Iran should be in the G20

by Q

Iran is a top 20 economy in the world as measured by GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and should be included in G20 according to their own criteria.

According to International Monitary Fund, World Bank and CIA World Factbook, Iran ranks in the top 20 world economies.

Iran outranks Saudi Arabia, Argentina and South Africa and even Australia (in the World Bank rankings) who are members of the G20, but it is not included. Even if we consider the (now obsolete) nominal GDP rankings where local inflation and cost of living is not counted, Iran still scores higher than Argentina and South Africa.

We all know that despite the empty rhetoric of "free markets" and "Capitalism" no such thing actually exists. A bunch of mostly former colonial powers pretend to have "faith" in capitalism and free markets so long as they end up on top. If it looks like they may not be best served by free markets, they will promptly scrap its principles for themselves. If it looks like non-client states like Iran are making inroads in their little economic club in spite of sanctions, pressure and every NON-free market dirty trick in the book, they will simply keep them out artificially.

How long do they think these games can last?


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In response to Q

by fozolie on

Iran should not be in the G20. A country which is collectively mad hell bent on its own destruction does not deserve to be taken seriously. 

To balance its budget its government needs 80$/BBL oil at minimum to avoid financial ruin so it won't have much to contribute either.

Mr. Fozolie



by Lefty Lap Poodle (not verified) on

"Instead, the IRI is selling out Iran's intersets to the Russians and Chinese and to the Indians. All only to suvive a bit longer."

For better or worse IRI has brought Iran to where it is today. We all know how you "(and others)" hate IRI. Now where should you categorize Iran as it relates to being among top 20 world economies?

When someone like Q brings up the point that Iran is among world's top 20 economies, what is the first thing that comes to your "(and others)" mind?! F*** it!

That's all you can say. Just F*** it! IRI is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and few others combined!

I would not have quoted your above quote if it wasn't for bringing India into this! So if Iran "sells" her interest to US, France's Sargoozi and Israel, it is ok and kudos to her but if India, the "largest democracy in the world" becomes friend with Iran, OMG!!

You guys are eager to sell out Iran because it is the easiest thing to do! The rest is just hustling to be counted somewhere!


بابا تکلیف ما رو روشن کنین



یه روز میگین "اقتصاد مال خره "  یه روز میگین چرا بقیه دنیا ما رو داخل "خر" حساب نمیکنن !

می‌شه بگین دنیا به کدوم ساز شما باید برقصه؟



Re: Q

by jamshid on

Saudia Arabia controls Opec. That influence has put them in the G20. That doesn't mean that I agree they should be there. However, they have shown at the very least a degree of competence to take this influential position away from Iran, thanks to the incompetent IRI.

You are so focused on "defending" your ego, that you fail to see my (and others') main point. The point is not that Iran does not belong to the G20. Or why Saudi Arabia is there, but not Israel or Iran, etc.

Quite the contrary, we all would be proud to see Iran in the G20. The point you fail to get is that the IRI is the reaon why Iran is not in the G20, whether or not G20 is an organization based on politics and hyprocrisy, or on true merits.

In fact, had any other secular form of government been in place, had other educated and intellegent individuals been at the helm in Iran, instead of a bunch of amaleh and mollah, then after these 30 years, Iran could have been even in the G10 today.

Every Iranian wants Iran to be an important and recognized member of the world nations. But the incompetent IRI has supressed the true potential of Iranians and the rightful role they could have had in the world affairs that in turn could have helped them protect their interests.

Instead, the IRI is selling out Iran's intersets to the Russians and Chinese and to the Indians. All only to suvive a bit longer.

Instead of claiming a rightful sit in the G20 or even the G10, based on merit, competence and influence in the world economy, you want to base it on oil revenue and jealousy ("hers khordan") over why the Saudis or the Brazilians are in there and not us. Just like a child's tantrum.

Don't complain at the "hypocrite" G20 nations. Complain at the "bi orzeh" that the IRI is for not having secured a more respectable position and image for Iran.

