My Iranians of The Day


My Iranians of The Day
by Party Girl


World record sandwich? Iranians eat evidence.

"Iran failed Friday to register what it said would be the world's largest sandwich in the Guinness book of World Records after people rushed forward and began eating it -- before it was measured."

"Event organisers had planned to stuff the 1,500-metre-long sandwich with 700 kg of ostrich meat and 700 kg of chicken, and display it in a park in the capital Tehran."

"But as the sandwich was being measured, chaos ensued. The giant snack was gone in minutes, a Reuters witness said, leaving the three Guinness representatives present with a dilemma."

"One of the event's organisers said video footage of the sandwich would be sent to Guinness officials."

"We still think the sandwich will be recorded in the Guinness book because of all the evidence and footage that we will send them," Parvin Shariati said."

This has had me laughing uncontrollably all morning!  I thought I would share it with you.  My big question to myself is:  Why am I not embarrassed reading about this incident?!  I mean, normally, for some inexplicable reason, I would be embarrassed if my fellow countrymen and women did something which was not right (especially if it was important enough to be reported by The Reuters!). Other Iranians' spitting on the sidewalk or cutting the line at a concert is usually enough to push me over the embarrassment line.  This time, though, for some reason I am not embarrassed, and I've been laughing my head off!

I think it's the shekamoo in me, who thinks justice was served by those bored and hungry people who ended up helping themselves!  I mean, they didn't hurt anyone, they just ate the sandwich!  I think it was too cruel to invite them to come and eat the huge sandwich, keep showing it off for hours, and not letting them eat it!  As I imagine the three Guinness representatives' faces, though, I just crack up laughing even harder!  Poor guys!  I think they should switch categories and put all those Iranians in the Guinness Book of Records for the length of time they COULDN'T wait for some stuffy inspectors to make their measurements!

Have a good weekend everybody!


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Typical Iranian

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

This is another example of wilderness of Iranians living in Iran .In Iran they have to show that they have no respect for law and they think laws are made to control them.sometimes they may be right,other times they enjoy breaking laws.I remember one time I was in a place where they had a car show.The participants got rowdy and almost started a riot.The police there had to threw them some catalogues in order to keep them quite.No wonder during the Shah regime I heard that foreigners used to get wilderness benefit when they were working in Iran.

Niloufar Parsi

so cool!

by Niloufar Parsi on

Thanks for the great laugh girl!


Congratulations this was

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Congratulations this was reported on BBC today. I watched it on PBS. It was funny; a lady made the poor reporter sniff her sandwich while she was yelling KHEYLI BAD, KHEYLI BAD.


Once again Iran is #1

by Anonymous Sandwich Eater (not verified) on

This was not a long sandwich but several hundreds of small sandwiches lined up back to back, but I guess it’s according to the rules.

Here is a picture of the sandwiches:

Here is a picture of the attack:

Never underestimate the power of Iranian masses. I have seen pictures of starving African people who patiently wait to receive food ration, but in Iran, with Islamic caravan pillage and plundering culture, we attack. So, watch out and get out of my way.


Funny yet Sad

by t (not verified) on

Sad because it goes to show that we have so many hungry, poor people in a once well to do nation. All that oil money residing with a few mullahs.

When it is a matter of survival and basic needs who cares about setting a stupid record!


Unrelated, but.....

by Majid on

That reminded me of an incident here in U.S.

After Exxon Valdez misshap in Alaska years ago, in an effort to save some marine mammals, one of these environmental groups brought 2 seals to San Diego to treat and clean them from that oil pollution....

After almost a year hard work and spending $20,000 for each seal, they brought them in huge tanks to the harbor to release them back to the ocean.

A big ceremony, band was playing, banners were up, champagnes were cracked open, members congratulating and hugging eachother.......... and.......they were released..........

In less then 20 sec. there was a big splash of water  !! a family of sharks jumped the two seals !! right there ! in front of hundreds of people !!

You should've seen the look in their faces !

I'm sure the sharks were saying....."thanks, you got more" ??

Niki Tehranchi

That made my day :-DDD

by Niki Tehranchi on

Whose bright idea was it to display a giant sub in a public park, like a statue??? I am glad the people ate it instead of the ants!!



by IRANdokht on

Thanks for the fun report.

That was too funny and cute.

Have a wonderful weekend!




Here are more pictures

by Ajab Rajab (not verified) on

These are more pictures of the event. Yummy!



My favorite pics are in 2nd link, 3rd and 4th picture from top where one girl elbows her way in.

The last picture in the first link seems to be right before people rushed in to munch!


Party Girl

by Majid on

Thanks, I needed a good laugh, I wonder if there would be a video tape of the attack !

I can imagine the chaos....LOL