Researching Iranian Proverbs

Researching Iranian Proverbs
by Party Girl

I was looking for a source to verify an Iranian proverb I had recently heard.  I found the link to "Famous Persian Proverbs," a book by Gholamreza Azarli, published in 1989.  It is a fairly comprehensive collection of Iranian idioms and proverbs.  Though I was able to find the proverb I was searching, searching through the book was a bit difficult. 

"Aria boom," a website about many things Iranian, also has a section on Iranian proverbs.  This one is easier to search, but I think the list is not as comprehensive as it could be.

Does anyone else know of a better source?  How about one which has English translations? 


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I agree with Amir Kabir

by IRANdokht on

some of the idioms and expressions are just not translatable and English language already has the equivalents, for example:

You express sour grapes when you put down something you can’t get: “winning the lottery is just a big headache anyway.”

Doesn't that remind you of a cat that can't reach the meat...?  it just won't translate the same way, so why bother...

nice blog :0)



امثال و حکم

امیر کبیر (not verified)

شاید کتاب امثال و حکم نوشته علی اکبر دهخدا بهترین باشد. ترجمه چنین "کلیشه"ها به انگلیسی تقریبا کار بیهوده و وقت تلف کردن است. زیبائی آنها در زبان فارسی و گویش های مربوط به آن است.
زبان انگلیسی خود از این نظر بسیار غنی است.