How to boil water?

persian westender
by persian westender

I am told by my partner several times that when I’m cooking, I look so sexy!!

So I want to share my experiences of sexiness with you- the male compatriots in this site-and give you some tricks on how to look sexy to your partners. I understand that it is not easy for you to cook as good as me(There might be some exceptions though). So I start from the scratch and instruct you guys how to boil the water:


1-      A big pot

2-      Water (you can get it from the tap, but remember! don’t go to the forest to take it from the nearby lake or marsh. Its very time-consuming. You can simply take it from the tap water).

3-      Oven


Gently fill the pot with the water from the tap.

Put the pot on the oven.

Turn on the oven.

Depend to the level of the heat on your oven, it could take about 5 to 10 minutes for the water to get boiled.

Tip: while waiting for the water to get boiled, you can go on with usual drinking of your cans of beer. But don`t take too much. It may effect on your sexiness.

Now the boiled water is ready. There might be too many usages for that boiled water. But I think that sould be enough for now. At this point, what is important,  is just taking the advantages of your sexy look.

Take care and good luck


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Persian Westender

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

hahaha I saw the title of your comment and you reminded me of maadar man. :o)

You should write the blog you mentioned. I finally stopped being such a chicken and wrote a blog on dating. I first disabled my contact button. hahahaha

Some very good advice Persian Westender "Do what works for oneself as a couple". I shall make good use of this information.


persian westender

No Natalia!

by persian westender on

 There are more words to use. But this is up to women and men to find out the unique words which are effective and influential on their partners. Some words though seem to be more universal. I guess “you look sexy...”  while the guy is doing something special, has double effect of both giving a positive impression and also that there are some “other expectations..”

I also should’ve explained other ‘environmental’ conditions which may enhance the chance of having a sexy looking on the eyes of the partner, when the guy is cooking (which needs a different blog). Lighting up a scented candle in the kitchen, serving a decent bottle of wine intermittently, making her favourite food without messing up the oven and dishes, and also setting the table would effectively enhances the chance of having a delicious food! Yumm!



Nilo Siavashi

sexy doing assembly

by Nilo Siavashi on

The problem with telling guys that they look sexy while doing some chore is that then they do it and sometimes they screw up.  I used to assume guys are better in certain things like assembly of furniture.  However, guys have an aversion to following direction and that makes the assembly not very successful.  My recommendation is do not give average joe, in this case average ali, any job that requires atttention to details in following directions unless that specific guy has proven their skill in following directions.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Persian Westender

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

So that is just one word? How interesting! Now, you have me very curious.

Please do share what other magical words exist? I promise to use these magical words only for good.


Maybe others on the thread know some too. 


PW too busy looking un-sexy rather than geeky

by KB on

Sorry team for not replying earlier. Too busy looking un-sexy (cooking) for our guests. Did not want to look geeky as well as un-sexy spending my Friday night in front the computer...

I do however agree, cooking as a chore definitely has the opposite effect to looking sexy, one'd duck ala banana is viewd just as a way to get back at her for her not doing her chores.

persian westender

I heard your laugh, Natalia! I heard it!

by persian westender on

Yeppp! You got it, Congratulations! That’s one magic word for women to make their men to do fantastic things. They can make their men throw out the trash 4 times a day! Good luck .


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I had not even thought of it before. What a great idea! What if I tell the  look sexy when you throw out the trash.......and so on.

Just kidding of course. I would never do such a thing.
Whahahahahahaha (evil laugh)   :o)



by Iranyvaliazad on

Count your blessing that your wife didn't say you look sexy both when you cook and when you wash dishes!

I need to use this line on my partner ... you look sooo sexy when you change the baby's diaper ...

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Persian Westender,

 This is such a great blog. 


Now if I may give my humble addition..........

Now what is sexy in a man? Hmmmm Oh, I know if he can make excellent Persian food for me and read me Persian poetry. Oh yeah! Now we are talking mega sexy........hahahahahaha

I would be like melting butter in his hands.


Best wishes to you and the balcony.

persian westender

KB, based on my past

by persian westender on

KB, based on my past experiences, cooking for survival usually is not sexy . You just have to cook for fun. If you do 90% of cooking, your chance for having an occasional sexy look is gone! Talebee’s suggestion, (although is said to be as an unconscious act) however worth to try :-).

Thanks Ari! 

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

persian westender: Your great post was just in time for all the teabaggers.


KB so you are not sexy when

by Talebee (not verified) on

KB so you are not sexy when cooking. Other than cooking when are you found sexy? When does your wife find you sexy?

By the way, do you have a cat? When you are cooking (90% of the time) do you (sometimes) unconsciously dance with spatula in hand to the tune of; I'mmm too sexy for my cat, too sexy for my cat, too sexxxy, yeah baby!


I must be Marlon "F******" Brando then...

by KB on

In our house I do 90% of the cooking. Mainly because I do not want to starve, or get some kind of poisoning as my wife has not been blessed with "dastpokhteh khoob".

