The Finished Business


persian westender
by persian westender

There was a history of unfinished businesses in the recent lifetime of P.

In the last 4 years, he used to come up with truly brilliant ideas and decisions which later had turned to something like fads. His entire personal plans had been left at the beginning of the pathway or halfway.

To explain the reasons why P was such a whimsical person and why his plans didn’t go to be actualized, it wouldn’t be wrong to blame the individual. There was no doubt that if he could stick to his plans for longer terms, he wouldn’t be such a person now. However, it would be easy and somewhat unfair to say that there were some technical problems with his motivational capacity. In fact almost in all of the cases, making the initial decision was certain, fast and along with strong emotions and determinations. But his main problem was sustaining the same strength and determination during the course of action. External factors also shouldn’t be ignored in explaining of the failures which he had encountered: sometimes bad luck, sometimes unpredicted barriers, and so on….Anyways, the following is the history and shortlist of his most important decisions and plans in the last 4 years that he had made, but also had failed to accomplish:

1- In January 2004, a few days after Bam’s earthquake he decided to go back to Iran to aid survivors of the tragedy. He even bought the ticket, but canceled it one day before the flight. No reason was given for the later decision…

 2- He decided to apply for a graduate program in Anthropology in the local university where he lives. That was the field he always thrilled for and had a burning desire to learn about. He even completed all the requirements for the application, but one day before the deadline he canceled the decision, No reason was given for the later decision….

 3- When his relationship with his girlfriend became more emotional, on the moment when he felt that the other party is also waiting for a turning point, he decided to ask her to marry him. He bought a ring, made an appointment in the favorite restaurant for the next weekend, but one day before the scheduled time, he canceled the plan, No reason was given for the later decision…

 4- He decided to move to and to live in Lima, Peru. He got the passion to discover unknown things about this country and the people. He even went on to learn Spanish language, and searched a lot about the history and background of the culture. One day before departure to Lima, he canceled the flight and the plan. No reason was given for the later decision…

 5- He decided to kill himself. He wrote the will and the plan in details. Accomplished all the farewells before the suicide. Bought a handgun from the nearby pawnshop. Filled it with the bullets, but canceled it one minute before the scheduled time. He put the gun on the edge of the table. The gun fell down, the trigger accidentally operated and the bullet blew the forehead of P and killed him instantly. That was the only decision which went well, right to the end-point. No reason was given for the former decision…


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