Pictures of those behind shoot to kill orders

Pictures of those behind shoot to kill orders
by oktaby

The evidence has been mounting about the shape and nature of the koodetah. The info here has been leaked by 13 military officers that did not participate or chose to support the opposition. These are among those that must stand trial for crimes against humanity.


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Pictures are small

by oktaby on

The limitation is due to image type/sizes on Original is a pdf and I sent the doc this was extracted from to to published as a feature and more visibly but nothing yet. I think it is important that everyone see these criminals and remembers their faces. Meanwhile, you can save the image and use online tools to magnify.



by Majid on


آقا اینجور که تو عکس ها مشخصه اینا همچی قدّ یه شیپیش بیشتر نیستند و از اول تا آخر جسارتاً همگی یه پُخ اند!

میشه  یک کاری کنید که عکس و مشخصات رو بزرگتر دید؟

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Thanks OKtaby: to the day that those murderers are punished!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

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