Are Terrorist Petitions Valid?


by Q

This is very interesting.

CNN is reporting that a new petition with "300,000" signatures by shiite Iraqi tribals condems Iran for "interference" in soutern Iraq. This petition is a phoney move by the MEK, with American money, acting as a front for neconservatives who for years now have been trying to say that Iran is "meddling" in Iraqi affairs. Let me explain.

Since when do Iraqi tribal leaders gather "signatures?"

This first red flag that should be raised is the method of registering this protest. Has there ever been another "petition" by "tribal" Iraqis complaining about their condition? We're talking about a under-developed region, neglected for years by Saddam Hussein, turned into a chaotic hell by the US occupation. We're talking about no electricity, no reliable running water, little social services and no employment. To make political statements Iraqi shiites have taken to the streets or pushed their MAJORITY representation in Iraqi parliament to complain about their conditions. They actually do it all the time. "Gathering signatures" is not what they do.

Instead, "Gathering signatures" is a method that is designed to appeal to Americans who can relate to this process. It is designed to appear "democratic" and "grass roots."

Just a few months ago, the Rajavi cult engineered another PR maneuver whereby (they claimed) 5.2 Million Iraqi signatures "approving" of the terrorist group's presence in Iraq. This number was obviously inflated by orders of magnitude but it came perceisely at a time where Iranian negotiations with US looked like they were going somewhere. In order to show that they are not unwelcome former Saddam collaborators (that they really are), the Rajavists put together a phoney show for the American administrators.

So, now, again perceisely at the time that US media is reporting that "Iran is being helpful" and that IRGC influence has substantially decreased in Iraq, the Rajavists and their backers feel the need to stage another PR maneuver to counter act the realists in American foreing policy and push the neocon line that Iran is "killing Americans" thereby, war should commence.

The cult of Rajavi are masters of this sort of PR operation. They always lie about the number of supporters they have and hide their own dealings with US and neocons. It's an open secret, for example, that it was Israeli intelligence, not the MEK that found out about the secret nuclear facilities in Iran. But the Rajavists are quite happy being used by US and Israel in exchange for support, which they thoroughly lack among Iranians everywhere.



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Rosie T.

Some words from Sister Rosie Theresa before my...

by Rosie T. on

vow of silence.

1) Jamshid, Sasha never meant to say you wanted a war. I realized when I read that long post of hers that that's how it sounded but it isn't what she meant and I know, I'm a college expository writing instructor.  What she meant was that IF you all, you Iranians keep on tearing each other to shreds with your -isms, there WILL BE another horrible WAR. Jammy, you need to remember when you read her long posts that she really IS just learning to be a writer.  Sasha, keep on working it.

 2) What Sasha interrupted.  Sasha did not interrupt a discussion about ANYTHING.  She interrupted a SHOUTING MATCH between you and Q.  And anyway, I interrupted it first.

3) Mexico.  Hold on a minute.  The history of Mexico is SOAKED in blood (as is that of every nation if you scratch the surface but Mexico is one of the worse).  I can tell you all about it, I'm a former Hispanicist,  actually I just did and deleted it because what would be the point? So you'll just have to trust me, Mexico has been FUCKED UP THE ASS FOR 500 YEARS. And you DON'T know about Mexico if you think it is less tragic than Iran, and NONE of us knows all that much about anything after all. Which is why I strongly urge you to HEAR this woman better as she struggles to be articulate, because the heart has reasons which the reason knows not of..

Jamshid...Jamshid...INCUBATION!  UTERUS!  MOON!  Give it up...let it go...let it ooze...let it flow...

Now you two slug it out.  Or don't, as you choose...leave me out of it, please, it's better right now. And as I said to BOTH your comments under my last blog (the buried one you managed to EXCAVATE):

You're both beautiful.
I love you so much.



by Sasha on

 I was doing a comparison of cultures in an attempt to show you that my people united long ago to free themselves from the oppressors.   They did not wait for outsiders help. Even though they had different views on many things they united as Mexicans to defend their country against the oppressors. They were first and foremost Mexican.


Iranians are Iranians first and religion or lack of religion second. Unity is what is needed. One voice united will bring about the strength to set Iran free.





Re: Sasha

by jamshid on

The topic of this thread was about gathering signatures and it turned into why some people hate IRI. Look at where you have taken it now. To a totally unrelated realm. I will say my bit and I will sign off from this thread.


To begin with, you just D-O-N-'-T get it, do you? Criticising and disrespecting are two different things.


