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I thought I would share the following great references for all Persian literature lovers, whether novice or expert.

Here's where you can access Hakim Abol Qasem Ferdowsi's Shahnameh online:  // .  This is a little more straight forward and easier to access than the Shahnameh Study Society's website:  // .  Many of you know that Shahnameh is a very big and voluminous book and it is really useful to be able to access it online.  Of course nothing beats holding a Shahnameh in your hands or having one in your library!  But this is really good for quick research and lookups.

Another great online reference to know about is Ali Akbar Dehkhoda's 15-volume Loghatnameh (alternatively called Dehkhoda Dictionary or Dehkhoda Encyclopedia in English).  This is a great resource for looking up Farsi words and for locating expressions and idioms.  Take a look:  // .  The really cool thing about this link is that you don't need a Farsi keyboard to search in this website.  There is a little Farsi keyboard in the Search area which you can use.

I hope this is helpful.  Enjoy and if you find cool things like these, please do share!  Alternatively, leave me a piece of Persian poetry here if you like!  Every day can be the day we celebrate our literature, so join in the celebration and party along with me!

 فارسی را پاس بداریم!


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by Anonymous-Aria (not verified) on

Here is the online Persian word processor/keyboard.


ebi amirhosseini

Samsam Jaan!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

ز شير شتر خوردن و سوسمار--عرب را بجايي رسيده است کار

که تاج کياني کند ارزو--تفو بر تو ای چرخ گردون تفو

check the pix here:



ebi amirhosseini

Re : Sadegh

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear Sadegh

That is true,it is the best.The most expensive one is actually " Shahnameh Baaysonghori".

best wishes


Samsam aziz

by Souri on

Thank you so much. I didn't know this poem neither. You are a master, my dear. Congratulation !


Souri , Party Girl

by samsam1111 on


The hidden section is about you..Ferdowsi kept it until your birth in I found a sample;

بران تخت سوری ماه روی

بسان بهشتی پر از رنگ و بوی

نشسته چو تابان سهیل یمنی

 سر جعد زلفش سراسر شکن

کی تاج بر سر نهاده بلند

 فرو هشته تا پای مشکین کمند

پرستار نعلین زرین بدست

به پای ایستاده سرافگنده پست 

سیاوش چو از پیش پرده برفت

فرود آمد از تخت سوری خانم تفت


بیآمد خرامان و بردش نم

به بر در گرفتش زمانی دراز

همی چشم و رویش ببوسید دیر

نیآمد ز دیدار آن شاه سیر 

همی گفت صد ره ز یزدان سپاس

 نیایش کنم روز و شب بر سه پاس

که کس را بسان تو فرزند نیست

 همان شاه را نیز پیوند نیست

سیاوش بدانست کان مهر چیستبه

 چنان دوستی نز ره ایزدیست

see I told ya!!

Part Girl ..You rock. np




by Souri on

Is that why they say : Shahnameh aakharesh khosheh ?

I have been told a story about this proverb like, Ferdowsi had kept the last parge, hidden. They discovered this when he was already dead.

I am not sure which was that part, but now I believe it should be this.

Party Girl

Thanks All

by Party Girl on

You guys really touched me.  Thank you for taking note of my post.  This encourages me to share other things I find.  Please do the same yourselves and share!

Samsam, thanks a million for the poem!  I didn't get very many 'poetic' replies this time, but I will keep on trying!  History and monuments aside, I believe Persian poetry to be Iranian culture's single most important and most relevant asset, truly indicative of a thousdands-year-old culture and people.

I believe everyone should read and cite Persian poetry.  It will make us all better people.


Thanks very much for

by sadegh on

Thanks very much for sharing PG...I've used Recent for Molana and Hafez previously...didn't realize the Shahnameh was there also...Pathetic that they even censor Ferdowsi...I recently purchased the Moscow edition in several volumes...I was told by someone who claims to be an expert in all things Ferdowsi that this version is the best one and as far as I can gather it is uncensored...

