slamming the holocaust card

Niloufar Parsi
by Niloufar Parsi

Dr. Norman Finkelstein at the University of Waterloo takes the Holocaust card bull by the horn.


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Darius Kadivar

Rosie Jaan Ok Then Take a Non Kocher Dedication instead 0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Dorough Chera ? ... Ta Gabre ... Ah ,,, Ah ... Ah ... Ah ...



Akheh Dokhtar Khanom Masochism Ham Hadi Dareh Deegheh ...

Maybe You should Stick to Your Anti Depressors After all ... Particularly If you wanna hang around with IRANICANS in San Francisco and the Bay Area !

Amicalement Votre,

DK Napoleon !


Was Rosie

Caviar/Sea Dog...

by Was Rosie on

 both waterlogged (in)...


Captain Sea Dog, (or may I call you 'Old Salt'?): Oh that was funny. You looked up 'welcome back' and that's what you got..The Eternal Curse of the Bilingual Dictionary. Your translation means 'reception behind'...presumably behind something...and it could be either like radio recepton or a reception with wine and cheese...and this place is cheesey enough..., so where's my wine ? 


Never forget , DK, I called you Caviar first. Because you are debonair. :o) Thanks for all your support. I don't like to think in terms of 'little people',  And I dearly wish you wouldn't say things like that, Darius, because you're one of the regulars here who really has the potential to draw people together in common cause. I like to think of things more like this: 

The lotus grows out of the murky waters of swamps and blooms into the most wondrous beauty. It is a symbol of compassion, wisdom [human]emancipation

Now...dedicating 'Exodus' to me is not exaaaaaaaaactly what I would've expected on this particular thread or hoped for either, to tell you the truth, although I know you refer to c-space , and in particular i.c.-space, 'this great and ancient land..." and maybe you were being a liiiittle mischievous??? but

Is/Pal's not my land, DK. It's everybody's land.

The holy land

The holy land 

is all around you

It is everywhere

above you

inside you.

The voices of your fathers

are not your voice

Their horror too

this now can now be silent.

Open your eyes

o chldren of Israel.

Surrender the ghost.

-                 --by me (some time ago)

Now excuse me while I get back to my beef with Finkelstein. lol

Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

I'm still working on this. Please continue to keep 'posted'. It's very important to me, otherwise I wouldn't be here posting at all. I'm about to turn back into a pumpkin.


¿Hola Rose

by capt_ayhab on

¿Hola Rose,

Cómo está usted amor? Recepción detrás


Niloufar Parsi

ناتور دشت

Niloufar Parsi

how do you mean?

ناتور دشت

Matter of time

by ناتور دشت on

The only way for solving the Palestinian problem is by the way of making it a Jewish problem. And I see it in the making.

Niloufar Parsi

bah bah rosie jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

so good to see you here :) what's this about 'staying away' or blocking the site?

about the girl: i think you are being romantic. i also think you identify with her from your own experience (was it the hate banner you once came across among the anti-zionist camp? i remember you writing something about that).

here's my take:

- we did not see the background to the question raised or even hear what the question was. so let's not read too much into what she is exactly saying. he interprets it in a certain way, and there is no reason to refute it unless we know - the girl's tears don't mean much in that sense.

- it is one man against a room full of angry, screaming zionists together with a more silent majority. notice how they clap when he actually tells them to 'shut up'? that tells me he was the one being shouted down. you and i only hear what the microphone records, and that can be interpreted as him being bullish. but the pictures tell a different story. i think it is quite the opposite. he is trying to get space for his voice to be heard and he does it very effectively.

- ever been to such debates at university? am sure you have. i remember you writing about some rallies you went to before. he is not a lecturer. he is a guest speaker at a political debate. there is a Huge difference, and he - just like we saw with ahmadinejad a few years ago at was it princeton or berkley? - is being heckled and denied his right to free speech. not saying AN is a free speech angel! just that we have seen this in the US before whenever someone tackles israel. i know from my own experience that it was a Constant feature of debates on zionism in british universities, i mean both the crocodile tears and the violent heckling - often in that order and often in succession.