You are already becoming one of those muslims that can't handle any criticism. I do want you to respect my views BUT I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH YOU CRITISISING THEM.


And so what if you are 40? What does this has to do with anything? If you feel like I am treating you as a child that's because of your own insecurities. You should even be thankful that I cared for you as to taking so much of my time to show you aspects of Islam you needed to know. Instead you labeled and accused me.


The misery of Mexican people does not even come close to the atrocities committed by IRI against its own people. And again I ask what does corruption in Mexico has anything to do with Iran?


I have repeatitively told you about what Iranians are facing on a daily basis. You keep turning your face the other way and changing the subject to unrelated things.


You are unable to conduct a cohenrent discussion when it would have the slightest hint of criticism. You start jumping branches and changing the subject.


Re: Rosie

by jamshid on

Sasha may be all the things that you said. So? How is that related to the misery of my people? And how is that justifies her falsely accusing me of being a supporter of war with the US?


She is gradually beginning to walk, eat and quack like the Islamists. So she suffered in her life and so now she is joining a bunch of opprossors to make up for the suffering?


And when did I stop her from calling herself a muslim? Don't "I" have the right to criticise Islam? Yes or no? If yes, then she has to put up with my criticsm of Islam.


My god, she is becoming just like the Islamists and the supporters of the opporssors of my people. The slightest criticsm of Islam and she says you are insulting me. Well, I have the right to crticise any religion including Islam. I never attack the people (unless they are pro-IRI), I criticise the religion itself.


The problem with most muslims is that they are so "used to" opprossing and surpressing critiscism that they just can't handle it any other ways, specially when we are in a country like the US that does not allow moslems to oppress others. 


I chose to be a Muslim............Jamshid

by Sasha on

 I chose to be a Muslim. It was not imposed on me. Just like you want me to respect your religious and political views then you should also do the same. I am almost 40 years old and not 20 years old.





Cry me a river...............Jamshid

by Sasha on

 You want to hear about oppression and suffering of a people for  years. Just take a look at my culture. The Europeans invaded our country over and over again. Pillaging our lands and raping our women. You think I look as white as snow by coincidence. Mexicans don't normally look like I do. Long ago my ancestors got Spaniard blood but not because we were wealthy but because they were poor, uneducated Native Indian peasants. That's right my ancestors were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. We are from the "Sierra". You should see the humble beginnings of my people and then you could begin to understand were I came from long ago.



I don't even know what tribe we were from our what our true language and traditions are. They were taken from us and the Spaniards and French imposed their traditions and language on my people. It was the Spaniards that were more difficult to get rid of. Hello! To this day we speak "Castellano" and the main religion is Catholic. You know who got rid of this Europeans. The people united regardless of their views to get rid of the oppressors. They took it upon themselves to free themselves.



Unfortuntaly the current government in my country is not the best. Over there you are guilty until proven innocent. The jail conditions are inhuman. If you don't have money or connections, you will stay in jail regardless of your innocence.



Just like you, we emigrated to the US for better opportunities because my government doesn't give a DAMN about my people. There are people living on the streets because of the poverty  and lack of educational opportunities. There are people selling themselves on the streets to survive. Some people live in cardboard and tin houses. Any worth while political candidate that cares about the people gets killed off.



Then we come to a school system back in the 1970's that did not care about us. Our voices were silenced and we were punished because of our culture and language. On top of it try making friends with Mexicans that only see you as the image of their oppressors. I was envied and hated because of what I look like.



Women are disapearing in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and the authorities don't give a DAMN. Hundreds of women are being raped and killed and they don't want to investigate it. Those in the US calling attention to it  are getting death threats.        To this day my people are still oppressed and raped.   



Oppression is everywhere in different forms. You have to be careful not to become what you hate the most. The hate will consume you and you will not think objectively as to how to free Iran. How not to get a worst government in its place.



"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

        -Albert Einstein



"Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination, on cooperation, not intimidation."

        -William Arthur Ward



Last time I checked Iranians still spoke Persian.  I don't know the true identity of my ancestors and I never will because it was taken away from us.







Rosie T.

Jamshid, please..

by Rosie T. on

As you know Sasha is a determined "young" woman who has chosen to fight the forces which oppressed her, both as a minority Chicana in a white culture, and a victim of the HORRENDOUS educational system in the US which is used as a tool to render the populace ignorant.  She came to this forum, as she has often stated, to "learn about world politics" because she CARED about Iraq and Afghanistan, and, and as an American felt responsible for it not happening again  in Iran.  And she has remained here slugging it out in this "timarestaan" where "kharejis", Muslims and women are not always that respected.  And that, in a nutshell, is Sasha.

