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The life of this Party Girl isn't as glamorous as her name suggests!  As a volunteer for the site, I look for Iranians all the time.  Old, young, beautiful, ugly, inside Iran, outside Iran, stellar, infamous, inside a house, in a field, on a stage, in a kitchen, in a castle, or on a street.  I look for them mostly on YouTube.  I want to find them and know what of their lives they want to share with me.  Then I run as fast as I can (on the web) and I tell JJ that I found another "good" one, here he/she is!  About 3/4 of what I recommend is rejected because it doesn't meet the publication requirements.  The days my finds are featured are good days for me.  The days the Iranians I found are not featured, though, are a little sad for me.  I don't know how many other people out there are looking for Iranians, but I know I was on that particular day and I did find that Iranian in the North Pole or in a restaurant in Greece, in a high school in Missouri, in a village in Yazd, or on a sidewalk in New York, and he or she didn't make the cut.  Will that person be lost again?  Would it matter?

Sometimes I spend hours lost in the labyrinth of YouTube, forgetting what I was doing, watching images.  Sometimes I sit here and laugh my head off by myself.  Some other times I cover my little YouTube window with my hands for I cannot bear to watch the images of a man being beaten or tortured or hung, but I know that that video needs to be seen.  Some days I start dancing spontaneously with the music I am hearing, and some days I sit in my chair weeping for the pain or emotion I am experiencing at seeing something. 

I know I like it more and quite possibly you like it more when I share my fun findings.  But today I want to show you something that has affected me deeply for a couple of days and I wanted to write about it.  Though remarkably brave, it's sad, I forewarn you.  I have a 31-second clip of a young Iranian Basiji, who is talking to an American reporter during the Iran-Iraq war.  He speaks a perfect English.  Where did he learn that?  He can't be more than 16 years old, but his words are provocative and they will sear into your soul.  At the end of the short clip, he shows one of his fellow "soldiers" to the reporter, a 14-year-old boy.  Looking at that clip, you wonder where those boys are now?  Did they make it?  The helmet on the 14-year-old boy's head looks too big, or is his head too small?  I know we all know it, but will our nation ever fully comprehend who fought for Iran during the war? 

This clip reminded me of that really sad song by Rasoul Najafian, Rasm-e Zamooneh.  You can listen to it here


قصه برگ و باد خزونه
میرن آدما از اونا فقط
خاطره هاشون به جا میمونه
کجاست اون کوچه
چی شد اون خونه
آدماش کجان خدا میدونه
بوتهء یاس بابا جون هنوز
گوشهء باغچه توی گلدونه
عطرش پیچیده تا هفتا خونه
خودش کجاهاست خدا میدونه
میرن آدما از اونا فقط
خاطره هاشون به جا میمونه


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by samsam1111 on


""And you're not even worth my time to explain it to you""

An Oscar to You just 4 this one liner . thx for lightening my load & the 7 minutes I saved,  in dealing with lunacy  . Cheers pal !

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Quite frankly, the only thing the IRI could possibly do that I would even remotely consider appreciating is if each and every one of those sons of bitches dropped dead.

And even then I cannot promise to feel any gratitude.

Don't misunderstand me. I have no love for Iraq, either. Saddam was a piece of filth. He and that Indian belonged together.

I never said the IRI prolonged the war, so I don't know where youre getting that from.

As far as my "surprise" at the use of chemical weapons, I was being sarcastic. I know Saddam used them against Iran and I know he wiped out Halabja with chemical weapons as well. I made the remark because of the fact that "poof", no chemical weapons, also known as WMDs were found by the U.S. or the coalition.



Party Girl

Thank you

by Party Girl on

Thank you all very much for your passionate and spontaneous comments.  I do not condone or romanticize any war, as some have suggested.  I do not romanticize a war which killed and maimed so many beautiful young men of Iran, killed so many innocent civilians, and displaced so many Iranians from their homes, some for ever.  I have seen people whose lives have been affected by that war and who have never been whole again.  I know of mothers and sisters and fathers and brothers who lost a beautiful, brave, and vibrant family member to the war.  The soldier died, but the family were condemned to staying alive and suffering the loss.  All wars are hell, and this one was ours.

