Egypt: Islam Strkes Again -- History Threatens Replay of Iran's 1979 Revolutionary Disaster


Omid Parsi
by Omid Parsi

It appears that the Egyptian students' glorious Facebook revolution may be quite shortlived and about to be hijacked in broad daylight by masses of Islamic riffraff. Here is a (longish) link to one report, but the story is already old news:


Those who don't understand history are destined to repeat it. And this time the people who have so far willfully ignored history are none other than the sheltered, delusional, Facebook wielding hipster Egyptian students who had a ridiculous romantic idea of their "people" and their capacity to embrace "democracy"... It is amazing how the revolutionaries who have so far been adamantly calling for revenge and punishment of Mubarak and his cronies, seem to be caught off-guard with the sudden change of posture and agenda on the part of their Islamist brethren... It turns out that the Islamists now believe that "There was no deal" with regards to coexistence and can't wait to establish their "Sharia"! Who would have thought that this could happen from a proud people that has given the world Mohammed Atta and Eiman Al-Zawahiri?!

While things are in flux, there is a chance for repressive Secularism, enforced by the Egyptian Army which is still in charge. However the hope for Freedom and Democracy is evidently even more far-fetched now than it seemed to skeptics from the get-go. It would be wise for the Facebook romantics to do a headcount of themselves and get interested in recent Iranian History, Then they might decide to back the Army and work to establish a stable military regime that safeguards civil life with better accountabikity and transparency than under Mubarak. Or else, they can try to go with the flow and evetually have to hide or be decimated by Islamists whose affinity for violence tops anything seen before.

Once again, It's Islam Stupid...


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Omid: I dont share your pessimistic view....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Of Egypt situation.

There are key differences between Egypt 2011 and Iran 1979. The Egypt's revolution was the culmination of many years of planned and pro active resistance by secular forces. The labor unions were working closely with secular students, organising strikes,etc. The recent demo in Tahrir square by  Muslim Brotherhood and their fanatic allies was actually the first. what happened after the demo (gangs of armed islamist thugs attacking citizens, killing and injuring people) is not going to help the islamist cause. Also most estimates put the support for islamists in Egypt, at no more than 20% of the population. I think the Egyptian people are intelligent enough not to allow themselves to end up enslaved by a gang of thieving, murdering islamists, having seen what disaster has this islamist , so called "republic", has been in Iran.

Finally, completely unrelated to your blog - as always-  before I go, I read on an islamist regime web site that the issue of Erectile Dysfunction amongst elderly west residing islamist regime supporters would be completely resolved if jews get out of palistine and go back to auschwitz, waiting for the next muft khor mofti of london to come and finish off what uncle adolph failed to finish due to rather rude  interruption by uncle joe and his uncivilised, brutish red army!   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Islamists in Cairo.....

by پندارنیک on

No one can fight the militant Islamists better than the Israelis. How? By returning to their international borders, and by signing the NPT............The Palestinian-Israeli issue has provided the best ground for the growth of the radical Islam; it has to stop at once........The time is now...........Demand your right for global peace................