Ba Arezu-ye Movafaghiat, Sadegh



Anonymous4now: it,s censored !

by samsam1111 on

 Thx for the observation..You have a sharp eye!.

This is an inside Iran site.  from my 90 year old family shahnameh that I have You can see that it,s there..but when you check for it in the section under yazdgird on this site,s censored under IRI version..hehe they even censore is the uncensored line from my earlier blog copied from my copy of shahnameh;Rostam Farokhzad letter to saad ibn vaghass the Arab Sardar of ghadesiyeh.

سر نامه گفت از جهاندار پاک--نبايد که باشيم بي ترس و باک
که ازوست برپای گردون سپهر--همه پادشاهي داد است و مهر

که دارد به فر اهرمن را به بند--خداوند تيغ و کلاه و کمند

به من باز گوی انکه شاه تو کيست--چه مردی و ايين و راه تو چيست

بنزد که جويی همی دستگاه-- برهنه سپهبد برهنه سپاه

به نانی تو سيری و هم گرسنه--نه پيل و نه تخت و نه بار و بنه

به ايران تو را زندگاني بس است--که مهر و کله بهر ديگر کس است
که با پيل و فر است و با ناج و گاه--پدر بر پدر نامبردار شاه

ببالای او تخت را شاه نيست--به ديدار او در فلک ماه نيست
ببخشد بهای سر تازيان--که گنجش نگيرد ز بخشش زيان

سگ و يوز و بازش ده و دو هزار--که با زنگ و زارند و با گوشوار
که او را ببايد بيوزوبسگ--که بر دشت نخجير گيروتبگ

.......                 .....

ز شير شتر خوردن و سوسمار--عرب را بجايي رسيده است کار

که تاج کياني کند ارزو--تفو بر تو ای چرخ گردون تفو
شما را بديده درون شرم نيست--زراه و خرد مهر و ازرم نيست

بدين چهر و اين مهر و خوي--همی تخت و تاج امدت ارزو
جهان گر به اندازه جويی همي-- سخن بر گزافه نگويی همی
سخنگوي،مردی بر ما فرست--جهانديده و گرد و دانا فرست

بدان تا بگوي که راي تو چيست--به تخت کيان رهنماي تو کيست
تو جنگ چنين پادشاهی مجوي--که فرجام اين خواريست بی ابرو


Missing lines!

by Anonymous4now on

زشيرشتر خوردن و سوسمار

عرب را به جا ئئ رسيد است کار که تاج کيان را کند آرزو

تفوبرتو اي چرخ گردون تفو

My copy of the Shahnameh printed in Iran (under IRI rule) is missing these lines, so naturally the first lines I looked for, in your link, were the above lines, but I could not find them.


Let me know if you have more success at locating them.



Wonderful and very useful

by keyboard! (not verified) on

Wonderful and very useful refrences. Thanks.

I need an online Persian word processor or keyboard. Can anyone suggest a user-friendly one? thank you!


Persian not Farsi

by maz2 (not verified) on

I am sure Party girl, knows well about the word "Farsi", and the word "Persian". "Farsi" is Arabic translation of "Parsi", and the English equvalent of that is "Persian".

I hope for the respect of "Parsi ra daryabeem", you write the right word in the right place.


bajenaghe naghi

party girl jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i can not say thank you enough. great sites. great blog. 


Excellent Blog!

by samsam1111 on

The only blog that matters!..Now if only they read it & act on it than TALK about it as a show off trophy for eternity!

Thank You PG !!

Shad-Zie va Mehr-Afrouz


Thank you Party Girl

by IRANdokht on

I just went to the site and clicked on browse. What a great gift! shahnameh online and so well organized!

This one is definitely a keeper

Thanks so much!


Party Girl

In Ferdowsi's Words...

by Party Girl on


 کنون خورد باید می خوشگوار
که می بوی مشک آید از جویبار
هوا پر خروش و زمین پر ز جوش
خنک آنک دل شاد دارد به نوش

از داستان رستم و اسفندیار شاهنامه،
حکیم ابوالقاسم فردوسی