Honesty comes with the drunkenness


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In the crowded party, she kissed me in the cheek so unexpectedly, and then told me” Hey,...did you know that I kinda like you...?”. She whispered this to me and flew over a tree like a wild bird does.

At that moment, I mean at that very moment, I wished from bottom of my heart that she would say such a thing to me when she is sober too. But it never happened, never, never, never. I waited so long for that moment. So fucking long. I desperately was looking for a sign that would imply she likes me. But nothing, none, wheeesh, finitto ....

Consequently, I had to go for another wish. I wished she was drunk all the time; perhaps that incident would happen again. I even wished she basically was an alcoholic. But on the second thought, I realized that it was a brutal and arrogant wish.

One day, I came forward and  told her straightforwardly  that : “did you know that on that party, I mean on that very party, you told me that you kinda like me?. She denied it right away. Then added:”even if that is true, don’t take me serious when I am drunk“. Did she break my heart when she said that? I don’t know, I guess I become so frigid that I couldn’t grasp my broken-heartedness if it occurred to me.

Anyway, I came across this old Persian saying that “ Masti & Rasti” Meaning: “The drunkenness comes with honesty” or “ honesty comes with drunkenness” (who cares which one comes first).  I got so  rejuvenated when I heard it. I kept reciting this proverb hundred million times while running to her (yes, It was a long way). I found her in the produce market, picking some strawberries. “Did you know that in Persian literature, there’s a proverb saying honesty comes with the drunkenness?” I said.

 - “ So...?” She asked.

-  Do you remember that party? you....”

-  “Ahhhh...give me a break ..,” she interrupted almost impatiently!...” If I’d like you I would’ve been saying it to you hundred times”

-  So you mean...

- I mean ...I mean ....she paused and suddenly looked somewhat emotional “I LOVE you, and it is more that liking, Don’t you get it? I LOVE YOU, god damn it” then she dropped all the strawberries, hold my head with her hands, and kissed my lips so hard that I could feel they were turning to one of those strawberries rolling around.

At that moment, I mean at that very very moment, I was thinking the Persian proverbs and Iranian literature in general, are truly ocean of wisdom, spirituality, applicability, and  indeed is the treasure of  yadda...yadda ...yadda


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Thanks for reading

by persian westender on

I’ve written this piece, with an informal style and unedited format, so there are grammatical errors in the write up. This is the only way I can write in English.


Maryam Hojjat

Very nice & Cute!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks, I enjoyed it.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians

Azarin Sadegh

I love happy ending love stories!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Great read, smooth and compelling...with such a wonderful sweet and romantic ending!

I Love your writing! azarin

persian westender

Dear friends

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I'm glad you liked it.


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Oh so very sweet...

by Princess on

I really enjoyed it. Thank you.