How the Mukasey nomination is related to Iran


by Q

It looks like Michael Mukasey, the man who is currently undergoing a Senate confirmation process to be the nation's next attorney general will get the job afterall.

Democrats could have blocked his committee nomination, but two of them, Chuck Schumer of New York and Diane Feinstein of California just announced that they would support him anyway in spite of reservations. What do Schumer, Feinstein and Mukasey have in common? All three are pro-Israel Zionists and are strongly supported by AIPAC.

Earlier last month Mukasey stated on the record that he does not know if the medieval practice of water-boarding constitutes "torture." This appalled many Americans and caused his nomination to be opposed by Human Rights First. However his performance, as his entire candidacy was widely interpreted as problematic but "much better than expected." This judgement widely relies on the fact that Mukasey was an early favorite of Chuck Schumer himself. The Democratic Senator had forwarded his name to the White House. Later on, Mukasey received the stamp of approval from the nations most powerful lobby, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Mukasey may be far removed from the kind of cronyism that plagued the Alberto Gonzalez administration, but ideologically he is very much in tune with Bush and the war on terror. An Orthodox Jewish immigrant from Belarus, Mukasey's judicial history is tied to terrorism. He prosecuted the case against the first world trade center bombings and he was involved in a case related to 9/11 attacks. His ambiguous statement on torture, is thus not a coincidence. There's a good chance he has classified information about toture being used in America, possibly against Americans.

But perhaps the most important reason to shove Mukasey through the process and put pressure on someone like Feinstein to go out on a limb in favor of someone who plays games with water boarding, is something else altogether. A federal trial against two AIPAC agents who are facing charges of espionage is set to start early next year. The case is strong and if it succeeds, it would be very very embarrassing for the Bush Administration, Israel and AIPAC. White House officials are even set to testify. The Attorney General of the United States would be instrumental in the outcome of that case. Mukasey could block the more embarrassing probes for evidence. The case and the scandal revolves around secret information being passed to Israel about - you guessed it - Iran.

Bernard Kennetz said it best:

The Gonzales replacement, Michael Mukasey, another pro-Israeli Zionist, is now needed to suppress the investigations of AIPAC and members of the Bush administration, and to drop the charges against the spies for Israel, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.


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what Jesus said

by daniel shannon (not verified) on

those who live by the sword die by the sword. i am a 52 year old white american and believe america will die first , then israel, then we will all see who the real messiah is. either way, muslim , or christian 0r jew; make peace with your respective makers. my backround is being born into a catholic family that had a father who was a war veteran , with 8 children and a wife he loved faithfully until he died. he never drank or smoked and all of us kids prayed with our family every day. we were taught to love and care for people period. my father died shortly after gw bush came into office. he cried because this country turned into something he couldn't recognize. just keep yourself free of the evil one because we are ALL able to fall. then the end will not seem so bad. Pray for me a sinner.


Persian need to...

by kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Persians need to first come to terms with their past, before they point fingers at some other entity or people for the demise.


Arabs anally violated Persian for centuries.
Arabs forced Persians to convert to Islam.
Arabs raped and sold into slavery many Persian women.
Arabs managed to change the Persian language by at least 30%.
Ali, hassan and hussein hated Persians and were responsible for slaughter of hundereds of Persians.


Admit you are a product of rape and seek treatment. It will be difficult, but you will feel a lot better once you walk away from Islam and your rapists.

My solution:

Bomb the Mullahs/arabs out of Iran!


do you

by MRX (not verified) on

islamo facists have anything else to focus your energy on beside jews/isreal/zionism?
ok, we got the message! you guys don't like Jews and isreal and your reference to zioism is nothing but a code word to mask your sick hate. you folks need menthal help, just like your beloved imam chusseini did@!


Hey Q..!

by Ghool on

Didn't I diagnose you while ago as a person with sub-standard and inferior intellectual capability to be able to engage in any logical dialog here!? Why haven't you responded to David Gooshti, the Manager @ McDonald's? Is he wrong?