The rest of your argument on my litmus test, my fascist rehtorics, and that I may have lied when I denounce the MEK (!), comparing me to attack dogs and character assassins, is not worthy of a response.

Lastly, regarding supporting the regime, tafreh miri. The day that you denounce the IRI's ideology, its corrupt leaders, its violation of human rights, its suppression of freedom, its corrupt social and economic behavior, that day I will believe that you are not a regime supporter. Until then, have a nice stay in the closet.


Farhad Kashani

by Lefty Lap Poodle (not verified) on

"IRI supporters like the writer don't understand that the Iranian people today are not the Iranian people in 1979. At this point, the minimum they're asking for is the removal of the Iranian regime."

This is the segment in our program where we ask; Really?!!

The "minium" people are asking is the "removal" of the "Iranian regime"?! Sounds easy enough! I'm just amused to see that you can't acknowledge Iran being among world's top 20 economies, yet you seem comfortable enough to make such off the wall remark.

Unlike 1979 where people were united on one front and expressed in no uncertain terms the "removal" of the Iranian regime at the time, no such unity is found today, whether you're talking about Iranians who marched in the street in those days or the ones who were "born" after 1979!

Comments such as your's reduces any claim one might have about knowing something about anything! Of course you are not alone! Keep up the good work!


Yes there is a political dimension..

by Parthian on

Yes, in order to play in the play ground,  you have to play by the rules, so yes, there is a political dimension, but no hypocricy. IR is an uncivilized government who bullies its own people. They should be banned from all international organizations. I don't care about Saudis, but I don't want IR participation in the world affairs, after all they have shown us what they are capable of at home.


Dear Jamshid the genius,

by Q on

Based on my own statement in my opinion, Saudi Arabia does NOT belong to G20. So What's your point?

Yes, but it is part of the G20. I didn't ask your opinion. So YOU think Saudi Arabia shouldn't be a part of G20. Good for you. Now back to what matters: My point is stated clearly in my blog. The G20 exclusion of Iran is based on politics and hypocrisy. Just to recap, you first said that "per capita" is what matters (you were wrong, "per capita" does not matter at all.)

So, now you say you too think G20 is flawed. All this time, you actually agree with my main point on the blog? It's nice to see. Of course, next time you can save yourself a lot of time by realizing this sooner.

Now you need to understand something about fascist rhetoric, the kind of totalitarianism practiced by the MEK and other dictatorships.

Here is the proof
No, that's not proof at all. That's just words. I believe you about the MEK because you say so, not because you can "prove" it. Until I see real-life evidence that proves otherwise, that is all I can go on. What you call proof is not proof at all. If you really were MEK, of course you would deny it.

Furthermore, your ridiculous "litmus test" (That you yourself created) is very reminiscent of the type of loyalty oaths that MEK and hardcore Marxists use. Saying X or Y doesn't prove anything. I can only respect your self-description as someone who does not support MEK. However, if I wanted to act like the way you treat me, I would make an argument that your fascist-mindd rhetoric means you lied when you "denounced" MEK ideology. But these are conclusions that decent people do not make. Only attack-dog, character assassins do.

I won't play your langauge games. Just because you have come up with some verbage doesn't make it relevant in the slightest sense. I do not have a litmus test for you, and I will take your word for it if you say you are not an MEK member.

Can you do the same?

I already told you I don't support the regeime. IF that's not good enough for you, it's your own problem. It only goes to show what I predicted before:

I doubt you have enough integrity to accept this, but frankly I don't really care.

Kashani: This is a total unproven falsehood: the vast majority of Iranians who want the total isolation as the first step towards removing the regime

Farhad Kashani

IRI supporters like the

by Farhad Kashani on

IRI supporters like the writer don't understand that the Iranian people today are not the Iranian people in 1979. At this point, the minimum they're asking for is the removal of the Iranian regime. One of the most important steps towards achieving that is the total isolation of the regime by the world, just like they did with S Africa. the South African system used to discriminate against a certain race, however, the Iranian regime, discriminates against different races and religions,against women, is war mongering, and is the biggest inspirer and supporter of terrorism.

