Where is Abarmard?

Party Girl
by Party Girl

I may be imagining this, but I haven't seen Abarmard around here for weeks!  Where is he?  Does anybody know?  Hopefully he is on a summer holiday with his family, enjoying himself and returning to us soon.  I miss him.

P.S.  I was going to include Ali P.'s name here too, but he showed up this week!  We may all be virtual, but we are a community for sure.  Established characters are missed and they should be. 


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I have missed you all as well. :o)

by Nadias on

 I have begun a new teaching position and have been very occupied with it.

Like Abarmard, I will try to do better time management in hopes of spending  time on iranian.com.

I wish you all the best :o)


solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié




Hazer Ghieb

by Troneg on

Party Girl, 

I suggest you (or JJ)  to do a "Hazer Ghieb" as old time school each week :-)

Because people can be there but have nothing to say. you can reply many people have nothing but continue to write ! as me here :-) 

ebi amirhosseini

Abarmard aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

This saying doesnot apply in your case:

"No news,good news"!!

Dear Zeus,are you watching over us up on Mount Olympus?!.


 I'll be back!!.

best wishes


Party Girl

Dear All + Abarmard!

by Party Girl on

Boy, thanks for the overwhelming positive reaction to this humble post!  Above all, thank God Abarmard was rounded up!  So long as you are well and happy!

Yes, Anonymous-z, I miss others, too.  I miss Midwesty and Nadia.  I know some other people have said goodbye (or have left, for lack of a beter word, suicide notes behind), so I know they are really gone, but I still miss them.  New characters show up, or maybe those same old characters reincarnated in a new character.  But the guy or the woman under a silly avatar who sat and typed a heartfelt comment or just two words about something which was of interest to me, that person somehow seems a little more important to me than just a virtual character.  Then again l, I might be a sentimental fool!

Thanks again everybody and have a great Labor Day weekend and don't forget to party!


Abarmard doesn't either

by Anonymous-z (not verified) on

None of you know me from Adam, obviously Abarmard doesn't either, but I miss him too.
I miss Nadia too, hope she is ok. and I miss.........
Now Isn't that strange?!
I sometimes miss everyone even some of the Ensan cyber characters/friends who I don't particularly agree with on a lot of issues.
The non-ensans well~~!!?
Never the less I hope they are all ok and doing well.


I miss you guys too

by Abarmard on

Thanks for this post dear Party girl.

I have been occupied by useless work and it seems to be continuing for another 19 or so months. I will try to manage my time better as time passes so I can spend some of my time with my virtual friends :)

Thank you for thinking of me, you all made my day.  None of you could get rid of me that easily, I'll be back :) 

Happy Saturday 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Vacation ... Las vegas maybe ...


dear Party Girl

by Souri on

I miss Abarmard too, I'd notice his absence. Why don't you send him an email thru Iranian.com to ask him where he is ?

Some poeple here do this for a yes or no thing (I mean for nothing)

If he is in Iran now for vacation, for sure he can't log on Iranian.com as I heard that this site is banned in Iran (?)

bajenaghe naghi

party girl jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

let me look in my crystal ball and i will have a answer for you as americans say in a jiffy


aji maji la taraji

aji maji la taraji

aji maji la taraji


i think this ball is broken. no sign of abarmard any where :-)




This is true

by IRANdokht on

Party Girl jan

You're right, we do mean to each other more than just virtual IDs. That's why when we get attacked or insulted it hurts, and when someone misses us or compliments us we're genuinely flattered...

This is to show that the ones who really leave usually don't make an announcement. I hope he comes back though. He is one of my favorite iraniandotcomers.

I am sure he'll hear you were looking for him ;-)