If we were Indians

persian westender
by persian westender

If we were Indians,

I wonder what would be your name:

“Flame in her eyes”?


“Her hair like falls”?


“Gone with the night”?


If we were Indians,

I would have ridden a white horse

Chasing the wildest buffalo of the herd

Not for the sake of hunting, you know

But to taste it again

How hard was to capture your soul


If we were Indians,

We would have set up our tent

In the furthest dune of the desert

Waiting for the storm to come

I would know when the time comes

I should let you go....


If we were Indians,

I would have danced around the fire

When the night prevail

Spelling your mystic name to the wind

Calling you to no avail!


If we just were Indians....


November 2009


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Nice name you have...

by persian westender on

Based on what you wrote, a better Indian name for you would be something like these:" Misunderstood Cuctus" or "Thirsty Bonsai" or " Fry Bread Eater Cactus"....:-) (hope you're not offended, this is just for fun!)

For long, my Indian name was "wind in his hair", but since I'm totally bald now, I am waiting for the Chief giving me a new name, probably " wind freely blows on his scalp"!

Thanks for reading my blog.....and I'm not bald of course! 




by yolanda on

A very interesting poem.....your poem reminds me of the fact I am mistaken as an American Indian when I visit National parks. The incident ocurred in at least the following parks:

Death Valley National Park

Canyon De Chelley National Park

Grand Canyon

Momument Valley Tribal Park (In avatar)


I love the Navajo fry bread, which is very delicious:


My Indian name will be "Cactus in the desert" 'cause I am low-maintenance.