Some of the people who fought in that war were dragged to the warfront.  Some volunteered.  Some knew what they were doing and some didn't.  I think we should remember the Iranian youth who lost their lives or their youth for Iran during that war, that's all.  There is a generation for whom I weep, the one without a childhood.

Peace on earth and to all.


Kaveh and the Pope

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Jaleho, our resident fati komando, et al want us to believe that Iranians would not have fought valiantly to defend their country if it were not for the criminal Khomeini.

Jaleho et al also suggest that Iranians became muslim after Khomeini and before khomeini and IRI, the Iranian people did not draw strength and solice from their faith and beliefs.

Jaleho, shame on you for dishonoring the suffering of courageous Iranian people, both muslims and secular, to score a political point for your militant brand of Islam and its apologists. your obsessive Militant hero worshiping of a criminal like Khomeini speaks volume of your cretinous character.


Kaveh, no wonder

by Jaleho on

you don't appreciate IRI efforts of Iran-Iraq war, and further you repeat the nonsense of "Iran prolonged the war" advertised by the same UN groups who turned out to be such a tool in Iraq-Iraq war, and repeated by Iranians of this site! And, now you're even surprised at Iraqi use of Chemical Weapons!! you should just look at the HISTORICAL FACTS and documents:

From Sep 1980 that Iraq attcked Iran until the final Resolution 598 of 1987, which Iran finally accepted, none of the UNSC resolution either accepted Iraq as the aggressor who initiated the war, nor the party who used chemical weapons (the 2 condictions that Iran requested repeatedly from UN).

While Iraq was INSIDE Iran, the resolutions like 479 demanded cease fire (that is Iraq borders be defined by the territory captured from Iran!) The first time that a demand was made to return to international borders was when Iran actually went INSIDE IRAQ.  

And even in 1986, when Iran captured FAW Island, and it made the west and Arabs worried about Kuwait, US in resolutions 582 and 588 of 1986 refused to accept Iraq as the culprit in initiation or use of the weapons, thus any war reparation to Iran.

Yet, from 1983 US knew that Saddam is using chemical weapons against Iran, (since they partly provided it to him!,) but according to the now declassified documents, US policy was to help Iraq defeat Iran regardless of CW treaties,  way before Rumsfeld trip to Baghdad in 1984. You can slook up Reagn's declassified National Security Directive  of March 1982, (NSSM4-82), and april 1984 (NSDD139) to that account.

For US knowledge of Iraqi use of Chemical weapons on Iran, in the following link from the National Security Archives, click on document #24. Read just the douments, not the narratives of the link.




by ThePope on

or should I say 'jaaheleh', don't put words in my mouth, where do you see in my comment: "they are all anti-Khomeini!" How the hell did you come up with that?! Oh yeah, you're a fanatic so it's totally normal for you to have false perceptions, to come up with stuff... After all, you guys are the same people who saw khomeini in the moon!!!

Indeed, they were arya-mehr's kids who fought in the war.
Do you understand what that means? NO! cuz you're just tooo ignorant and arrogant... And you're not even worth my time to explain it to you...(Read karamel's, samsam's and other people's comments so MAYBE you'll understand, but I still doubt it) Ah never mind, who cares what a fanatic iri supporter thinks. You're pathetic.

This the very first time I'm writing to you, and it's only to warn you not to put words in my mouth. Just ignore me as I have always ignored you because you're way too much of a fanatic for a discussion. So don't reply back...
Say kon aslan BAAREEK-e man nashee

BTW, it is just you, we all enjoy Samsam's comments.



Kaveh Nouraee

Saddam Used Chemical Weapons?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

And everybody said he had none!

