a breadth of fresh air; that Carter is "of" the people, and other similar bullshits.

Well, we all saw what an idiot Carter was; the world is still paying for his mistakes after 30 years.


Millions of highly educated

by Saeed2 (not verified) on

Millions of highly educated Americans who support Obama cannot all be wrong. Unfortunately, the type of people who have fallen into the trap of the Bush/Cheney deceptions (mainly uneducated rednecks and religious freaks) don't learn from their mistakes and will vote for Obama's opponent. What a shame!


Charlatans CAN be naive..promises like mullahs did

by samsam1111 on

The grand charlatan Khomeini .Obama is painting a super rosy picture of future and he knows it,s only  empty rethoric just like mullahs.He is naive because he thinks after he fools americans he can deal with jehadist mafia in Iran or hamas.Don,t compare this loser to JFK.


Jesus was definitely not

by Anonymousaa (not verified) on

Jesus was definitely not palestinian. He was probably a Cannonite from Syria and he spoke Aramaic.

Re Mehdi group: Anyone can form a group and call it anything they want. It doesn't change historical facts about the Sunnis and Shi'ites.

I'm astounded at how some Islamists think we are so dumb and stupid.




Obama is

by MP (not verified) on

the kind of leader that the world needs at this time. I will definitely vote for Obama. America needs an honest leader like him to put an end to the madness of the past eight years here in the US and the world. The time for charlatans (including Hillary) is over, those whose political survival depends on the fear tactics and chaos in the world. Charlatans used to scare people and say the same thing about JFK: spread of communism, threat of nuclear bombs, WW3, etc.


Charlatans aren't naive

by Q on


You should just pick one insult at a time. This way you minimize exposing your own ignorance.


He is a charlatan.

by samsam1111 on

he will take US to WW3 by his naivity.I would vote for him if he was running for a highschool principle job...and even that is stretching it.