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persian westender
by persian westender

I am a poem

Following my death,

would you please burry me

in "Parishan lake"*?

so that, my ash will be translated

to several dead languages


I am a poem

And anguish
is my heritance

but I'm not going to bequeath it

to my successors

Since beforehand,

I've shared it

with my 'rhythmlessness', 'rhymelessness', and


I am a poem

And in a rainy day

when you're walking down a quiet walkway

you will vaguely  remember me


By then,
your memory is entitled

to do whatever it wants

to my





is name of a lake in southern Iran which means "distressed" or
"distraught" in Persian. There have been some reports that this lake
was dried and in early winter of this year (in a rare and unusual natural
process) its soil was burning and smoking. The reports are in Persian language.


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persian westender

It's good to see you here dear Mehrban

by persian westender on

...and thanks for the comment.

BTW, nice new avatar!  



Very nice!

by Mehrban on

And I thought anguish was my inheritance.  

I think it is one of the structuralists that say that anything as soon as it is written, it is dead.    

Thank you persian westender. 

persian westender

Thanks Azin

by persian westender on

A burning lake is very strange and I found it inspiring for writing a poem....






Azin Izadifar

Nice one

by Azin Izadifar on

Enjoyed it. I would probably work a bit more on the line breaks. I didn't know about Parishan burning, a burning lake...The whole country is turning into a poem, a sad one.