Yeah they kept Iraqis from raping Iranian women and the IRI could kill them instead.

Boro baba.....get off the soapbox already.


Dear Party Girl,

by Jaleho on

Why don't you just forget that Saddam

1. Claimed that Khuzestan is part of Iraq and got it by force,

2. Nullified the Algiers agreement and claimed that Arvand-rood is an all-Iraqi shatt-al-Arab,

3. Claimed that three islands of Abu Musa and Tunbs belong to United Arab Emarates,

4. That he used everything including pouring chemical weapons on Iranians to achieve the above mentioned goals,

5. That some Iranians actually had the balls to defeat Saddam and kick him out of their country, and prevent Iraqis from raping Iranian women and children,


why don't you forget that most important part of Iran's recent history on this site because....


those who had the balls to act, were the people we call "Ommatist and their ilk," NOT THE CHILDREN OF ARYAMEHR who are sitting here like the namaknashnas that they are?!!

Besides, clips of belly dancing or Sorraya's movie acts or Farah's Jewelry are more fun to look at ALL THE TIME? They look western and modern too, and make us feel better about ourselves than songs of "Karbala!!"


Party girl

by sickofiri (not verified) on

Thanks Party Girl
by Marzieh Dabbagh (not verified) on Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:14 AM PST

Party girl: 'Marziehs of the world' (i.e. Militant Islamists) is what you inadvertently contribute to by posting clips like that.

Read who she is here:


You're romanticizing war, jihadism, mind control, militancy, and false patriotism by posting clips like this without proper context.


To Party Girl

by Suggestion (not verified) on

Aziz, if you like to go down the memory lane and rehash the events of the 1979 revolution, why don't you post video clips of Khomeini's famous speech at Behesht-e-Zahra on the day of his arrival or clips of him at Neuphle-le-Chateau when he was interviewed by foreign journalists and delivered all those promises he never meant to keep?!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

If  the distance between Iran & united states  is about 8000 miles? JALEHO  you've come a long way DUDE keep going.

some peoples are against WAR and Religiouse government;

Is it delusional to be pacifist or atheist ?Maziar


anonymous 8: The Persian

by sickofiri (not verified) on

anonymous 8: The Persian used in Iran today might as well be called Arabic. The language does not sound anything like the Persian of 30 years ago. Your Iran- hating Khomeini and his militant followers are hell bent to Arabize/Islamacize Iran to a point where there is nothing recognizable as Persian.

You have put your dogmatic ideology before your country as did Khomeini, that is not patriotic, it is treasonous. Self-rihteous zealots like the German Nazis thought they were patriotic too and their cause was noble. Look what happened to them.


anony8: I suggest you leave

by sickofiri (not verified) on

anony8: I suggest you leave now, I will pay for your ticket.

We don't need militant Khomeinists-Jihadist like you in our own back yard. You have ruined Iran and we won't let you ruin America.


Is it just me

by Jaleho on

or Samsam's asinine repetition of "ommatist and their ilk," or "Qadesiyeh" make some others go on the verge of throwing up too?!

I mean, just look at the short clip provided, click few others under it after you see the short clip, to recognize that you have no understanding or connection to REAL Iranian people, their culture, their faith, or their beliefs. You are totally alienated from majority of Iranians, in particular those who went to war!

You see in the shorts videos above millions with religious signs on them, from "Ya Hossein" to "Labeik Khomeini" attached to them, shouting "Allah Akbar" and going to war...we have to then listen to The Pope claiming that they are all anti-Khomeini children of "Arya-Mehr," and from Samsam his meaningless and endless mumbo jumbo of "Qadesiyeh and Ommatist" BS!!

Here's one example of children of Arya-mehr from the above clips:


How far people can go with grandiose delusions of themselves?!


To Anonymous8: you're a hypocrit like the rest of your ilk

by I wonder (not verified) on

Why did you leave Iran in the first place? as a true revolutionary and Islamic zealot beleiveing In IR and hating the U.S., you should have stayed in Iran and help her achieve the revolutionary ideals your brother fought and died for.