Because of the circumstances of her background, she is not always able to maintain the most cogent, sophisticated, syllogistic arguments, but she is learning.  In the meantime, everything she says is the honest fruit of her experience of human suffering, hers AND others, and  comes from the deepest recesses of a VERY deep heart.  And as the American poet WH Auden says: 

The heart has its reasons that the reason knows not of.
   The heart in its season flows both blood and tears.
   We are made to suffer that we may learn to love."

Forget the -isms.  LISTEN to the voice of reason that the reason knows not of...To do otherwise is...unreasonable.

And again, please stop diminishing other people's identities. ALL identites are...tenuous...If she wants to call herself a Muslim, let her.  If Q DOESN'T want to call himself an Islamicist, let him.  I call myself a non-Zionist pacifist secular "soft" socialist (read: advocate of mixed economies) Eastern european American Jew.  Does it STOP me from appreciating the noble aspects of the Shah and expressing Aryan themes in almost everything I write?  BE REASONABLE.

Ayotallah Rosie Tozieh

Explanation of Problems

and Possibilities



you ARE muslim!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

sasha, I don't know why jamshid feels he can define for you what you are. If you believe in your heart you are a muslim, you are a muslim. No ayatollah can tell you otherwise, including jamshid.


Jamshid .........I have had relatives in the military and

by Sasha on

 I have had relatives in the military and still have some in it. I know what war does to a soldier. My sister's marriage was difficult when her husband returned from war but she loved him enough to help him through it. I had an uncle in the family that went crazy and committed suicide. I had another sister whose husband was also affected by being in the military. He never adjusted to regular life. He shot himself with a rifle to the head in front of his parents drive way and he died in my sister's arms leaving behind my sister as a widow and three small children. My sister almost went crazy. So, I took in my sister and her three children for like six months while she got her life back together enough to take care of herself and her children. Yep! I  supported seven people in total while I was a struggling  single mother with  two sons of my own to raise.  (I am the eldest in my family.) It is by the grace of God I didn't have a nervous break down. As Robin knows there were other tragic events in my life at that time as well. Yes, you are correct I have a lot of audacity.



Rosie T. no quieren entender. Nunca van a cambiar de ideas. Es mejor seguir con nuestras vidas es demasiado veneno.





Re: No I won't get tired

by jamshid on

As long as Iranians are suffering I won't get tired opposing the IRI.


You Sasha, you just DON'T GET IT. I don't need YOU to tell me that not all moslems are pro-IRI. So puhleeease spare me your lecture... I don't like Islam, but most people I know are moslems and most of those oppose the IRI.


My beef is with a jerk sitting in the comfort of a western country and defending the IRI who is committing atrocities against Iranians. You Sasha, unfortunately won't get it, unless, god forbid, someone close to you, maybe a brother, a cousin or a child falls in the hands of the "torture specialists" of IRI, or get hanged by IRI, or get raped, perhaps then you will wake up and smell the flowers.


You ask what was the monarchist errors that they failed? Their errors was being soft and to allow the Islamist and leftists to take over and destroy Iran.


If you were refering to the political prisoners during the shah's reign, half of them were the same thugs that are raping my country today. They BELONGED to prison, as they belong to a noose today.


Again, I tell you that there is only one version of Islam and it's the Koran. So don't talk to me about YOUR version. There is no such a thing. You are commanded by Allah through Koran to kill me and my likes because I was born a moslem and turned against it. If you don't believe in this command then YOU ARE NOT A MOSLEM. You would be just a fake. Period.


We talked about this in great length in your thread and you refuse to see the truth. I have nothing else to add. You can always go and read my posts again.


Mutual respect? Are you kidding me? Could YOU have mutual respect with the torturer of your friend? You are just out of it Sasha. You are lost.


Then you talk about Iranian blood being shed. WHO IS SHEDDING IRANIAN BLOOD RIGHT NOW? The IRI AND ONLY THE IRI, that's who. And you have the audacity to tell me "no more bloodshed"??? Are Iranians suppose to be just sheeps in a slaughter house? Go tell "no more bloodshed" to Q and his likes. Go tell it to the IRI. Go get involved with the Human rights organizations.


And then you go on and say: "I don't understand how you all want this (war with the US) for your people..."


