Fascists in streets of Jerusalem


by Q

Max Blumenthal has done it again. A brilliant expose of fascists in the streets of Jerusalem filmed just weeks ago.

These are mostly young Jewis of Western nations visiting Israel and wholeheartedly swallowing the Zionist propaganda to the point of becoming genocidal haters.

Blumenthal sets up a well known "Experiment in Fascism" to find out how these people really feel.

With a fascist mood permeating Israeli government and society, we set out into the streets of central Jerusalem to engage young revelers on the issue of loyalty. Because Israel is debating legislation claiming it is the Jewish sovereign state and has the authority to speak in the name of the "Jewish people," we thought the opinions of supporters of Israel from the Jewish diaspora were an essential element in any discussion about the proposed loyalty bill. Given the already simmering controversy over "dual loyalty" in the United States, the topic needed to be explored thoroughly and unflinchingly. Did the Zionist loyalty oath represent a fulcrum point in the dual loyalty debate for diaspora Jews? Would diaspora Jews have any objection to taking an oath to defend the Jewish state? If so, did that put their allegiance to their country of residence in question?

The answer is obvious as the subjects, one by one, have not problem repeating a Nazi Oath of allegiance, with only two exceptions and even those were ambiguous at best.

Our oath was deliberately crafted with the most provocative language possible, based almost word-for-word on the Führereid, or the oath that Wehrmacht soldiers had to swear to Adolph Hitler from 1934 to 1945.

Watch the video as the answer to the "dual loyalty" question becomes rather clear to one respondant who has no problem yelling "Fuck America, Fuck Canada", (4:35).


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Genghis Khan,

by Q on

Even your nasty Avatar knew in his time that drinking Alcohol removes inhibition. Young people abuse liquor for the same reason today.

Yes, some of the people in the video are drunk, but that's why they are saying what they realy think.

It's a direct result of the unrestricted bombardment of the pro-Zionist point of view in the US media. Without fanatics like this, Israel couldn't continue being a fanatic nation.

It's the important form of "foreign aid" that Israel absolutely depends on for survival.

Genghis Khan

The drunk youth can F the whole continent. So what?

by Genghis Khan on

Max Blumenthal should show more appreciation for the spirit of democracy which has shaped the state of Israel, where he can freely ask people if they approve of their army's phosphorous attack on Gaza. I'd like to see what would have happened to his Iranian counterpart if (s)he had asked something about , let's say, IRI's operations in Kurdistan or how Bahais are being treated, etc.

I, personally, see nothing wrong with the ultra-nationalistic wording of the said pledge while its comparison with the pledge to the Third Reich only fits a video which, itself, can only be compared to Girls Gone Wild® series.   

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.


Khar khan,

by Q on

I'm conflicted about responding to you.

The majestic animal that you represent is notorious for its great sense of direction. Yet remarkably, whenever I answer one of your misguided diversionary "joftak" (like in the Parazit article), you seem to quickly get lost afterwards! What gives?

I know of no one in this site would agree on a similar Nazi oath to "Baseej" or Islam or whatever you are fantacizing. The Zionists and Israeli right are in their own league when it comes to this kind of blind obedience.

If I'm wrong, just show me where it has happened on the site. Very simple!

You can try to change the subject but, here's some advice: at least pick something realistic.


...Also there are Islamo-Fascists sympathizers on the pages of..

by Khar on

our site! Haji-Q, Oona Beh Basij Shomma Dar!


This proves only one thing

by Bavafa on

That there are a lot of morons in this world and some have chosen to visit Israel, probably on a free trip sponsored by AIPAC and other jewish groups.