Farsi Editor

by puss

Hi to all good hearted Iranian :)

It's been while I am looking for Farsi editor that I can trust to downloan. Finally i said why

not asking folk on this site. So  that would be lovely if you let me know.


No more comment. :) just looking.


Jeesh Daram

if your intention is just to write in Persian

by Jeesh Daram on

The easiest way, least expensive and fastest is simply using your original disk and following:

My computer

Control Panel

Regional Languages

Click on middle box "Languages"

check the box "Install files for complex...."

Choose Farsi

Eventually it will ask to load your original disk to download fonts

Follow instructions....If confused search for the whole instruction on Google, it's there.

Then you need to find a Persian font keyboard, which is available on Google to photocopy and put in front of you and soon you will know every single letter's location on your current keyboard.

Those other software that you have to "click" on each letter of Persian alphabet is like easting your soup with chopsticks!


As for "editor" I don't think there is such software, because editing is a different issue. What I suggested above is simply fonts to write. I don't even know of any spell checker for Persian, let alone editing software.



cool :)

by puss on

Dear Hamsade, thanks much for the info and link :)

Dear Kill, you have been what I was looking for ;) just kidding..

cool you corrected my englison too, liked it.. but to be honest.. i am alwasy looking for kind-hearted people.. something I really need it badly in this country..pray for me. :)




hamsade ghadimi

dear puss

by hamsade ghadimi on

i always wanted to start a letter with that heading.  try behnevis.  it's at //behnevis.com

good luck

Kill Mouse Traps

Yes, with the kind of writing displayed here

by Kill Mouse Traps on

... you surely could use a good editor.

Here is your edited blog:

Hello to all good-hearted Iranians :)

It's been a while since I have looked for a Farsi editor that I can trust to downloan [download?].  Finally I said to myself why not ask folks on this site.  So, that would be lovely if you let me know.


No more comments. :)  Just looking [for what?].