How dare you make such falsifications and accusations about me? When did I say I support a war? I was in one war, and I know much better than you could ever, EVER, possibly know about the horrors of war. So spare me your sermon about war.


It just makes me wonder how far audacity can go?


Jamshid don't you get tired............

by Sasha on

 Don't you get tired of rehashing the same stuff over and over  again? Is this all you think of, dream of, want for your life? I do believe you have a brilliant mind and have the capacity for objectivity when you want to. What does it matter if Q is a liberal, conservative, left wing, right wing or whatever Muslim? Can you not concede that not all Muslims are necessarily pro IRI?


Jamshid you had a Monarchy and it failed. Please do not blame the Islamists. Look at it objectively, what where the Monarchy's errors that they failed? He tortured people too. People were unhappy. Some even have said that the Shah was the US puppet. I still don't understand why they say this but I have heard Americans say this. I have never heard an Iranian or a Muslim say this before you begin to think it was a Muslim.

I am Muslim now and I am trying to figure out what kind of Muslim I am because of my upbringing I will never be the Muslim you hate so much. I think I might be a liberal Muslim.

Jamshid you said on my Islam blog: 

"So one day you may find yourself in a contradictory situation in which your moral religion-independent beliefs tell you one thing, and your new religion, Islam, tells you the opposite. "

 Like I did when I was a Christian I will select my moral religion-independent beliefs. I did it before and was not a favorite of many within Christianity and I am sure I will do it again. I do not follow blindly like I did in my youth.

By the way I think my son maybe agnostic and he just does not realize it yet. I still love him and respect whatever beliefs he has which is why we are now getting along. Mutual respect of each others beliefs brings about some unity. It is what Iran needs more than ever. It is what it lacks at the moment.


Are you not tired of the blood shed by Iranians? Muslim or not they are your country men and women. I have read that one is Iranian first and then the religion comes second. When will enough Iranian blood be spilled to satisfy the people on this website? When will enough families have to face the fact that their sons will not return or if they do can no longer function in society because of the horrors they saw at war?  When? When? When will it be enough? I don't understand you all. All I see is Iranian blood been shed. I don't see the religion. I see men, women and children suffering devastation and famine if the US invades. I see the emptiness in the eyes of the people affected by the war. Just like I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don't understand how you all want this for your people.  




Re: Rosie and Sasha

by jamshid on

1. Chingiz khan and hitler would claim that they loved their countries too. It does not mean anything.


2. If it walks like a duck, if it eats like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, .... then perhaps it is a duck! The Joojeh does not even dare to come forward and directly state what he is.


So Q why don't you come out of the Qloset, at least for these ladies sake? Are you pro-IRI? Perhpas its "refomist" brand? What elements of IRI do you support? What elements do you oppose in order to call yourself the so called "refomist" brand? Are there any?


Take me for example. I have nothing to hide. I oppose everything that the IRI stands for. Its ideology, its Islam, its philosophy of "velaayate faghih", its mullahs, its domestic policies, its foreign policies, its economy blue print, its political beliefs, its social beliefs, its way of handling our education, industries and infrastructure, its culture, its history, its way of handling the oil money...


Its imprisoning of the opposition, its torturing, its training of "torture specialists", its raping of innocents, its hangings, its stoning, its plundering and stealing of our wealth, the list goes on...


What parts of these do you oppose? What parts do you like? What parts do you oppose but turn your face the other way? What parts do you support but with an "explanation"?


Come out of the Qloset. 



Jamshid your common ground with Q is...........

by Sasha on

 That you love your country. The Iranian people. I certainly doubt that Q wants to see Iranians suffer. Is that not a beginning?  Unity not division within the Iranian community will save Iran.  Is not  this essay of his about misinformation in the media about Iran?


Rosie T.

Well you already KNOW I'm out of my mind, Jamshid-joon,

by Rosie T. on

so why are you asking rhetorical questions? 

I have many reasons why I say you and Q are on the same side--not least among them a recollection, if I'm not mistaken, of you and he posting for WEEKS about Islam and Aryanism.  Which means you both value civilized debate, and in the Iranian context, that places you squarely on the same side.

I also have many thoughts on Aryanism and Islam, which I'd love to share in depth. And I wrote  Javid that what was happening on that translation page was part of a historically unprecedented movement of translation as exactly that: a collective effort OUTSIDE of officially designated academic circles.
But I can't discuss ANY of these things in depth right now. I need some time off of this site to get some perspective on something that's emerged here that is extremely disappointing and frustrating to me.