You see, Q, you are patalogically and fundamentaly inferior, that's why you have to be a surrogate Islamic Republic nocheh, not even a real nocheh!? No wonder some folks resort to valgur language on idiots like you!? Am I right or am I right!?


Ghool, M.D., Ph.D.


November 4, 1979

by American Hostage (not verified) on

As an American hostage who was held prisoner for 444 days against his will, I demand President Bush gives the order for massive bombing of the Islamic Republic. I want to assure the terrorist mullahs and the terrorist students that America will drop the bombs. It's not if but when!



by Ajam (not verified) on

I don't think if the issue of the Israeli spies plays as much a role in this as the attempt to save the Bush administration's butt does. Israeli spies hardly get anything but a slap on the wrist when caught in the western countries. For inststance they've been using Canadian passports as cover in thier assassination and kidnapping attempts in Jordan and Lebanon for years and all they got from the Canadian Government has been mere condemnations -- due to the pressure from the Zionist lobbies. Moreover, even if they are tried and convicted, they would be handed over to the Israelies once the dust is setteled!

Mukasey's nomination would go through because it would otherwise become an impasse for the U.S. senate. It raises the issue of torture which is considered a hot patato in the current U.S. political climate. Mukasey has been pressured by the senate to legally difine wether water-boarding constitues torture or not. So far he has refused to do so for if he does, the entire U.S. administration and military would be implicated in an illigal act (both by the international and U.S's own laws) possibly opening the door to future lawsuits -- since U.S. officials have previously confessed to the use of water-boarding in Iraq back in 2003!

The prospect of any alternative future nominee having to go through the same process would work in favour of Mukasey and, Ultimately, the Bush Administration.


THANK YOU Q for a thoughtful and INFORMATIVE article

by Ahmad Bahai (not verified) on

Thank you.



To Mr. Ahvazi2

by David Gooshti (not verified) on

Please allow me to address you second question first.

Apparently, the logical fallacy I just elaborated on, "Post hoc ergo propter hoc = if one event happens after another, then the first must be the cause of the second," completely flew over your head!? So, please allow me to use another example.

Example 3: I root for America (the country that has given me freedom, shelter, and opportunity), therefore, I must be a Jew!? FYI, I am not a Jew!? Does that surprise you!?

Now, to your first question. When I took the oath to become a citizen of America, according to the law, I relinquished my Iranian citizenship and any sort of allegiance to the Iran with or without the Islamic Republic!? In fact, every single Iranian who has gone through process, cognizant or NOT, has affirmed to that! Just because many Iranians cheat through the system, doesn't mean the rest of us do!? Does that surprise you?

You see Mr. Ahvazi2, some folks come to America to live and take advantage of here, others come here, assimilate, and contribute to it. I am of the latter kind! Does that surprise you?

Nevertheless, I do NOT condone military assault against the country that I was borne in (e.g., Iran). As an American, however, I do support the free world stopping a bunch of criminal clergies acquiring nuclear weapons!? Does that surprise you?

Very respectfully,
David Gooshti
Manager @ McDonald's


Hey Mr. Gooshti

by Ahvazi2 (not verified) on

So did you SELL your country too when you took an oath to become a US citizen?
Why is it that you jewish people of iran are much more hardcore Israel lovers than even the Israelis themselves? I understand because of the 30 years of anamosity of the Mullahs and all the shit they've said about Israel have made you blindly support Israel, but I don't understand why would you want harm to the people of Iran who like you, hate the Mullas, and have nothing against Israel.
This is to all of you Iranian Jewish Ham Vatans: Find a couple of Jewish American friends who have lived a democratic life, and have not been through what you've been through under the regime of Ayatollahs, and discuss your blind love for Israel, and see what kind of reaction you are going to get.


To manger at macdonal:

by David Gooshti (not verified) on

I assume you are a M.D. or a Ph.D. of some sort!? I am sorry, but all I could achieve was a high school diploma!? Common sense is not a function of the degrees you have earned or the schools you have attended! As far as my parents are concerned, they were murdered by the clerical regime in Iran!? I am sure they would be proud of me. It's a universal rule, all parents are proud of their children!? Does that surprise you?