And now this guy instead of being like the vast majority of Iranians who want the total isolation as the first step towards removing the regime, is asking for the world to accept this virus which is called the Islamic government! Thats just very sad.


Thanks Dear sickofiri

by Zion on

You got a point there! ;-)


Re: Q

by jamshid on

Based on my own statement in my opinion, Saudi Arabia does NOT belong to G20. So What's your point? Take its oil away and there is nothing left. But sadly Saudi Arabia controls Opec and have a much bigger say in the world economy, instead of Iran having that say, again, thanks to the IRI.

You wrote: You did call me a regime supporter and more ways than one tried to insinuate that I'm carrying out its work.

In order to be an IRI supporter and carrying its work, one does not need to be directly under IRI's payroll. In fact "volunteer" supporters, who happen to favor IRI's ideology, provide as good a service for the IRI as any.

"I'm not a regime supporter..."

Then denounce the IRI, ts ideology and its actions in Iran. If you feel you can't then what does that tell you?

"Why don't you prove to me you're not a Nazi or MEK? I have never heard you "denounce" Rajavi"

Here is the proof: I denounce both the Nazis and MEK. I denounce their corrupt ideology. I denounce the Nazis for supressing freedom and violating human rights. I denounce the same for MEK as I know they would make the same violations than the IRI, if they come to power. I denounce the Nazis for wasting away Germany in a war, just as in the IRI's Khomeini imposed war. I denounce Rajavi and his ideology. I denounce them in many other categories as well.

Now can you say the same about the IRI? Anything else is a lame excuse to remain in the closet.

"I'm also not in favor of a new revolution, overthrowing IRI or any other action unless initiated, facilitaed and supported entirely by Iranians inside Iran."

There are many who oppose the IRI and are not in favor of a revolution, but they don't "show off" the IRI either. That's their difference with you.

The revolution you speak of does not have to be violent and it is already "initiated". It was initiaged in the minds and hearts of the people of Iran long ago. The proof is that the majority of Iranians, Fars, Azari, Kurd, man or woman, hate this regime.

The fact that the IRI is brutally suppressing and silencing them does not mean they don't exist nor that Iran consists of only the 10 percent or so who support this regime. Don't live in a dream world.


You Are Absolutely Right Q

by Anonymous111 (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic should not only be included in the G20, it should also be named the "Ruler of the World". They have brought so much peace, prosperity, freedom (especially for women) and advancement to Iran (they have to import refined oil products because their facilities are obsolete), that they should export it to the rest of the world...I mean, come on, who doesn't want 99% of its press shut down, or be hauled off to a political prison because they advocated human rights, or being hit in the head and killed by the equivelant of a baseball bat for being a journalist and taking a picture, or dragged on the street for having a makeup on or showing a few strands of hair or.....


IR Supporters Patting Themselves On The Back!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

If G20 is such a bad deal, then why bother to join.
Of course as we know it, IR hasn't been invited to join, yet.

As the Iranian proverb goes:

"Gorbeh dastesh beh goosht nemiraseed, migoft gooshteh boo mideh!"

I'd like to reiterate here, again, that the problems Iranians, in general, face aren't those advertised by IR supporters here on this site or any place else.

For the past thirty years, the people of Iran have had to deal with a criminal regime which, aside from the brutalities it has committed vis-a-vis Iranians, is listed as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The most urgent problem Iranians are facing right now is liberating their country from the control of the criminals in Tehran and establishing a democratic state where basic human rights and democratic freedoms of all Iranians are protected by law. Nothing short of that should be acceptable.

Discussions such the one presented by the this blog are only aimed at distracting Iranian readers of this site from the main issues.



by Q on

Do the math. Take the oil income away and ask yourself what is left? what would the "relevance" of Iran be in the world economy without the oil?

YAWN.... Saudi Arabia is a G20 member. Any other lame excuses?