So for now I'd just ask you to please, if you have time, check out the post I wrote on "Be Reasonable" about the Bahai called "Dear Pope"  It's about on page three now, but still active. And also my last blog called LIGHT.  It's recent but already buried in the unfeatured ones. 

Finally, Jammy, do you have a REPUTATION to protect or is it an IDENTITY?  :D   Identity is a double-edged sword, you know. We all need identity to  have dignity, but we also need to understand that these identities are perhaps we'd like.. So on the one hand it's good not to be too attached to one's own identity, and on the other it's good to allow others the dignity of theirs. If Q SAYS he's not an Islamicist, and that is the identity he chooses, why can't you throw him that bone? To repeat, you need each other, like the shoreline and the sea...and these are not separate, they form a continuum.  We know this most strongly when we experience what is called "the undertow."

"The road runs through the capillaries of life/Incubation's essence on the uterus boat of the moon/will kill off all corrupted cells/and in sun's chemical space after rising/there is only sound/sound absorbing the particles of time." 



Re: Rosie, oh please have mercy...

by jamshid on

Me and Q are on the SAME side???!!!! Are you out of your mind? I am the opposite of everything that this Islamist stand for. He does not like to be called an Islamist, but that's what he is. Please have mercy... I have a reputation here, you know!


You are welcome with the translation. Now in that area, you could talk about the sound of one hand clapping as a collective effort will yield better results.



Rosie T.

Oh guys, go watch some of the MKO videos...

by Rosie T. on

they're REALLY the new Iran there will be room enough for both of you...and if there ISN'T room for both of you, both your gooses are cooked, so the whole discussion becomes moot anyway. 

See what I mean?  You're on the same side..ESPECIALLY you need each the shoreline and the sea....

 and the current IRI regime is hideous and should never be apologized for and Jamshid is right, and there isn't much you can do right now but defend it against Bush, who's just as bad in general and much WORSE for Q is right...

and you two, without BOTH of you...well...what is the sound of one hand clapping?

 Sorry to be intrusive. I'll be taking a break from the site for a while starting tomorrow, I've overstayed my welcome.  But before I do, just wanted to throw that one in...

 Stop fighting. Chill.


Robin PS Jamshid, thanks for helping me with the translation.


No Jamshid, what about YOU?

by Q on



Re: Q

by jamshid on

And what about you Q? Do YOU have any clues about me and my family's trouble with the hated IRI? If you do then why don't you share some of that knowledge with us?


I have been in Iran plenty too and I don't need YOU to give me a lecture.

Rosie T.

MEK goes Hollywood

by Rosie T. on

From a political perspective, this group is deeply disturbing, but from a human one, though disturbing, they are also deeply moving. There are many films of them on youtube, films showing how they pass their idle days at Camp Ashraf doing choreographed tai chi to music...and techno breakdancing...and singing that their weapons have been turned in. I urge you to watch them if you haven't already.


Maryam Rajavi, the Coco Chanel of the Desert, redeemed in Behesht for her Islamo-fashion sense.  A conundrum of Shakesperian dimensions...



What Lie Fred?

by Q on

It's all over their own press releaes that MEK are supporting this action.

In order for you to baselessly call me a liar, you would have to believe the MEK press releases. It's simple logic. Now we know how valuable their word is, at least to you. This is not an Islamic reaction, this is a anti-terrorist reaction.

Jamshid, don't speak of things you yourself have no clue about. I have been to Iran plenty of times. My family and I have had our share of trouble with the regime. Doesn't negate my sentence.

Instead of lecturing people you don't know, you should look into acting rationally as opposed to out of revenge and hatred.


Re: a suggestion for Q...

by jamshid on

Q says: "some Iranians go to any length out of their hatred for the IRI..."


In order to understand why "some" Iranians "behave" this way, I suggest you go to Iran, oppose the IRI. land in Evin and be hosted by torture specialists for a while.


I promise you that very quickly, you will join the crowd of IRI haters. Oh and one more thing... MEK does not represent the majority of the IRI haters.


Islamist white wash

by Fred (not verified) on

Typical Islamist reaction, when caught in an obvious amaturish lie to explain away their misdeeds, their natural instinct is to accuse.


Serious hatred...

by Q on

some Iranians go to any length out of their hatred for the IRI. If somoene is willing to support MEK just because they say bad things about IRI, why not just support nuking Iran?


