IRAN and USA (current analysis)


IRAN and USA (current analysis)
by No Fear

We all know Iran and US broke diplomatic ties after the leftist islamic students violently occupied the US embassey in Tehran.
Today, the rapprochement of relations between these two government requires a miracle since the current political impasse between these two country, is the ideal outcome for specific power centres inside Iran and the United States. To such extend that the survival of some of these groups depends on the continued animosity between Iran and US.

Take the Lebanese Hezbollah for an example. This group is fully aware that it will be among the first victims of a renewed relation between Iran and US.  So, it is quite possible that a portion of our financial support given to them, would be returned by them and given to some groups or personalities in Iran in order to prevent or to oppose such relations by creating a hostile social or political image in the medias.

In other words, Iran's creation and its strategical ally could very well be acting against our national interests.

20 years ago and after Iran-Iraq war, when Rafsanjani was president, every european country along with russia and china were after signing huge financial and economical deals with Iran after Iran was ravaged by 8 years of war and poor policies during Mousavi's era. But Rafsanjani was interested to open dialogue with US. This interest during his presidency was against the longterm benefits of many inside the ruling class ( Leftist Islamists ) and for special interest groups in US and even in some european countries. Then an event came to the aid of all those who opposed rapprochement between these two countries; Salman Rushdie's satanic verses!

A book that was written a year earlier and had created some noise in Pakistan and was about to be forgotten, suddenly became a big deal. Those who were close to religious centres in Iran demanded a clear fatwa from religious authorities and they got it. Khomeini issued the fatwa against Salman Rushdie and an institute ( Bonyade 15 Khordad ) headed by Ayatollah Saneie ( who interestingly is one of Mir Hossein Mousavi strongest supporters now) became responsible to carryout the fatwa and it even awarded a lot of money for anyone if they killed Rushdie.

This led to a diplomatic disaster. Most of the european countries took a step back and called their diplomates from Tehran. Any hope of rapprochement was lost by a very clever public campaign that ensured the longterm interests of themselves and their foreign allies in Russia and some european countries.

It seems history is repeating itself again and just when another president is trying to open a new era between the two governments, another issue has popped up by those who would be the eventual losers of such ties.

1- The stoning verdict of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiyani.
2- The Quran burning campaign by a church of 50 followers on 9/11 anniversary.

Do you honestly believe the european union cares about a women who is about to be executed for adultery and murdering her husband? Or do you believe that those who are defending this verdict in Iran are honestly doing it because they want to defend Islamic laws?
Or perhaps these are pieces of the same puzzle that are completing each other exactly when Ahmadinejad is heading to New York with an offer to open dialogue with US ?!

If you were Obama, would you even consider talking to a person when the entire european union is criticizing its barbaric laws ? Even his secretary of state ( foreign minister ) with obvious ties to the israeli lobbies in Washington, calls his government a military dictatorship? ( Knowing fully that the description is far from the truth when Ahmadinejad presidency is over in less than 3 years?! ).

What if you were Ahmadinejad? Would you even consider offering dialogue in New York when the most holiest of books are being burnt in the same city you are about to visit?

Interestingly, when you search the " Religious Green " ( the same leftist islamist crowd ) sites and newspapers, you notice they are adding fuel to this fire. Look at jonbesheh rahe sabz website. Look at khabar online which had an article from Abolfazl Faateh ( a close Mousavi ally in the last election, I will post some of his article right after this blog ), look at the recent fatwas they asked about from religious leaders, look at the recent letter an Ayatollah has written which demands Obama to stand trial.

In my opinion, the same events which prevented normalization of ties between US and Iran are happening again. Without dialogue, the chances for more radical solutions increases whether this relates to Iran's or US foreign policies ( possibility of war ) or how we deal with our internal adversaries. Expect to see more radical changes initiated by Ahmadinejad and how he deals with this problem.



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marhoum Kharmagas

What about AN's stupid Holocaust remarks!?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

No Fear, you could potentially sell Ahmadinejad as a good politician if he had not made that many stupid statements, including the ones about Holocaust. Why the heck did he have to put his nose into that stuff if he had minimal amount of common sense!?


"چه حسابی من رو با حجتیه یکی کردی"


Take a look at criminal you have picked as your avator and see why people call you Hojjatieh.  And dont tell me to shut up as I would not and this is a free and open forum not your islamist hell of republic. If you do not like other peoples responses, tough!

No Fear

دوسته عزیز،

No Fear

آقای گیلانی ، من نمیدونم شما رو چه حسابی من رو با حجتیه یکی کردی. وقتی هم که میگم اینطور نیست، با فحاشی امدی حرفت را ثابت کنی.  شما بهتر است ساکت باشید. متشکرم . 

No Fear


by No Fear on

I disagree. But i understand why your way of thinking can simplify matters to the extend of viewing IR as one body that must be opposed in its entirety.  This is not a new approach and has been tried first by leftists who start labeling their enemies as imperialist the same way you label the entire IR based on khomeinism.

Your non compromised political stance also has a lot in common with the same leftist ideologies that had profound effect on Iran since the 1979 revolution. Infact, you preach the same methods of those who you oppose. I personally can't see much of a difference between the methods which you advocate and those of Ansare Hezbollah. Both of you think your idea is based on higher moral ground ( human based or divine ) , therefore, it must be implemented at any cost. See my point?