You did call me a regime supporter and more ways than one tried to insinuate that I'm carrying out its work. I'm not a regime supporter nor do I work for it.

I'm also not in favor of a new revolution, overthrowing IRI or any other action unless initiated, facilitaed and supported entirely by Iranians inside Iran. I doubt you have enough integrity to accept this, but frankly I don't really care.

I don't have prove anything to you or anybody else by repeating a bunch of fascist "loyalty" lines you or anyone else come up with. Why don't you prove to me you're not a Nazi or MEK? I have never heard you "denounce" Rajavi must mean you're a member right?

This is how I choose to express myself, deal with it.

PS. I just saw you added the "since you won't do this" line about me saying I'm not a supporter. You can officially add this to your series of "shah-kar" gaffes you've made today.


Re: Q

by jamshid on

Challenge? My last post was not to challenge you, it was rather to educate you.

Read my response again. I said there are many indicators, not just one, that determine a country's economic status. That per capita GDP is a better indicator than gross GDP.

There is no single formula to dertermine G20 or G30, etc. If there is one, I'd like to know about it. But Iran, with its current miserable economy, unemployment, inflation, corruption, poverty, etc, is in no condition to claim to be a G20 or even a G50. This is thank to the IRI since Iran had the potential to be in the G10 today.

Do the math. Take the oil income away and ask yourself what is left? what would the "relevance" of Iran be in the world economy without the oil? The answer is obvious, and it is again thanks to the IRI regime.

You complain about Brazil, India and Indonezia. Iran's population is 70 million. India's population is more than a billion. Brazil's and Inonezia accounts for more than half a billion people. Again, educate yourself before you opine.

P.S. I didn't call you names nor accused of something you are not. I wrote the facts. If you are not an IRI regime supporter, say it right here once and for all. Denoucne the IRI regime, its policies and ideology, its leaders, its corruption, its suppression of freedom, its looting and wasting of Iran's riches and its violations of human rights.

Since you won't do this, then don't complain either, I suggest you put up with it instead.

P.S. If the IRI is as great as you constantly try to depict, then why get offended for being called an IRI supporter? Shouldn't you feel proud instead?


Iran should be a G20 member but it doesn't play ball and ...

by Shadooneh (not verified) on

it's not a milk cow like S. Arabia. G20's latest meeting serves as feel-good get together to show the "leaders" of some countries were actually doing something. But one look at the following excerpt of the G20 communique published in Forbes magazine shows there wasn't much to sink you teeth in:
"The summit statement from the G20, a grouping of major industrialised and developing countries, contains the kind of reform pledges and language that European critics of "Anglo-Saxon"-style capitalism have sought for years.
It states that all financial markets, products and participants will be subject to supervision in the future, vows tougher accounting rules, a review of compensation practices and enhanced cooperation between national regulators.
The communique incorporates many ideas pushed by the Europeans in recent weeks, from boosting the role of the Financial Stability Forum, a body that evaluates bank and market risk, to setting up "colleges" of supervisors for major banks."

Q, you sure know how to throw some red meet out and watch the growling. You know what I'm talking about. You cause Zion to age faster than normal.


It makes the point I

by snowflakes (not verified) on

It makes the point I already made stronger.

Only in your self-rightous fantasy land. Jamshid, and others have showed everyone how you cherry pick your so called "credible data" to butress your campaign of disinformation and lies. Q, this is not Iran and we are not your deluded constituents of basiji and hizballhi.

If anyone is using ad hominems and personal attacks it's you. It is you who can't process more than one piece of information at a time. Your lack of comprehension is an instruction on how your cultish Islamists indoctrinations limits your cognitive abilities.

You have always been very rude, aggressive, and overtly obnoxious.


Jamshid, Mehdi Mazloom,

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Jamshid, Mehdi Mazloom, anonym7, thanks. Great job of exposing Q's little misinformation campagign. He is a crusader on a mission of self- and others- destruction.


Q, Darie Migee

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

Ajab Eshtebah ke in Blog ra neveshtam!