Fred: you are wrong

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

MKO is behind this one. It's obvious from their own coverage. Sure they are not "based" in that area, they are not "based" anywhere in Iraq. They are an isolated community that only works through spies and misinformation.


You are the same traitors

by Down to all Islamists (not verified) on

Q, you and your Mullahs's regime cannot be better than MOK. You destroyed the country while MOK joined another enemy of Iran. Your rivals but ex-brothers of MOK might one day come back to you. But the people of Iran never forgive the croimes you any Islamist did in the last three decades.


Dear Q thanks bringing up this subject!

by Midwesty on

It is obvious that MKO people has caused our beloved country much of pain but IRI shouldn't be stripped off of its responsibilities. If a small fraction of money and resources that are being mismanaged everyday was devoted to bringing the young MKO members back to their families and providing them with jobs then there wouldn't be any ground for this poisonous shrub to grow. The IRI should get out of its reactionary costume and start thinking how creatively can fix the problems by taking positive initiatives.         


رجوی هم مثل مابقی یک نوکر انگلیس بیش نیست

دختر کاشف السلطنه (not verified)

اورا هم سر خواهند برید. این رشته سر دراز دارد

مسئله اصلی بقای یهودی ماسیون در ایران است


تشکیل لژ اسدآبادی ملایان
توسط شریف امامی

پس از انتشار اسناد مهم و شگفت انگیز شبکه فراماسونری در ایران توسط اسمائیل رائین، آن هم در زمانیکه حاکمیت ماسونها در ایران برقرار بود این گمان بوجود آمد که به زودی شاه از طریق اقدام کودتا مانندی به حکومت دویست ساله این باند فاسد و خیانت پیشه خاتمه خواهد داد ولی دیری نپایید که واکنش های تند و خشم آلود رهبران این شبکه نظیر شریف امامی که از حمایت و پشتیبانی دولت و طراحان انگلیسی برخوردار بود، زمینه سرنگونی شاه را فراهم نمودند که سبب شادی و شادمانی هر چه بیشتر این شبکه فاسد گردید.
تعداد زیادی از رهبران و رؤسای لژها و اعضای سازمان فراماسونری ماهها و هفته ها پیش از سقوط رژیم پهلوی و حتی پس از انقلاب با حمایت انقلابیون با خارج نمودن سرمایه های نامشروع خویش ایران را ترک نمودند و تعداد معدودی هم زیر چتر حمایت حکام شرع قرار گرفتند و با آنها همکاری نمودند.
پس از انقلاب، شریف امامی در انتقال بسیاری از سرمایه ها و ثروت های بنیاد پهلوی که بعدها نام بنیاد مستضعفین را به خود گرفت، نقش اصلی را عهده دار بود. در ابتدا او توانست شبکه عظیم فراماسونری ایران را زیر چتر انقلابیون خارج کرده و در لوس آنجلس بازسازی نماید و سپس رابطه های جدید شبکه خارجی فراماسونری را با حکومت اسلامی فراهم می سازد. آشنایی دیرینه او با ملایان در ایران زمینه ایجاد لژ فراماسونری اسدآبادی را در حکومت اسلامی امکانپذیر می سازد که در سال 1361 تشکیل لژ اسدآبادی که محل اجتماع اعضای آن در میدان ونک تهران می باشد صورت گرفت. ریاست آن را به آیت الله مهدوی کنی طبق تشریفات فراماسونری می سپارد. چنین اقدامی و تشکیل چنین مجمعی با آگاهی ارتباطات بسیار نزدیک و دیرینه آیت الله مهدوی کنی (که همسر او نیز انگلیسی می باشد) با دولت انگلیس بوده است. نام لژ اسدآبادی از جمال الدین اسدآبادی یکی از مزدوران فراماسون انگلیس گرفته شده است که در نشر استعمار مذهبی، خدمات فراوانی کرده است و لژ فراماسونری اخوان المسلمین توسط شاگردان او با حمایت انگلیس در مصر بوجود آمد.
همانطور که می دانیم در زمان سلطنت پهلوی در لژهای همایون، مولوی و لژ بزرگ ملی ایران که محمد رضا شاه ریاست آن را به عهده داشت و همچنین در لژ اسدآبادی حکومت اسلامی تابلوی بزرگی از سید جمال الدین با پیشبند فراماسونری و در لباس استادی در محافل خود نصب می کردند و می کنند.)
سید جمال در مصر با لژهای دیگر فراماسونری نیز در تماس بوده و در محافل آنها نیز به عنوان مهمان (ویزیتور) شرکت می کرده است، از جمله:
۱- گراند لژ محلی مصر Grand lodge of Egypte
۲- لژ مازینی Mazzini که به زبان ایتالیائی کار می کرده
۳- لژ نیل Nile Lodge
۴- لژ یونانی قاهره که به زبان های یونانی و فرانسه کار می کرده است.
سید جمال الدین پس از چهار سال فعالیت در لژ ماسونی وابسته به انگلیس و رسیدن به مقام « استاد اعظم » در سال ۱۸۷۹ به گفته ای به دلیل اعلام نمودن لائیسیته و مذهبی نبودن، از لژ کوکب شرق اخراج شد چرا که لژهایی که مستقیماً به انگلیس وابسته می باشند نهایتاً می بایست مذهبی باشند در صورتیکه ما می دانیم که سید جمال و دستیار او شیخ محمد عبده و جورجی زیدان از بنیانگذاران فکری اخوان المسلمین می باشند یعنی در مسیر پروژة استعمار مذهبی انگلیس فعال بوده اند، بنابراین او چگونه می تواند ناگهان اعلام لائیسیته کند؟ و این نیز سناریویی بود که در آن زمان توسط انگلیس برنامه ریزی شد.