- look at his actual interviews on you tube. i have rarely seen someone more calm, together and totally committed as this man. check out his lebanese interview i posted below. i think he has a fabulous style. he is no peacenik, but he is no bully either. he is a remedy to zionist bullying.

but that is just me :)


ps don't go away!

Darius Kadivar

Good to See You Back Rosie Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Stay with Us. I always found your news posts and comments ( when u are yourself that is) Always Smart and to the Point. I often noticed that when posting in the news section You had a great sense of geo strategic shifts taking place. That is a VERY Rare quality which proves that you have a natural awareness and insight in geo politics which others have acquired Only through academic reasearch which doesn't stop them from getting it entirely Wrong at times ...

All You lack is Self Confidence and you tend to give too much importance to what "little" People may think of you.

Whenever I feel Low or doubtful I tend to think of Theodore Roosevelt's great words and it helps :

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”


I wish you the same self confidence in overcoming your personal anguishes and depression.


This Cyber Land is Yours Too :




Warm Regards and Shallom,





Was Rosie

Does anybody here see what I see?

by Was Rosie on

(First of all, in case anyone's wondering, as I explained last month, due to certain events I can no longer be here. I'm only here because I got online again a few days ago after having cut off my I'net for seven months so I wouldn't come here. Now I have to get the site blocked on my computer tomorrow.,in such a way that I can't access it. And so I didn't want to comment anywhere, but I feel compelled). 


What I see is a warm, friendly girl, a little shy, probably with little experience speaking in public, very open. Then I see her crying and I don't see any crocodile tears. Just tears. And I see a polished middle-aged man, a seasoned speaker with a hard face, interrupting her before she finishes her question, eviscerate her publicly for her efforts as though she were the Demon Seed. I see him pointing right at her continuously, angrily and forcefully, which is one of the  most aggressive gestures there is in body language.

I don't hear her say one single solitary word about Israel or Zionism. All I hear is her questioning-or rather trying to question-his use of the word 'Nazi'. But she's not really allowed to question because he has all the power, this...freedom fighter. fighting some...sweet, naive girl. Unto death. 

I also see a university auditorium and the man is at a podium and thus in the position of a teacher. I see her, young and malleable. Surely she doesn't have a very firm ideology yet,and I see FInkelstein's valient effort to educate her by barking like a dog.  .  his pain is rightous, her pain is wrongteous.

I know Finkelstein makes a distinction between the privileged Jews in high places who run the Holocaust Industry, in particular at the New York Times and in Hollywood, as opposed to misled ordinary people, but I don't hear him asking this poor girl if her father works for the Times--or perhaps owns it. I see a big person making a little person smaller.  

Does anyone see that he's mean?

And interestingly my politics are close to his. And yet that's what I see. A flagrant abuse of power on a small scale and this is the courage to fight abuse of power on a large scale. To fight injustice. I would never want to live anywhere where this man were the head of a government.  


And no, I'm not a Zionist, and I don't want to hear it again,u no who u r . Been there, done that with you. And when I stopped being one in 1982, as I was raised, after the massacre at Sabra and Shatilla, I wept.  And the more my Egyptian friend explained, the more I wept. And yes, Abamard, I did feel guilty, terribly guilty. So, Abarmard (and, no, he's NOT u no who u r), what would you prefer she do--dance? Or... engage in serious polemics with the Doctor? Or run out and  join Jews Against the Occupation immediately inspired by him.


When one's ideology takes precedence over one's humanity, then there is no ideology. Because then any ideology is  interchangeable with any other where it really matters.  

At least that's how I see it.


Of course, he's in pain too...I see that. Terrible, bitter pain...



Peter Pan

Dear truthseeker

by Peter Pan on

Your name encouraged me:

I leave the response to the substance of your comment to the better people. However I am going to ask you this:

Please, I mean PLEASE, next time do a better format. OK buddy? We're not bunch of teenies texting each other; I know, my name is misleading.

Thanx  4eve... I mean: Thank you forever.


