Bomb is the Only Option


by Parsagarda

We should be honest with ourselves. The only way to confront the global arrogance is to come up with the bomb.

What else could guarantee peace and prosperity for Iranian people?

When I was 5, we moved to a new place and I soon became tormented by the neighborhood bully. He was older, street-wise and much stronger than I who had lived a sheltered life. Over the coming days and weeks, he hit, punched and wrestled me to the ground so many times that I learned never to leave the front door of my house. I remember standing by the doorsteps watching the other kids play, dreaming of the day that I could join in. Whenever I dared step into the street, the bully managed to swoop down and beat me to a pulp sending me home hurt and angry. We moved away by the time I was 8, and I made a vow to myself that I would exact my revenge some day.

By the time I reached 16, I had sprouted to become a confident young man who had both the mental and physical capacity to stand up for myself. And one day I did walk down the narrow streets of the old neighborhood to take my revenge. When I found the old bully standing by a brick wall where he used to torment me, he was no longer the menacing tough who put fear in my heart. He was nothing but a short, gaunt and pale loser looking unkempt and unrefined. I approached and stared into his eyes expecting for us to come to blows. But what happened next changed my life forever. Once he recognized me and sensed my determination, he turned and ran.

With Bush-Cheney axis of evil still running the White House of ill reputes and misadventures, what other choice could there be for Iran? This is a skillful bully who has world-class expertise at threatening and isolating other people. This is also a bully who has drawn blood. How many countries has the so-called peace loving USA attacked in the past 50 years? How many has Iran attacked? The only way to stop this bully is to have the determination and the will to stand up to its arrogance and hegemony. And the A-Bomb is the right answer. Just look at Pakistan and India’s experience in this respect. Once they had the bomb, the bully put its tail between its militaristic legs and pulled back into its own dark hole never to re-emerge. And that is the only solution for Iran also.


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by MRX (not verified) on

if this regime get's a bomb then you end up with people with 14th century mentality in position of 20th century destructive power.
On top of that if these guys get the bomb, it will force, saudi arabia, turkey, egypt and host of other nations in the area to seek nuclear bomb. As if mideast is not unstable enough, you want to add nuclear bomb to the equation as well?
Finally what has nuclear bomb done for pakistan? nothing, nada, zilch. it is still still a backward, poor, socialy and economicaly messed up country..


To Jesus, et al.

by Anonymous33333333333333 (not verified) on

Well, so you are a history student after all? I hope that you are at the beginning of your academic career! Otherwise, I am sorry for you for having so many historical misconceptions. And I don't say that out of antipathy, but sincerity! First, there's no objectivity in history. Positivism is dead. Everyone is biased, you and myself, as well as all other historians. Secondly, *relative* historical "objectivity" should tell you a little about the value of Islam in medieval (pre-1500)and early modern (1500 to 1700) Iran. The fact that you see no cultural value in Islam (even in today's Iran) tells me that you are a sloppy history student at best. Or you simply don't know much about the so-called Persiante world in the medieval period. Finally, to go back to your whole argument about it is "us" who are responsible for all the things that are going on in Iran, a minimally "objective" historian would say that it is both us and the West, neither this or that, but rather both who contributed to the making of modern Iran. However, had you been a minimally "objective" historian, you would have also factored in the role of European Industrial capitalism coupled with expansionist imperialism in the past two centuries (be it in Britain, Russia, France, or the US) and the wrongs these so-called "progressive" Western societies have wrought not just in Iran but also in the rest of the non-Western world from India to China, to various societies in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and beyond. If you were a relatively "objective" historian, finally, you would not have discounted or denied the longest and the most far-reaching injustice in human history perpetrated by the wrongs extended through European imperialism. Scholars only now beginning to unravel the intricacies and long ranging implications of imperialism in countries like Iran. Only a reductionist historian would say that imperialism is not important in making Iran the way it is now and the "legitimacy" of the Qajars, the Pahlavis, and the IRI is the real issue. The reason I cited the collapse of the second Majlis in 1911 and the government Musaddeq in 1953 is to show that there were times when Iranians had what you might call "legitimate" governments. But that did not prevent the West to encroach on Iranian rights. I find it unnecessary to address your implied reference that I only "read a book by an American author about the 1953 coup."


Are you Kidding

by Biji Sanandaj (not verified) on

Are you kidding; A-bomb in the hands of mullahs who genocide their own people in the name of religion. It's unfortunate that the blind nationalism has kept our nation in dark ages for centuries. We never have had democratic regime since 100 years. The solution to stop getting bullied is not A-bomb. That only leads to our destruction.