Personal attacks are not allowed on this site as per JJ so I don't know why you are accusing me and others for attacking you personally. What I and others wrote passed
through the moderators. We attacked your idea that the IRI should be in the G20. There should be no affirmative action for loser governments and allow them into such prestigious clubs.

We know who you are as per your continued support of the revolution, your belief that the IRI election system is democratic and the rest of the basic support of other IRI policies internally and in the region in general.......

I and others have given you multiple reasons for why the IRI is not included in the G20. Here is a short list again:

1) IRI's Dismal economy

2) IRI's Dismal Unemployment @ 15+%

3) IRI's Dismal inflation @ 25+%

4) IRI's Dismal Stock Market

5) IRI's dismal reputation in the world as a supporter of kookoo movements that could care less about economics and wealth (Hamas, Hezbollah)

6) IRI's shameless anti semitism (even the Saudi's have offered Israel peace and the IRI is trying to be the party pooper)

7) You choosing one statistic among many statistics to make this grandious claim

8) The ease of doing business in Iran- Did you look at the study I linked for you? G20 has to do with business. The IRI is one of the most unhospitable places to do international business as evidenced b y the studies I gave you.

9) IRI's nuclear policy and UN Sanctions

10) Jamshid just gave more good reasons

You refuse to look at the larger picture and give an answer to these issues.

The best you can do is call us haters and that we personally attack you? We are not saying that "the Mullahs are bad". The record, the economic statistics, the world's treatment of the IRI is saying that its bad.

Let me give you another statistic for why the IRI is not in the G20. Go look at the G20 list again; all the countries, even Saudi Arabia, has a McDonald's franchise operating in the country. Do you get it yet?


What Discussion Point?

by Killjoy (not verified) on

"It's clear what the issue really is here. These people who attack me personally and make up illogical excuses are not really concerned about G20. They simply can't stand any other discussion point regarding Iran, other than the mindless "Mullas are bad". Just like in Orwell's 1984, the only valid discussion on Iran must be demonizing of IRI, or else it's considered "support" for terrorism."

And you want to tell me you are concerned about G20?

Why should anyone in the right mind support the IR criminals and their regime to join any respectable organization when they have, in the past thirty years, disrespected Iranians, lynched tens of thousands of Iran's citizens and forced millions into exile. When they have blatantly threatened other countries, instigated a war that claimed hundreds of thousands of casualities on the Iranian side alone and are currently trying their best to invite another one.

A regime which has demonstrated barefaced disregard for the most basic human rights and values, has ignored democratic freedoms and constantly violates internationally accepted norms of behavior.

You don't seem to mind all the crimes committed by the regime, but there are millions of intelligent Iranians, who cringe each time they are reminded that a bunch of illiterate mullaahs, who operate on 1,400-year-old value systems and their thugs, are running the affairs of their country.

Last but not least, don't waste your time trying to teach members of the Iranian communities in diaspora, who visit this site, lessons in economics.

All it takes for anyone to get the information you have referred to is the clicking of a key or two on a computer.

Welcome to the real world of modernity!


oh God Jamshid, you're not even going to make this a challenge?

by Q on

Jamshid, please...

You know I like a challenge why are you making this so easy for me?

it's not "per capita" if it was India, China Brazil and Indonesia, who are ranked BELOW Iran would not be in G20

G8, G13 or G20 are not measure by "per capita" GDP. The Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) is the most relevant number. But in addition to the fact that it is completely irrelevant to this discussion Per capita GDP has its own problems, such as massive imported labor and non-citizen residents living in lower standards but not counting toward the "per capita" calculations, making it impossible to get an accurate picture.

This was a discussion we had 8 hours ago, by the way. "As usual" you're a day late, a dollar short and a unwilling to read.

Thanks for the name calling and the angry accusations. It makes the point I already made stronger.


Re: Q

by jamshid on

As usual, you resort to fallacy in order to prove a point. Mehdi Mazloom beat me to it, but it is not the GDP that determines the economic power of a nation, it is rather "per capita" GDP, per capita income as well as other important indicators that count most.

