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Simin Ghanem is an Iranian singer who became famous in the early 1970's.  She had a big and powerful voice, capable of singing a very wide range of low and high notes.  She was a student of Iranian masters Morteza Hannaneh and Ali Tajvidi.  Between 1968 when she first started performing and 1979 when her career came to an abrupt end with the Islamic Revolution in Iran, she performed tens of beautiful and somewhat unusual songs--songs only she could sing with her powerful voice.  Many of her songs have become classics, but one of her songs is now and forever an Iranian Sweetheart.  Gol-e-Goldoon-e-man's lyrics were written by Farhad Sheibani and its music was written by Fereidoon Shahbazian.  This is one of those songs everybody seems to know, and young Iranians seem to sing it with as much gusto and love as people of Ghanem's generation.  The song lends itself to group singing and when people are inclined to sing in family and friendly gatherings, this is one of the songs most people at least attempt to sing!

Here's the original soundtrack of that song.

And here are its multiple renditions by other Iranian and non-Iranian artists.  Enjoy!

Here's a young guy in Tehran, Aldush Sadigh, who sings it from his heart!

Here's an American singer, Monika Jalili,singing it in New York:

Here's a beautiful and accomplished Iranian violinist, Nirvana, improvising it on her violin in Canada:

Here's a young Canadian woman, Chantal, singing it:

And here's an Iranian woman, Katy, singing it in Spain:


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Thanks, I still sing it!

by Tahirih on

I loved it before and still do. I sing it all the time when I am by myself( of course, since have not been blessed by good vocals!).