The Mahak Children Cancer Clinic


by OmidKarimi

Real Iranians making real difference, back home. Go to their website and learn how you can support them, watch the clip here:

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Their homepage: 

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by OmidKarimi on

From their site:

Donors and friends of MAHAK can use either of the following to make donations:

1- Online Donation:
2- Payment through Banks, sending the receipt to MAHAK by fax, mail or e-mail:
Bank Account:
No. 72826000, Bank Tejarat, Niavaran branch, Code No. 385
No. 4444 Bank Saderat, Ghaem Maghame Farahani branch, Code 1445
No. 2222/75 Bank Sepah, Chizar branch, Code 1351
No. 110 Bank Keshavarzi, Koodak and Nojavan branch
No. 801-810-820500-1 Saman Bank

Currency Account:
Bank Saderat, Code No. 1445
Account Number:140059

Bank Julius Baer, Zurich, Switzerland
Account Number: 303.5433
Name of Beneficiary: "Mahak, Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer"
(All payments need to be in currencies other than USD).
IBAN number for CHF CURRENT ACCOUNT: CH04 0851 5030 3543 3200 3
IBAN number for GBP CURRENT ACCOUNT: CH31 0851 5030 3543 3200 2
IBAN number for EUR CURRENT ACCOUNT: CH58 0851 5030 3543 3200 1

Bank Saderat in Dubai
Account Number: 125050
Name of Beneficiary: "Mahak, Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer"


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Very impressive.

by Monda on

The best way to donate to charity organizations in Iran is by asking contacts within the country to send or hand-deliver your donations for you. Thanks Omid.


Thank you for the post

by IRANdokht on

Is there any way to donate to Mahak from US?


Ari Siletz

Great post

by Ari Siletz on

Thanks. I forwarded the link to some Iranian medical students in the US.


Great Post.

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We cannot do great things --- only small things with great love." - Mother Theresa

I helped and forwarded the clip to friends, family. Thank you.