Iran ranked "71" in the "per capita" GDP in the same year, 2007:


That's SEVENTY ONE! And that's in the same year Iran had its record high oil income. THE SAME YEAR. That's less than Lebanon, Chile, countries with no oil income.

Additionally, Iran is ranked 85 in per capita income ($3000), less than Namabia, Alegeria and Gabon. This is despite being the fourth largest producer of oil:


Iran's GDP in 2007, the year your link refers to, was largely due to its record high oil income. Since 2007, the average price of oil is dropped by almost 3 times. Where would Iran's GDP be today, with oil at less than $60 per barrel?

Iran's oil exports are about 85% of its income. Take that away and Iran's per capita income falls to $450, in the same level than oil-less countries like Tajikestan, Cambodia and Bangladesh, yes you read it right, even Bangladesh.

This is how the regime you support has looted YOUR country, destroyed its economy, supressed its potential, but you, a smart and intelligent man, nevertheless can't detach yourself from your bankrupt ideological attachments, and you continue to support this miserable regime that has taken away so much from YOUR people.

You can further learn how the regime you support has destroyed your country's economy by reading the numbers and supporting links in one of my replies to Mammad, in a thread with a similar discussion. Pay attention to the numbers and try to understand what they mean:



Anonymous7, others

by Q on

You are the perfect example of what I'm talking about. You betray your own bias. I realize for you and many others, this is so internalized that you can't even help it.

Read the blog again. Carefully. Point out where I defended any Mullahs or anything regarding IRI. You are attacking what you imagine me to be personally, not my arguments. This is indication of an irrational and non-scientific mind.

It's clear what the issue really is here. These people who attack me personally and make up illogical excuses are not really concerned about G20. They simply can't stand any other discussion point regarding Iran, other than the mindless "Mullas are bad". Just like in Orwell's 1984, the only valid discussion on Iran must be demonizing of IRI, or else it's considered "support" for terrorism.

Well, get used to it. You no longer set the agenda in the Iranian community in America or anywhere else. Your time is over and you wasted all of it with impractical hate and loudmouth grandstanding that resulted in exactly NOTHING.

Mehdi: it's not about ratios it's an overall number. Neither Israel nor Singapore is in the G20 or even close. Look at the "ratio" of India and Brazil. Your insecurity is beyond obvious. In any discussion, you bring in Israel as if this is some kind of competition. If you're intersted in the discussion, pay attention to the actual facts and put aside the childish games.

Have a nice day. Stay off the hate, it's bad for you health.

Mehdi Mazloom

Q is that you AGAIN???????????????

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Yet again, my favorite Mullah-lover posts his diatribe and outright BS on  this forum.

You write:

Iran is a top 20 economy in the world as measured by GDP Purchasing
Power Parity (PPP) and should be included in G20 according to their own

Now get these data culled from the same source (CIA Almanac) from which you had brought your data.

Ratio of Population Purchasing Power and GDP for 2007.

Israel: 7.1M-- $185B--$26,600

Singapore:  4.6M--$227B--$49,900

Iran: 65.8M--$763B--$11,700

It looks like the Mullahs have  long way to go, before anyone would give them any respect as leaders of a productive society. 

The main question is. Shouldn't the cit-State of Singapore and Israel also be included in the G20 summit, before Iran. You tell me.

If you remove this corrupt and backward regime and replace it with the type of government which lead other countries like Singapore, Japan, Israel and EU to higher productivity level, then you will see Iran's numbers will go up dramatically 



by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

You support an Islamic theocracy that has fascist elements and does not represent the will of the Iranian people. This government does not provide the required tools (economic and basic social freedoms) to allow the Iranian people and economy to advance. The IRI is heavily regulated. Societies that are heavily regulated do not advance. Capitalist systems do not like to deal with to much regulations. Pure and simple. Just look how hard it is to start a business in the IRI (I gave you the research). Why would a capitalist run G20 system would want to talk to a welfare state that is the IRI with so much regulations? At least Saudi Arabia can heavily impact oil prices in the OPEC so they kiss its ass and allow it to join the G20. What does the IRI have that that the G20 would like to kiss its ass as for as well?

