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I'm not making this up; this is a true story! 

For years, the animation series “The Adventures of Pat and Mat,” has been airing regularly on IRIB’s children’s program.  Last week an episode of the 1970's-1980's Czech series was aired on Iranian television which showed Pat and Mat harvesting grapes, making wine, drinking it to each other’s health, and falling into a drunken stupor! 

Subsequently, Kayhan Newspaper has had a field day admonishing IRIB on the faux pas, demanding apologies and resignations of top IRIB brass.  As a result, three hapless employees of IRIB have been fired, with possibly more heads to roll.  Here’s the link to that story.  And here’s the by-now-infamous episode, Vinari (wine making).  The clip has been downloaded and is now making the rounds among Iranians inside Iran who find this whole thing amusing and funny beyond words! 



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LOL good one PG jan!

by IRANdokht on

I feel bad for the ones who got fired. Losing one's job in the bad economy is painful enough, hopefully they won't be further punished!!

but the irony of this whole show being shown on IRIB is just hilarious!


thanks! you rock!




by ThePope on

For once I enjoyed watching "the adventures of Pat & Mat".


Thanks Party Girl