A proverbial obsession

persian westender
by persian westender

….I still don’t know, should I believe the rooster’s tail or your “Hazrate Abbas ‘s” swear?! I have a feeling that you’re putting me on head of the work again! But I can’t be sure, and I don’t want to lose the opportunity of being with you… You keep saying that you are honest with me, but I know you never been such in the past... It’s not the first time that I trust you and you betray me. My eye doesn’t drink water anymore. When I look back I clearly remember when I made my back-hand hot not to believe you any more….but…but here we are again and I simply can not say no to your goddamn beautiful eyes. Ahhh…what should I do? This looks like an obsession…Darn!

I know I’m making a fool out of me, but let’s hit my abdomen to the sea “…Ok. I ….ahem…Ok… I accept….I will see you there!”

I can see myself other day how regretful I am! A remorseful like a dog…! But I just said ‘Yes’, a confirmation of my weakness toward your seduction…Again!

I don’t care anymore…the water is surpassed of my head!

Let’s see what you’ve dreamed for me?! Let’s be your toy…there is a weird pleasure in it...!

Oh no!….What I just did? What she thinks about me? Ahh… I know there is no straight intestine in her abdomen and yet I’m going down the well by her rope..!

Too late…! Now the work is passed from the work!



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Thank you all for reading

by persian westender on

Thank you all for reading and other suggestions...I thought this site sometimes is too serious and we need some fun.

Fifi joon: don't 'pimple' this much(joosh nazan inghad)!




Ghorboone ammat beri

by fifi joon (not verified) on

Ghorboone ammat beri beemazze; how do you like it now?



by Abarmard on

My friend is crazy and 'his head plays with his ass'. I guess with this comment I wanted 'to walk but farted'. forget it, I am 'neither the head of onion or the ass of onion'. I try to logic this out if your 'head is worth your ass'. 'you go up you go down' this is what it is'

I have gotten 'shit swirl' otherwise would come up with more ;)

too funny I have become 'fart screw' with this stuff




you both killed me

by Anonymousam (not verified) on

very funny



Very funny how about this one?

by ramintork on

When I saw her I thought; "Where are you, where is here?"

Last time she had started talking about her new business idea and I thought oh, oh "A good year is apparent from the spring", and I remembered  she is bad news last time she had "played a record behind my back"

That is why I thought "Have you eaten a donkey's brain?" and "a head that does not have a headacke does not need a head band?".

I walked across thinking "Did I see a camel, no I didn't" and went home.