معماران و استادان سازمان منحوس و مصیبت باری که نام فراماسونری بر آن نهاده اند، بعد از انقلاب شوم 1357 زمانیکه دو سه میلیون ایرانی باسواد و میهن دوست از مملکت خویش مهاجرت نمودند برای اینکه مبادا این نیروی عظیم انسانی با امکانات فکری و مالی خویش علیه حکومت اسلامی برخیزند، سه گروه از عمال مورد اعتماد خود را که سالها پیش به عضویت شبکه فراماسونری در آمده بودند مانند دکتر شاپور بختیار، فرح دیبا، مسعود رجوی و ... را مأمور نمودند تا با همکاری با سازمانهای جاسوسی سیا، انتلیجنس سرویس و موساد و همچنین دریافت کمکهای مالی اپوزیسیون خارج از کشور را به دست آورند و با استخدام گروه بیشماری از باند روشنفکران و مزدوران خودفروش، نیروی سه چهار میلیونی میهن دوستان را خنثی نمایند.

به گزارش ساواک مورخ 26/9/1356 :
« در حال حاضر اعضای شورای عالی، درجه سی و سوم 16 نفر می باشند که قریباً آقای شریف امامی استاد اعظم لژ بزرگ ایران به عضویت شورای عالی پذیرفته خواهد شد ... »