The holocaust card still has more play

by truthseeker on

The holocaust card still has more play. let us not forget nazi germany and hitler were not a mistake of history but a pre booked plan 2 create israel and get the end-timers their rapture. smashed down germany once ww1 then leave 2 rot put in the right winged criminal element back them with bank loans that will be called in. don't sell them helium but sell them tanks, guns and insecticide. 4 cleaning house but the kind u would normally think. the u.k and us planned the plan "holocaust" they just out scourced it 2 nazi germany. the jewish ppl of europe were betrayed by their very own just like the african slaves were and muslims ppl r being 2day. hilter thought by wiping out all jewish ppl he could save the world and get no israel no rapture and a thousand year Reich and so on. but his wicked plan never stood a chance all of this is rigged and pre-booked. the worst is still 2 come. and as 4 compairing israel 2 nazi-germany. no! that just silly and gets u no were. that's what they want that's how they get 2 play the holocaust card. (it would be more contructive 2 ask why is it called the holocaust when over sixty million ppl lost their lives in ww2. 2 ask why r jewish lives worth more than anyone else?) saying that gets u no where. as the nazis did not win they did not make it 2 hollywood as the zionists have. they did not have friends in high places, like the pope, the british royal family and the murdock media machine. no there not nazis but rather they r "the prilgirms" and arab/persian ppl r the native ppl of a land grab. cowboys and indians all over again. that is the best comparsion.

As 4 Dr Finkelstein he is a very interesting fellow he might be a spy like MP george galloway (who wasting ppl time and sent them in all directions with no game plan 2 stopping israel which is quite simple in is itself.) if he is 4 real then he is truly a brave man and a hero and a true jew! Justice Equality and Wonder! But he is still breathing they're 4 is no real threat yet? like princess di or many others that have had accidents and been the victims of stray bullets. or caught in bomb blasts. no in all israel has plently of friends left. they have not finished their job yet their only now just past the half way mark. but if they lose hollywood and the truth the whole truth is told about gaza 2 iraq and so on, and al-qaeda does not take over islam than all can be made right. muslim ppl peroid must NOT fall into the same trap germany fell into the false peace is coming by the end of this decade take it and do not take revenge take the false peace and keep on running with it and turn it into a real 4ever peace. if south africans both black and white can do it u we all can. but it is up 2 us all 2 do that. do it now!


Great man

by Abarmard on

I respect him very much. He is a true human who understands the word "suffering".

The girl in the audience that was crying, she was speaking about her guilt. Most of the people who support the Israeli regime and expansion know well what they are doing. Many of them burst into tears of guilt when they realize that their logic doesn't have a customer. It's truly a sad situation. It's dark and criminal to say the least.


Norman Finkelstein: Why I

by vildemose on

Norman Finkelstein: Why I Resigned From the Gaza Freedom March Coalition

Why I resigned from the Gaza Freedom March coalition:

The original consensus of the International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza was that we would limit our statement to a pair of uncontroversial, basic and complementary principles that would have the broadest possible appeal: the march to break the siege would be nonviolent and anchored in international law. I agreed with this approach and consequent statement and decided to remove myself from the steering committee in order to invest my full energies in mobilizing for the march. During the week beginning August 30, 2009 and in a matter of days an entirely new sectarian agenda dubbed “the political context” was foisted on those who originally signed on and worked tirelessly for three months. Because it drags in contentious issues that–however precious to different constituencies–are wholly extraneous to the narrow but critical goal of breaking the siege this new agenda is gratuitously divisive and it is almost certain that it will drastically reduce the potential reach of our original appeal. It should perhaps be stressed that


Niloufar Parsi

mina jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

it goes back to my earlier, more hot-headed days. guess he needs more time to recover! truth is, i have no respect for monarchy.


Niloufar Aziz

by minadadvar on

Thanks for clarification.

I, certainly, do not expect you to make everbody happy.  Is that even possible on IC?!!  I do not think so.  LOL.

I personally, do not understand, why Darius is giving you a hard time.  Your political views seem to be different from his. But, you are one of the most rational and civil people on this site.



thanks to you all

by humanbeing on

vildemose, nilofar, capt., all of you, thank you for making me feel welcome. it's not an easy thing, dialogue. i know marge also has a sense of humour, so if i tell her finkelstein is ashkenazi and not a nazi... seriously, he is trying to get out of the box or cookie-cutter affiliation his 'side' expects. we each have to individually rethink our predetermined affiliations in order for there to be positive change. i cross my fingers that you will all make peace with each other within your internally diverse nation and set an example for the rest of us.

