The lonely tree

persian westender
by persian westender

A lonely tree...on top of the hill

bent over itself...facing odd feel

bored and gloomy...asked its shadow

why my world this much shallow?

why does this humor...should make me cry?

why all the answers...make another 'why'?

why I should this soft breeze?

when it’s passing ...with the utter ease?

I am on the top…but I am alone

this isolated hill…looks like a death zone!

oh god of green!…oh god of trees!

end my loneliness!…oh please…please!

while it was making…all those questions

and the complaints… and the confessions

it noticed the shadow… for a while had gone

there was no shadow…whit the turn of sun

the lonely tree…was lonely again

even its shadow…couldn’t be remained

a sudden cold wind…whirled through the leaves

left the branches…with sadness and grieves

the lonely tree…sighed in the silence

was wondered again…for the existence

January, 2008


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

lonely tree...............

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I was able to locate a poem on a tree but I like yours much better.:o)




Beautiful.. but ..

by Anonymous3 (not verified) on

Beautiful,.. but please keep a positive sprite...

persian westender

Dear Kafka

by persian westender on


you are right! despite that it was spell-checked by the before posting, but some grammatical lapses are not detectable with the software.

I'm new in this field. I learn! 

Thanks for the comment. 



Do you have an editor?

by Kafka (not verified) on

Dear "Persian Westender",

There are too many embarrasing grammatical errors in this poem. However, it has a great potential.