سند شماره 14: سوگندنامه نامبرده
« من جعفر شریف امامی اسوار و سرباز حقیقت این شمشیر را چون رمز تکلیف و نشانه فداکاری در راه دفاع از دیگران (یعنی سایر اعضاء) و کتاب آسمانی را چون چراغ راه خود می پذیرم (کدام کتاب آسمانی؟ انجیل؟! تورات؟! یا قرآن؟!) و به ایمانم و شرافتم و دینم (کدام ایمان؟ کدام شرافت؟ کدام دین؟) سوگند یاد می کنم و پیمان می بندم که با وفاداری همه تکلیف های یک بزرگ بازرس کل و با اختیار درجه سی و سوم (بزرگترین درجه فراماسونری در ایران) انجام دهم ... »
هم اکنون لژ اسدآبادی متشکل از بیش از سی لژ وابسته که انجمن حجتیه، مؤتلفه اسلامی، جامعه واعظ در آن جای دارند، با قدرتی بیشتر بر دستگاه رهبری عمل می کند. همه آخوندهای بانفوذ و مؤثر در حکومت اسلامی مانند رفسنجانی و ... در شبکه های فراماسونری اسدآبادی عضویت دارند و همچنین از بازاریان بانفوذ همچون عسگراولادی و ... در مسیر هماهنگ با سیاست های استعماری انگلستان به پیش می روند. این شبکه های فراماسونری اسدآبادی با همکاری فراماسون های مزدور رژیم سابق در لوس آنجلس ارتباط مستقیم دارند و در ترفندهای ضد ملی و میهنی برای استمرار حکومت اسلامی اشتراک مساعی می نمایند.
روزنامه مكزيكو هرالد فاش كرد كه در كنگره بين المللي فراماسونها كه بطور محرمانه در اكتبرسال ۱۹۸۲ در مكزيك برگزار شد، دونفر نماينده از طرف خمينی ، بنامهای سيد محمد شيرازی و سيد محمود دعايی، شركت داشته اند (مكزيكو هرالد، چاپ مكزيكو سيتی.مكزيك-اكتبر۱۹۸۲)
ارتباط خمينی و دارو دسته اش با فراماسونری بين المللی، پيشتر ها آشكار گرديد. محمد بهشتی، عبدالكريم موسوی اردبيلی، ربانی املشی، سيد عبدالله شيرازی و عده ای ديگر عضو لژ اسلام فراماسونری بوده و هستند كه پس از آنكه خمينی جنايتكار از سيد جمال الدين اسد آبادی، اين سرسپرده انگليس، صهيونيسم و فراماسونری جهانی بعنوان نخستين رهبر انقلاب اسلامي خاورميانه نام برد، لژ اسلام به لژ سيد جمال الدين اسدآبادی تغيير نام يافت و مهدوی كنی رييس مادام العمر اين لژ است كه همواره يك پايش در تهران و پای ديگرش درلندن است. سيد محمد خاتمی. هنگامي كه دوشادوش بهشتی معدوم در آلمان و در شهر هامبورگ كار مي كرد، ديگر مدتها بود كه عضو فراماسونری بود. خود بهشتی در زمان اصل چهار ترومن در دفاتر اصل چهار كار می كرد و از آن هنگام به عضويت فراماسونری در آمد.
در اينكه بيشتر رهبران و دست اندركاران رژيم جمهوری اسلامی يهودی -ماسون هستند بر هيچكس پوشيده نيست. شيخ خزعلي، عطاالله مهاجرانی، برادران لاريجانی، ناصر مكارم شيرازي (كه زني انگليسی- يهودی نيز دارد)، نوربخش، هاشمی عراقی شاهرودی (از يهوديان عراق)، كمال خرازی (وی هنگامی كه در سياتل آمريكا درس می- خواند به همه هم دوره ای های خود گفته بود كه يهودی است) حبيب الله عسكر اولادی تازه مسلمان (از آنجا وی تازه مسلمان است كه پس از مهاجرت خانواده اش از عراق به ايران، از دين يهوديت به اسلام گرويدند. گرويدن به اسلام مليت يهودی عسكر اولادی را تغيير نمی دهد. از آنجا كه امام يازدهم شيعيان فرزندی نداشت و بدين خاطر افسانه مهدی موعود پيش آمد، خانواده عسكر اولادی نيز خود را اولاد عسكر خواندند و بدينگونه به ريش مسلمانان اينگونه خنديده اند.) از جمله يهودی-ماسون های حاكم بر ايران می باشند.
از باند-خانواده هاشمی رفسنجانی سخن نمی گويم كه اين مسئله مانند روز برای هر ايرانی روشن است. باند-خانواده رفسنجانی مانند باند خانواده خواجه رشيداالدين فضل الله همدانی وزير يهودی اشغالگران مغول. تمامی اهرم های اقتصادی-سياسی را در دست دارند. باند يهودی- ماسون رفسنجانی بی اعتنا به خامنه ای تمامی كارهای خود را انجام می دهند. اين باند با در دست داشتن راديو و تلويزيونهای درون و برون مرزی (تلويزيون تپش و ديگر راديو و تلويزيونهايی كه مزدور عليرضا نوری زاده با آنها كار می- كند) چندين سايت اينترنتی از جمله سايت رادیو فردا، رادیو اسراییل، رادیو بی بی سی ،روزي دات كام و گويا و... تلاش می كنند ايرانيان برون مرز را نيز همانند ايرانيان درون مرز كنترل كنند. بايد افزود كه پس از خواجه رشيدالدين فضل الله همدانی، سعدوالدوله يهودی وزير مغولها شد كه مردم پس از پيروزی بر مغولان، سعد الدوله را تكه تكه كرده و جلوی سگ انداختند. در ايران هم روزی می- رسد كه مردم ما ماسونهای فرمانروا بر سرزمين ما را تكه تكه كرده و جلوی سگ بیاندازند. آن روز پشت دروازه است.

کامران بهروزی - سازمان دانشجویان مبارز


Islamist reaction

by Fred (not verified) on

Typical Islamist reaction, if reality contradicts their weird worldview, then there must be some thing fishy about reality. MKO are not based in that area and are way further up past the Sunni triangle near Iraqi Kurdistan.