Who benefits from bombing

by Peace Seaker (not verified) on


Well, there you go AKA

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

Well, there you go AKA jesus; shah cared less about islam but he blew it! That's my point.
The dogma you have is whatever moves and goes wrong, it's from islam. This was the same islam that gave golden era to us as muslims in the dark ages of Europe. Don't let politics corrupt your philosophy, or you will be doomed to be a failure!
I agree with you in one area that it's us. However, somehow you conclude (mr. objectivity) that the problem is islam. If you're student of history, you are slave to the people who wrote them. God gave you brain to use it, if you do, you will never believe that it's either black or white. We live in the world of grays. I hope you understand this last sentence because if you do, the fog of dogma will diminish off your vision and will be a more realist.



by Jesus (not verified) on

I guess we have one person who has read a book by an American author about the 1953 coup, and an idiot who has completely misread my post. Why would Shah be legitimate? I wrote in the past 2 centuries, no Iranian government has been legitimate, I thought Shah was in power only half a century ago. There is no hatred, just pure objectivity. I have no dogma but one,objectivity is my dogma. More importantly, as a student of hisotry, I look at history from a much deeper perspective than looking at events in a series of linear points across time.
I have one suggestion for most of the Iranians here, there is no one to blame but ourselves, we have become a degenerate bunch, with a degenerate culture, and much that can be attributed to Islam. Again, I am not monarchist, I have no dogma, just look at things from a purely objective view. When zoroasterian had become a degenerate religion, we threw it into the dust bin of history. Islam has become the same way, exercising very similar influences in and on our culture. Along with that line, we need to take responsibility for our demise.

If you think that a real democracy crumbled with a budget of few thousand dollars, and 500 hired thugs by the Americans in a society that was once the center the civilized world without seeing our own role, or understanding the definition of democracy, than it is not me who needs to read books, and history, but you who need to understand and dig deeper into the events of our nation. It was never America, or the west and that is why these countries have little respect for us.


Re: Anonymous^2 You are in a

by hellraiser (not verified) on

Re: Anonymous^2
You are in a hell you've raised within you burning your soul.

God bless america and god bless iran!
Peace for all;


Reply to: Islam is passion for Iran

by LostIdentity (not verified) on

Islam is inseparable from Iran until you can change the mind of ~60M. Unless you have a very powerful ideaology like Islam in 1500 years ago to change the mind and hearts of people.
Until then you will die and take your dream to your damned fossils;


To Jesus, et al.

by Anonymous33333333333333 (not verified) on

I think what most people on this website miss is that Iran and the rest of the Middle East have gone through part of the democratic process. But almost always at the most critical moment, your "progressive" West intervened, not in favor of democracy, but rather against it and in order to install a despot, an autocrat, or else someone they could tell what to do. I'll give you two examples from Iran and let you judge. One is the year 1911 when Iran was invaded under the pretext of the fiscal reforms of Morgan Shuster and his mission in Iran. The Russians gave an ultimatum to the democratically elected Iranian government to dismiss Shuster. And before the second Majlis was able to issue a dismissal (of course the very fact that a Western country demands the dismissal of a financial expert who was trying to reform the fiscal problems of Iran should be telling!), Azerbaijian, Gilan, and the rest of northern Iran were occupied by the Russians all the way down to Ardabil. And they were anything but peace-loving occupiers. They brutalized secular intellectuals who had advocated democracy and expelled the leadership of the democratic movement from Iran. Ultimately, they dismantled the second Majlis and remained in Iran until 1921. In the south, the British -- the freedom-loving British after all -- occupied the rest of Iran south of Tehran to protect their colony in South Asia and to exploit the oil fields in Khuzestan. This should tell you a little at least why Iran is the way it is now and why the Islamic Revolution took place in 1979.

My second example is of course the 1953 coup which dismantled the government of Musaddeq. This is far too familiar an episode in Iranian history to recount here. If you don't know about it, then the least you can do is to read the popular but still accurate book by an American author. It is called "All the Shah's Men." The CIA coup was not the first time Iran witnessed a democratic government being dismantled.


The only Bomb option is

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

the one America will drop on the Islamic republic infrastructures, IRGCs, mullahs and the regime, mosques, and the supporters of the mullahs!?!

God Bless America.

Darius Kadivar

BAD OMEN FOR YOU: Hiroshima bomb pilot dies aged 92

by Darius Kadivar on


The commander of the B-29 plane that dropped the first atomic bomb, on Hiroshima in Japan, has died.



Better kiss then Iran and Iranian goodbye forever.

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Iranians can not be freely Iranian in their own country. They are being genocide by Islamists.

You are talking about A-Bomb at the hand of mullahs? Better kiss then Iran and Iranian goodbye forever.