In Latin, the expression, "Post hoc ergo propter hoc," means if one event happens after another, then the first must be the cause of the second!

Example 1: If you are Iranian, therefore, you will be water boarded!

Example 2: If you a manager @ McDonald's, therefore, you are unworthy of making sense or be a decent person!

Example 3: I leave it up to the rest of the folks with common sense to conjure up...!?

Again, for you folks out there who haven't done anything wrong, you ought not to be worried as to who will be appointed as the Attorney's general of the United States of America!?

David Gooshti,
Manger @ McDonald's


mr. manager you deserve to

by manager at mcdonald (not verified) on

mr. manager
you deserve to work in McDonald's.
Your parents must be very proud of you! What an achievement!


Dear Mr. Q

by David Gooshti (not verified) on

As I stated earlier, I am a Manger @ the Anaheim McDonald's, nothing less, nothing more! When I became a US citizen, I took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America which I admit I am no expert of! However, I strongly believe that If I haven't done anything to jeopardize the security of America or violate any law therefore I should not be worried of being singled out for any form of water boarding or water surfing for that matter! As long as you have NOT betrayed America (which I assume you are a citizen of) you should NOT be worried!? Have you, Mr. Q?

As far as bombing of Iran is concerned, there is a very very old Iranian expression, " Kassi Keh Kharboozeh Meekhoreh Pay'e Larzesh Ham Meeshineh!?" For thirty (30) years, the mullahs have been saying "Death to America" and I guess it is payback time!? Am I right or am I right?

The position is still open in case you happen to change your mind. The flipping position, I meant!

Very respectfully,
David Gooshti,
Manger @ McDonald's


Dear Gooshti,

by Q on

You can make fun of this if you like. But when this guy authorizes water boarding for US residents, don't come crying to me.


What do you think will happen as soon as the bombs start falling on Iran? Do you think a million Iranians in North America will be able to happily continue their lives?


Mr. Q, Please spare us with your political analysis here!

by David Gooshti (not verified) on

Please leave the political analysis to the experts in the field and please, please, please stop drawing correlations between independent events! What do you suppose the secret information contained that were clandestinely passed to Israel, Iranian nuclear weapon program!? If true, then God bless the spies for daring to convey such information to Israel since the mullahs SHALL NOT have access to any form of nuclear technology, civilian or military, and somebody has to take the initiative to stop them and who else than Israel!?

In the meantime, I have an open position for you as a hamburger flipper @ McDonald's in Anaheim, CA. Please call me @ 714-969-6969.

David Gooshti
Manager @ McDonald's


Don't forget Lieberman!

by Javad (not verified) on

He was also an ethusiastic supporter of Mukasey. He had a hand in selecting Mukasey.



Hey Dozdgeer

by Ahvazi2 (not verified) on

People like you,who call anyone who mentions anything even remotely negative about the AIPAC jasoos, are well known to us. You are these ignorant israel loving uneducated people who only see things your own way. I think you are the JASSOS, who would even spy on the only people who have sheltered you for thousands of years, and have accepted you as their own for Israel, that has done nothing for the jews around the world since its creation, but to make them be hated by muslims and christians alike.
If you educate yourself and read Q's answer carefully , you'll see this has nothing to do with being jassoos for iran, or even being anti-semite.
Read man, Read


Please go to link below to see Q's fan club

by Friends of Q (not verified) on


Hey Q

by Dozdgeer (not verified) on

Now, you are talking beyond your pay grade! Of course, your pay grade is what the Islamic Republic pays you to be their jassoos!?



by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH T. (not verified) on



and the Zionist world view does the same...

by Q on

This has nothing to do with Jews or anti-semetism. Senators Russ Feingold, Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer are Jewish and have spoken against Mukasey's nomination. They are just not in the pocket of AIPAC (at least on this issue.)


anti-Semitic prism

by Fred (not verified) on

Islamist’s world view always filters through their anti-Semitic prism.