The French Connection to Iran

The French Connection to Iran
by Party Girl

I think I have found something fabulous for you!

For the next few weeks, every Wednesday the French publishes a series of video chronicles about Iran.  The program is entitled Les Chroniques d'Iran.  Today's segments were absolutely fabulous to watch.  Even if you don't speak French, there is enough visual and Farsi audio for you to follow the fascinating short stories about today's Iran.  I couldn't figure out whether the clips could be embedded here, so I will leave you the link to watch the four vignettes for today.  Here's a rough English translation of what the piece information says about the Director, Soudabeh Moridian:

"Director Soudabeh Moradian was born in Iran and did her film studies at the University of the Arts of Teheran.  Every week during the next two months, she will take us to the encounter of some citizens of her country: the Chronicles of Iran, as she sees it, as she lives it.  Crude, without commentary.  Rediscover every Wednesday an episode of the chronicles of Iran."

Enjoy!  Here's the link:



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Party Girl jan, merci beaucoup!

by Monda on

Very nice production. I'm sending it to friends in case they missed it here.


Really nice

by Abarmard on

Thanks PartyGirl, I enjoed it very much. Nicely done.


Great bus driver

by Mehrban on

I loved to see people in bookstores and what a smart bus driver. What is great about Iran is that people from all walks of life are cultured. This amazing bus driver is proof. 

Thank you Party Girl.  


how sad

by Former Citizen (not verified) on

how sad that after 30 years, one still has to brag about Bazar-Safavi in north Tehran and Park Mellat! What else had that regime built for people of Tehran? Those two spots were built before the Free Masoners' invasion anyway.

There is so much gloom when watching a video from Iran. people look tired, stressed, on the edge, self-conscious. Always on cell phones, billions of sunglasses. What are those sunglasses' stories?

I feel sorry for my countrymen, everyone is trying to put lipstick on them and tell the rest of the world that Iran is doing well, but we can see, that they are not doing well.

I see the same gloom that I used to see there as a child.

Thanks Party Girl

ebi amirhosseini

Party Girl aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on



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