Arab regime

by samsam1111 on

"" everybody who makes this fault of IR is the real traitor. Khomeini is the reason your family doesn't speak arabic right now. And shahollahis say he is arabized iran! ""

Khomeini , his ilk & ommatist supporters are the Arabs. Coming here lecturing folks on patriotism..The real patriots were folks like my 2 older cousins(airforce&havanirooz) who hated the Qadesiyeh khomeini regime but flew daily over Iraq to fight another Arab invader . Both were shot down, one over Baghdad & one over Suleimanieh, body of one never recovered after the war . On Manouchehr's tombstone is a poem by Ferdowsi "Cho Iran mabashad taneh man mabad bedin boomo bar........." . Thats called patritism, not some brainwashed ommati fighting to preserve his Arab regime & buncha Seyed Arab mullahs & having, khomeini ey emam , on his tombstone . And btw , 3 of my girl cousins spent months in jail for placing True Iranic flag without Arab marking on the tombstone . I,m not a Shahollahi but Arab regime supporters are THE hezbollahis .



Yes, I will absolutely go

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Yes, I will absolutely go back and fight. I had my bags packed 6 mon. ago.


anony8: We will never trust Hizballhis and Basiji or khomeinists

by Never (not verified) on

Anonymous 8: Are you a supporter of the Islamic Republic? Are you a Khomeinist??
Would you go back and fight for the Islamic republic if a war breaks out? Do you consider Khomeini as your hero??


PS. my brother was big

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

PS. my brother was big supporter of the islamic republic.


Never: you're NEVER right

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

this is not about IR. This is bigger than IR. This is about IRAN. you and shahollahis do want us to forget it because they don't want to believe that we were strong enough to defend Iran without their highnesses. So they ran like rats.

everybody who makes this fault of IR is the real traitor. Khomeini is the reason your family doesn't speak arabic right now. And shahollahis say he is arabized iran!

I will never forget. And people who never known what we went through will never understand. We will never trust them. Never.


anonym8: Who is telling you

by Never (not verified) on

anonym8: Who is telling you to forget? I don't see anyone doing that. Your brother is a hero and will be immortalized in history.

They are to be remembered every day by all Iranians; especially the die hard supporter of the regime who will send a new batch of young kids to the slaughter in a heart beat either in the name of their ideology or in the name of their pocketbooks.

Iranians should never allow old evil men like Khomeini and Khamnei drag them down to the hellish path of devestating destructive war so bunch of evil clergies can solidfy their grip on power.


We will never forget! never!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Thank you Party Girl. I was a child like this boy and I lost my older brother to Saddam.

Saddam was being funded by US that means all the shahollahi tax payers on this site. What did they do for Iran while we were being bombed? What did they do to deserve having any opinion about Iran or IRI?

We will not forget.


Oh, oh, oh,

by ThePope on

Khodaa rahm koneh!

een yeh soor zadeh beh oon faatee comaando haayeh chaador chaaghchooli-e kateh koloft-e boogandoo keh porteghaalo baa poost meekhoran,,,
een deegeh kaaresh ENTEHAARIEH... Faghat montazer-e dastooreh!

iskioff, thanks for the info and the linK.



Islamist activist in Iran?