You defend something that simply can not be defended with its track record (economic, political & social). People gave you multiple reasons for why the IRI is not in the G20. You just don't want to see it or hear it. Blame estesmari (where is Jamshid when we need him), blame the American imperialists, colonialists, zionists........we will not buy it. Iranians from inside and outside are a little bit more smarter than in 1979 now. We have learned our lesson (unlike you who refuses to see what is going on). You see how Americans asked for change and got it when Bush screwed up so bad? You see how Obama (a black man not from traditional circles of power) became the president of the most powerful nation in the world? When the Iranians (such as yourself) decide to get rid of this Velayateh Faqih system and allow for a true system of checks and balances to take over power from these thugs, then you will hear the rest of us join you and march with you to the path of G20- Until then - NO CIGAR!


Should IRI sue the G20

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Should IRI sue the G20 nations? If no, why?

David ET


by David ET on

I do not support many of US actions but I do not use them to white wash isolitionist and antagonistic policies of Islamic Regime. IR has intentionally chosen the path of hostility which has done nothing but hurt Iran and Iranians.

US adminstrations do not have any obligation to act in Iran's best interest but the Government of Iran does and it has not. It actually has acted against it by isolating Iran and Iranians and creating an atomosphere of friction and conflict.

I assure you when they see their exsitence endangered, the leaders of Islamic Regime change skin and become buddy friends with the west just as they did with "brother Saddam" after 8 years of war.

By the way Hezbollah is the creation of Islamic Republic and it was non-existent before.


Didn't criminal khomeini buy

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Didn't criminal khomeini buy arms from Israel during the Iraq-Iran war? Didn't German companies sold arms to both IRI and Iraq? Your false arguments belong to another topic.

Why would IRI want to participate in such "abomination" anyways? Doesn't IRI wish for a "World without America"? Doesn't IRI believe that the current world order is corrupt and the only "just" and "benevolent" world order is represented by Islam and its representatives on earth, namely, Khamenie et al?

Does the IRI think the world doesn't follow what's going on Iran?

As I said before, I wish IRI was invited to the G20 meeting, maybe the moronic Ahmadinejad would have learned something.


Q: "Garbage in Garbage out"..

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Dear Q,
1-numbers do not lie, but the issue is where the numbers comes from? you said the criteria is the same for all countries, we know very well how government of Iran is manipulating the figures nationaly and internationally, therefore If you want to convince majority of respondents here, you would better show solid figures where are these "same criteria" consisting of.
2-I questioned you why Iran is not protesting about this issue and why you are "KAASEH AZ AASHE GOUGHTAR " where we know Iran is very quick to protest in smallest issue and now they are very silent? your wishy- washy responce was not convincing, if you have seen any Iranian protest, officially or unofficially, post it here for all to see. If IRI is not protesting and is happy about it ( considering Ahmadi Nejad frequently have said he wants to manage the world's economy) what would be your interpetation? after all this would have been the best platform for him to shine!!!

David ET

How difficult is this to understand?!

by David ET on

India and Brazil are active participants of the free world economy not its foes!

You can tomorrow morning buy the ETF (exchange traded funds ) of Brazillians and Indian stocks as well as their individual stocks such as Petrobras etc by picking up the phone or calling any broker.

They are active business partners . They have same growth goals and not death goals !




Dear David ET,

by Kollangi (not verified) on

it seems you hold Iran directly responsible for acts of hamas and hezbollah. But the support Iran gave these groups is nothing compared to the support US gave to Saddam and Taliban in the 80s.

Does this mean you hold the US directly resonsible for all of Saddam's atrocities? If so, doesn't that mean US has committed genocide which pales in comparison to any hostage taking Iran may have supported?

I only want to make sure we don't use one-sided logic on all this. Something to think about regarding hypocrisy.