So if we went with Persian Westender's partner's assertion I must be the ultimate sex symbl, well in our house anyway.


Niki in that movie we really

by Talebee (not verified) on

Niki in that movie we really didn't see Jennifer Anniston do any dishes, did we?! I think they just made that up and a couple like that probably pays a maid to come and do their dishes and laundry!

Persian Westerner I think cooking and doing the dishes make a man sexy ONLY if he does NOT do it normally. If you cook and do the dishes on your own, you need to look for being sexy some other way! Perhaps wear a bikini brief like Larry the cable guy!

persian westender

Jiveh you don’t have

by persian westender on

Jiveh you don’t have pot, you’re in big trouble. A man without pot is like a thermometer without jiveh.

TheMrs: Hell, No! do you really think making for example halim bademjoon with that policeman outfit can be sexy? :-)based on my own experience, singing during cooking is a turn off for ladies, but in the bath under the shower could be another story!

Niki: I think Gary had a point.

Tip for ladies in general: “ baba, ye ramaghi ham vaseh ma bezaarin....".

Thank you all other commentators....




Lol, Niki jan

by Souri on

I liked that movie, so great!

Niki Tehranchi

Sexy is...

by Niki Tehranchi on

...when the guy washes the dishes without being asked, after you 've slaved to make a nice dinner :)

Gary: "Fine, I'll help you do the damn dishes."

Brooke: “That’s not what I want. I want you to WANT to do the dishes.”

Gary: “Why would I WANT to do dishes?”


(Vince Vaughn as Gary, Jennifer Aniston as Brooke, in The Break-Up)


You're too sexy for your shirt.

by TheMrs on

This post was funny. What do you do that makes this sexy. I mean, is this it? Or do you sing and wear a police man outfit too?

And bunny, please stay away from my kabobs. I don't want anyone to "do" my bbq or kabob, that is NOT sexy. Put the kabob down and stay away from the grill.


ps. Previous comment by TheMrs Not Logged in wasn't from me. Vali ma ke bakheel nistim...



by jiveh (not verified) on

I don't have a big pot - what do I do now?

Anahid Hojjati

Nice food you had for Persian New Year

by Anahid Hojjati on

Ebi jan salam.  I am not from S.  In my comment I wrote that Tabrizi will like Aash Mast. I actually had Aash mast when my friend's mother served us that.  My friend's family is from Azarbayejan, I forgot which city they are from. I am sure that Aash Mast is popular with Turks but tell me which city you meant by S.  Thanks.

ebi amirhosseini

Anahid jaan Salaam

by ebi amirhosseini on

Ash Maasti?!had a big pot for "Eyd dinner".

This is the specialty of a certain city.Are you from S ?!


Ebi aka Haaji

ebi amirhosseini

Dear PW

by ebi amirhosseini on


Ebi aka Haaji


doing barbecue or kabab is

by bunny (not verified) on

doing barbecue or kabab is sexy...

persian westender

Anahid, thanks for the

by persian westender on

Anahid, thanks for the tips. For some unknown reasons, I am told that I am particularly hot, when I cook khoreshe fesenjoon, koofteh berenji, reshteh polo, adas polo, Mirza ghaasemi, Tah chine esfenaaj, tah chin be morgh,  eslamboli polo, halim bademjoon, khoreshe gheimeh bademjoon, and the rest of  the complicated Iranian foods. I might look sexy also when I mop the floor and wash the dishes. But it depends. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m  not bragging. Other than the above mentioned situations, I am not even lukewarm. :-)


Anahid Hojjati

Dear Persian Westender,

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Persian Westender, I think for a guy cooking to be sexy, it has to be something like stew and rice or at least Kabob. Different dolmeh's would work well too like dolmeh goojeh farangi.  Baghela Ghatogh would be good if the partner is from Rasht or if the partner is Tabrizi, cooking Ash Mast would look sexy too.  For a jonobi partner, cooking mahi soboor or at least Dal Adas would look sexy.


آبِ جوشِ تو

ناهیدی (not verified)


آبِ جوشِ تو
هق هقِ خوابِ معصومانهء کودکي است
که مرا نيمه شب از خواب بيدار می کند


Also don't forget

by TheMrs not logged in (not verified) on

If you need hot water only for a couple of tea cups you don't need to boild water in a big pot. Just use a small one, or a kettle.


So many burt pots

by bitter divorced man (not verified) on

I wish my ex-wife would've read this.



by Anonymous zan (not verified) on

Oven is a chamber or compartment in a stove for baking, roasting, heating, drying, etc. DO NOT put the pot in a oven, that might take too long and waste a lot of energy, instead put the pot on top of stove, that's the part that heat comes out of from an electrical element or from burning gas.

Also, tap water comes out of a faucet, which is a device for controlling flow of liquid from a pipe at a sinck in your kitchen.

I hope this is of some help to some of these men that can't even boil water.