I doubt you see my point anyway. I have been reading your post for awhile now and if i change everytime you wrote " human rights " with " Islamic laws ", then no one can tell between you and a basiji which you hate so much.

In my opinion, you both suffer from the same effects of Shariati's teaching. While some took shariati's teaching to heart and used his method to spread it, you used the same method to oppose it. This is why people like you would never be able to change IR since when it comes to using the same tools and methods, IR has the upper hand, hands down.

Sorry if i might not be encouraged to take this dialogue with you as far as i wish. I see people like you all over. I will try to stick around as much as i can.



"How did you guys come to conclusion that i am a Hojatiyeh?"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

انگار بچه حاجی به غلط کردن افتاده!

یادم میندازه به داستان  حسن آقا عباسی، "تئوریسین شجاع" ولایت وقیح،  وقتی‌ سرباز‌های آمریکایی‌ گرفتنش تو عراق. دو تا سیلی تو گوش حسن آقا، و ایشون غلط کرد، گ*ه هم خورد و مثل بلبل هر سوألی رو جواب داد! به این میگن "شجات بسیجی"!


There is no real "left" or "right" in current IRI politics

by AMIR1973 on

There is no true "left" or "right" in the current politics of the IRI as those terms are understood in most other countries of the world. There is only one line of political "thinking" sanctioned in the IRI: Khomeinism. We can speak only of Khomeinist "reformists" or Khomeinist "conservatives". Needless to say, both IRI camps have proven themselves to be fundamentally at odds with political liberty, basic democratic rights, etc.

No Fear


by No Fear on

How did you guys come to the conclusion that i am a Hojatiyeh?  lol

Comrade, I wrote bits and pieces about them in my replies to others. I can probably do a blog on them if you promise to contribute reasonably and logically. deal? ;)

Targol Margol, lets see;

Mousavi's actions and economical policies were as left as you can get when he was the prime minister. He is a non compromised revolutionary who believes in " justice " the same way a leftist revolutionary does. If he walks and quack like a duck, he must be a duck. Give it up, dude.

Hoshang Targol

Oh, but Comrade , these Hojatieh folks are such well meaning

by Hoshang Targol on

folks. Have you already forgotten how they worked hand in gloves with Shah's SAVAK to keep the Iranian nation free from those godless Bahais. You must be a stubborn Zandigh to forget such monumental services. Come to think of it, deep down all you Iranians are just a bunch of Zandighs.

If our very steemed Mr.Fateh at least had his facts together it wouldn't sound so idiotic, but hey once you're in power and killing and torturing all your opponents silly who needs facts.

Satanic Verses affair actually began in India not Pakistan. It's Persian translation is also available on line from

How Mussavi who:

- approved of article 44 ( the law to privatize Iranian economy) in every single "Presidential" debate,

-who was part of all the executions in 82, 83,

-who's private bodygurads are still the personnel of Sepah, armed with weapons issued by Sepah, 

becomes a "Leftist" might seem illogical, but hey once you're Hojatieh, as they say in Persian, you could eat all the sugar you wish!



بلاگ حجتیه چی‌ شد؟ مَرده و قولش!



من حوصله سر و کله زدن با این آقای فاتح را ندارم، خود شما اگر وقت
کردید از او بپرسید چرا سوزاندن قرآن گناه عظیم محسوب میشود. روی چه
حسابی‌؟ از کی‌ آتش نجس شده؟!!

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


No Fear


by No Fear on

به بخشی از نوشته‌ی آقای«ابوالفضل فاتح» نگاه کنید:

[«بعید است» که برنامه رسوا و خطرناک قرآن‌سوزی «صرفاً» از اندیشه‌های انحرافی و اسلام‌هراسانه‌ی یک کشیش نشات گرفته باشد. و چه بسا که «همچون بسیاری از موارد پیشین»، :توطئه‌ای حساب‌شده» برای انحراف افکار، رنجش مسلمانان، تعمیق شکاف بین ادیان و تثبیت افراطی‌گری‌ها باشد. این چنین گناهی عظیم در خاک آمریکا، «سند گناه و شرم ابدی ملتی» خواهد بود که... بعید است «آمریکاییان»... ندانند که... قرآن‌سوزی جریحه‌ای عمیق بر دل و جان مسلمانان بر جای خواهد گذاشت و «آمریکا» را در منظر آنان «بیش از پیش» فرو خواهد کاست.

تا همین‌جا روشن می‌شود که «تا چه اندازه جریانات افراطی و خشونت‌آفرین در جامعه آمریکا ریشه دوانیده است».

«گرچه آمریکا اقدام به محکوم‌کردن این برنامه نموده»، اما مسئولیت خطیر «دولت و کلیسای آمریکا» در پیشگیری و ممانعت از این اقدام، همچنان باقی‌ست و استناد شهردار نیویورک به حق آزادی بیان مندرج در متمم اول قانون اساسی آمریکا؛ در این مورد رویکردی بسیار ناموجه، غیر عاقلانه و غیرمسئولانه است. در این مقطع؛ ابراز مخالفت بی‌تعارف با این «پدیده شرم‌آور و خشونت‌آفرین» وظیفه آزادی‌خواهان شمرده شده و بر دولت و کلیسای آمریکاست که با اقدام پیشگیرانه، نگذارند «چنین برگ سیاهی» در «تاریخ مناسبات آنان با مسلمانان» نگاشته شود].