Necessary step in ending the rapist republic


Necessary step in ending the rapist republic
by oktaby

Iranians despair in the face of a brutal, regressive & anti-human regime. Amid endless insider analysis uncertainty grows. For vast number of Iranians wanting a 'normal' and 'sane' life and government (monarchy, republic or anything in between) deciding on a decisive stance about IR that lies & manipulates every piece of information to manufacture fear and uncertainty for its own purposes, has been far from simple.

From the ever present charade of 'great Satan & free Ghods' for political oxygen to this rotten & incompetent theocracy, to bending over to China & Russia for economic & military oxygen one would be hard pressed to blame Iranians for uncertainty about true level of risk. Throw in Iranian historic dichotomy on islam and you got the secret sauce for eternal conflict (// that serves foreign & domestic opportunists.

The architects of the dual containment, islamic 'revolution' preceding it, or green belt before that were 'professionals'. Professional what? is a different discussion. The bastard child is going through puberty and after Iraq & Afghanitan, behavior modification seems more pragmatic for now. Indeed, without the radical republic, profitably maintaining the rest of the middle east in the hands of the crooks and mercenaries that govern most of this region's countries may prove untenable. But with the islamic republic scare crow, the corrupt & decadent SA or Egypt and its 30 year reigning 'president' can be paraded as symbols of peace and progress for o'bama nist.

Somewhere between various interests and historic divisions we can find signals that light our path. Any road that may take Iran to normalcy is built over the grave of IR. Iranian opposition has legs to go the distance but it needs to grow arms to dig the grave for IR. If after the last 31+ years, particularly the past 18 months you still believe that Gandhi & MLK style peace movements can work with this subhuman bunch, or it will transition into anything resembling normal, then god speed.
Else, islamic republic must be kicked out because erteja' comprehends no other approach. Islamic republic has swallowed its own Blue pill already and there is no going back for them. Remaining challenge is figuring out and driving the confluence of domestic & international factors that will complement slew of IR created disasters into needed momentum to put islamic republic in its grave.

Majority of Iranians have reached the pivotal conclusion that islamic republic is beyond rehabilitation and won't 'transition'; Crystallizing this common understanding into a uniform message & slogan is the first step for the middle phase of Iranian movement. 'The path to future must be paved with the carcass of the islamic republic' is the clarity that will facilitate coalitions and union of the masses for decisive action.


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by oktaby on

think Iranians have reached those conclusions about unreformability of IR, Maryam, and that future can only be built over IR's grave, COP. Now Iranians need to get past their gun-shyness and PTD of 79 and accept that no one else will dig IR's grave for Iranian's sake. But someone will dig their grave for sure and IR is happy to engage that destruction with typical bravado of someone else's blood. As the midget king Lord Farquaad said in Shrek: "thousands of you may have to die in this war, but that is a price I'm willing to pay"


Maryam Hojjat

Great Point in your blog!

by Maryam Hojjat on

that islamic republic is beyond rehabilitation.


Well said

by Cost-of-Progress on

"Any road that may take Iran to normalcy is built over the grave of IR...."

Absolutely! There is no reform in a "system" that puts Iran second to the arab religion of Islam. There's no reform to a goverment that cares nothing for its people and their standard of living while spending millions upon millions funding various terrorist groups for the "casues" that is none of our fucking business. All this while the middle class layer of the society has been reduced to a sliver with mega billionaires on top and a heavy layer of poor at the bottom. And, there's no future in a government - or people - who instead of integrating with the international community of nations prides itself on being a pariah whose aspirations are getting its hands on nukes to further the agenda of destruction and the "coming of the (non-existent) islamic messiah.