by iskioff (not verified) on

Marzi jan shomayeed? Bah bah


Dabbagh left Iran for Europe. In England and France, she participated in hunger strikes on behalf of Iranian prisoners. In Saudi Arabia, she distributed Khomeini's clandestine fliers among Muslim pilgrims to Mecca. In Syria, she helped set up a military camp where anti-Shah combatants were trained. With the help of the dissident Shiʿite cleric Imam Musa Sadr, an Iranian who was mobilizing the Shiʿa of Lebanon, Dabbagh trained a new generation of young Iranian combatants in paramilitary tactics. She was a confidant and bodyguard of Khomeini in Paris in 1978. After the Iranian Revolution, she participated in the Iran - Iraq War (1980 - 1988) and served as a military commander. She joined the Pasdaran paramilitary group and took an active role in destroying all rival organizations, from the Kurdish Komeleh and Democrat parties to the secret cells of the Fedaʾiyan and Mojahedin organizations. In the late 1980s, she went to Moscow as part of a delegation to negotiate with Mikhail Gorbachev. In the 1980s and 1990s, she headed the Islamist Women's Society. She served four terms in the Iranian parliament (the First, the Second, and the Fifth Majles) until 2000, when she was not elected to the more reformist Sixth Majles.


Thanks Party Girl

by Marzieh Dabbagh (not verified) on

I, along with millions and millions of followers of Imam on this website can always count on you to rekindle our love and admiration for Imam and his glorious Islamic revolution.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

We're just going to disagree on this.

That piece of garbage sent those youngsters to sweep for landmines.

In my eyes, there isn't a shred of nobility in children (of any age) fighting a war started by a murdering geriatric Indian wannabe Arab thug who never gave a damn about the country, or the people. You and a few others seem to think he's some kind of hero.



by caramel on

the hell with your Indian Khomeini and all his peasant followers… They caused us all this misery, hardship and ruined our beloved country and Persian culture.
And the hell with all the few losers who, still today, support and praise Khomeini and his gang!
These animals were (and still are) responsible for the killing of so many beautiful young Iranian souls who were raised in a system that tought them faithfulness, patriotism and bravery to fight and free occupied lands of Iran. And they sure did one hell of job in less than 2 years. But they were forced to fight a prolonged war for an old Indian sorcerer full of hatred and anger, an immature leader with stupid policies and a retarded martyrdom ideology.
To see such brave young boys fighting for our homeland, not only it's touching, but at the same time it's saddening to see Iranian youth being sacrificed for a regime that dismantled one of the strongest army in the region, if not in the world. One of the first stupid policies/strategies of the Indian, the leader of the so-called 'revolutionary' regime, was to implement a "no-military" regime!!!!! Why? A tit for tat, a hatred he had towards the militarism of the government in power before him, or it was only to secure the "revolution" (by executing so many military personnel).
But once the country was under attack, 'cause of his stupidity, he suddenly changed strategy; suddenly the revolution needed an artesh of 20 million men!!! Islam needs lots of martyrs!
Our youth died fighting the same enemy that the ex-regime's military defeated in a matter of few hours and made them shut up...!

Thanks party girl.
We weep too, every time we see pictures like this, Unlike some humble and thankful IRI supporters.


In this case

by Abarmard on

There is one word in Persian comes to mind, for those who try to down size the Iranian great accomplishment in the war:

1) Namak Nashnas

One can't expect those who don't see the sacrifice, do anything for anyone, ever.

Enough said

maziar 58

Thank you

by maziar 58 on

yes to party girl and all other right minded who are for saving Iran and against Brutall khomieni who just wanted  the power seat for himself.

I weep too ;for a yong Brother's body crushed (ran over by Iraqi tank) in huwayze so can be burried with trash bag wrapped in kaffan.

let's not forget  all the deads from shalamcheh to marivan and all still missing ones.

jaleho just shame will wash those false pride.      Maziar


IRI supporters exploiting death and war

by Anonymous on

Party girl: Do you weep at the current state of affairs in Iran? I weep for %40 of Iranians who live below poverty level and can't afford to go to upscale art galleris or concerts in North Tehran. I weep for those families who have to witness their young boy or a girl wihtering away in front of their eyes because he or she is hooked on Meth or heroin. Do you know how painful that is? Do you weep for the young kids who are routinely tortured in Evin prison?

You're inadvertantly giving ammunition to the supporters of the criminal regime to exploit the bravery of Iranian kids and their death to their own advantage. Is that what you really are after?? You are also glamorizing war and false pride.

No piece of land or ideology is worth dying for..