Political Islam must be crushed.



by Mehdi on

In a lot of religions and philosophies this concept has been forwarded that the Devil will try a lot of different ways to persuade Man to give up his faith (in good) and surrender to evil. There are sweet heroic stories of some who were tried very hard but did not give up and eventually came out triumphant. There are even stories of those who did not give up their faith even when their body was destroyed. We remember these characters as heros or martyrs. There is definitely the notion that true honor transcends body death itself. War has never solved our problems. There is a point where you are attacked and you have to defend yourself. But there is also the extension of the definition of "defending" which has been used to justify the use of force. Sun Tzu has been generally recognized as all-time authority on war. And his view is that the ultimate general is one who wins a war without ever starting it. Think about it. Wars and the quest for a "better weapon" has gotten Man to a point where he has weapons capable of frying every man, woman and child on Earth. But it has clearly not produced peace. The anxiety is to produce even more powerful ones of course. But the only time we did anything worthwhile was when we used our wisdom not force. We may be scared of countries that have the A-Bomb. But we don't have any respect for them. And if you have reached so low as to not understand the difference, realize that you have already been defeated.


Bullying is unfortunately an

by WhyNotPeacefulCoexistence (not verified) on

Bullying is unfortunately an undetachable characteristic of an empire.

If we lay aside greed and selfishness, there's enough room on earth for everyone. The problem arises when one wants other people's share.
Truthfully, I think US can not have closer allies than moslem countries. What is the point to poor in >$10B per year in a little country to oppose 1.3B people? On the basis of equal rights, in this day and age all can live in peace even with the growing pains of developing countries.


To: Jesus

by Mani11 (not verified) on

Yes having a Democratically elected government is a positive thing. But you can't really believe that, had we had such a government, suddenly the US would leave Iran alone. No matter what kind of government we have, as long as we are sitting on oil, the US will bully us into accepting whatever terms they would like. In case you forgot, WE DID HAVE A LIGITIMATE GOVERNMENT run by a freely elected Prime Minister, using Western standards of freedaom and free speech. The Prime Minister was called Mossadegh and your freedom loving western countries kicked his ass out of power. I agree with Pasargada, unfortunately, sometimes people only understand one language...the language of fear anf brute force.


Hey pasargada, do you want

by HisroshimaBomber (not verified) on

Hey pasargada, do you want to be one of the 80000 people who were nuked in Hiroshema? You may be remembered as a hero!


Ey kamangir....ey

by Kamankesh (not verified) on

Ey kamangir....ey tirandaz...tirato dota dota bendaz...

It's proven that organisms grown in harsh environment will be more resilient. If they live in friendly environment, they will become more prone to aqcuiring desease.


Very amazing view on why one

by HisroshimaBomber (not verified) on

Very amazing view on why one should kill:



yes, but only if...

by Kamangir on

But only in an open society with basic human rights, employment and freedoms, we can improve and be better. A plant, a flower, frows and becomes strong in freedom and with access to oxigen and sunshine and water. Our society in Iran needs the correct enviroment and government to improve itself. Iran is growing from within, the hard way, but slowly but surely is learning the lessons.


Culture War

by maman 2 (not verified) on

I agree 100% with maman. It's not just religion. All the religious Iranian groups have culture problems/social problems. We have to do better. As for changing Iran, it also has to be from inside, not outside.

Also kamangir are you ok with the people who suffer because of that isolation? of course, I mean the people who are not part o government!



by mama (not verified) on

A-bomb is not the answer, nor is the Iran’s geopolitical situation, nor is regime change. What do you want to replace the current regime with? Weren’t Shah and Komenai and all the mullahs from the Iranian society?

The answer is our culture. The day we stop cheating each other, being friend and helping each other, stop pretending, stop being complacent, and stop being dishonest with each other, we will be happy and strong.


Regime change

by Kamangir on

it would be naive to believe that the real crisis with Iran  is the nuclear issue. That's an excuse, to creat tension and international fear. If Pakistan or India had the natural gas and oil Iran has, they would be the ones dealing with the security council.

Even if Iran gets a nuclear bomb, this does not change anything, the bullies you're refering to, have weapons so sofisticated and the know-how that would paraize Iran in days, anyways. Believe me, the only solution is regime change, Iran cannot withstand the US militarliy, and if it tries to, the cost would be too devastating, too ugly for Iran. I used to be in favour of a massive US attack on Iran to dismantle the islamo-fascist regime, but have realized, this is not the solution. We need to isolate that regime as much as we can, in order to help Iranian people to overthrow it. Without a war.


Bomb is the only option

by farokh2000 on

You have a very good argument about the bully.

At the same time people in Iran need to get united and get rid of the criminal Mullahs, who are bullies in their own right. That would be th time to celebrate.

But as long as we have the geography and natural resources that the big bully wants, he will find a way to mess with your peace, at any cost.

India and Pakistan don't have the situation that Iran does and the bully is not craving to get his hands on them.

The bully will make sure if he doesnot get it, no one else would either, even if he has to start WW III.