Niloufar Parsi

irandokht jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

koja boodi aziz? nice to see you back.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

your comments are always thoughtful and engaging to me. and i know the kind of abuse you are talking about. a lot of us are down about it. chin up :)

Niloufar Parsi

mina jan salam

by Niloufar Parsi on

i am flattered that you think i might be able to satisfy everyone's taste, but ok i will try harder :)

darius is just looking for a fight. he has his mind made up about me. i get very bad vibes from him. in return i try to ignore him hoping he cools down.

more to the point: you can find many Finkelstein videos on you tube. i have not seen all that many yet. all the ones i have seen are really impressive. i only found out about him a couple of days ago. i chose that video because it was short, sharp and with a very clear message. also, it reminded me of my university days when i was an anti-apartheid activisit both against south africa and israel. in political debates on palestine, the zionists constantly played the holocaust card, trapping the great majority of students into guilt over anti-semitism in europe. if that didn't work they would shout and kick and kill the debate. the zionist tactic that Finkelstein faces in this video was a familiar experience to me. and the way he handles and overcomes them is just superb!



Human being: I couldn't

by vildemose on

Human being: I couldn't agree with your more. Marge is the site's Rottweiler and does not represent the view of any group in my opinion. Her arguments are typical of angry Palestinians raised in the US. Their tactics is to pit Americans  against Isralies and the Jews in the name of good old US patriotism much like the right-wing good old  KKKdid in the past.  Having said that, I do believe that we should stop spending our tax money on Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan and etc.


Small-City Mayor Takes on the Pentagon -- War Spending Should Be Spent on Americans, Not on Killing Afghans


What's happening in Gaza and if it continues, it will only destroy Israel in the long run. However, to use holocaust as a political ploy to incite hatred of others in hopes of contributing to your "cause"  is shameful.



Hi Niloufar Jan.

by minadadvar on

What I find amazing about this man is that he/his family have been the victims of anti-jewish ideology. Yet he continues to be an advocate of freedom and has a true passion for human life.  I also find his objectivity/ candor and intelligence, regarding AN's invitation to attend the phony  conference in Tehran, refreshing.

I think you might come under attack because, many people might think : Being anti-israel=Being pro arabs=Being pro IRI.

At the end, I wish you had posted, what Darius posted,  because selective reporting might be interepreted as biased reporting.   

Thanks for your post.  He is truly an amazing man.           


thank you bavafa

by humanbeing on

thank you bavafa for your openminded encouragement.

sadly, the young israelis, who have access to free information and communications, and whose lives are not endangered in the same way as those of iranian youth for expressing their views, are less activist and motivated.

many of us middle aged people sit on our couches, complain about the situation with netanyahu and the settlements etc, and view the heroic iranian demonstrators with awe.

 gradually we become embarrassed by our own inaction. slowly i think these brave young heroes will rouse us also into civil responsibility.



by capt_ayhab on

Courageous man.


Please never stop daring. 




by Bavafa on

I respect, honor and appreciate you and every one else speaking against injustice regardless of by whom or against whom this injustice is being carried out.

Bulling is a tactic that has been used by some regime and individual to silence others when they lack logic and reasoning for their agenda. So I dare you, I encourage you not to be silenced against injustice and not to give in to any bullies.


P.S. I have the deepest respect for those Israelies (and I know there are many of them) who risk their lives for justice for all, I like to believe Finkelstein is one of them.


i find marge's comment deeply offensive

by humanbeing on

today is holocaust memorial day, and marge is inciting to destroy the jews, under the pretext of a political/economically 'legitimate' call to destroy israel. israel is NOT 90% ashkenazi, ashkenazis are not all 'nazis' and all israelis are NOT waiting to kill all palestinians. this is worse than demagogery. it is vitriolic bigotry. or  freedom of speech.

 what is happening in gaza is criminal and wrong. there are many israelis who are against this. a young woman is now standing trial for treason for giving a journalist details of soldiers' assassination of militants in gaza.

i came onto this site in a search for more on the iranian culture which i admire so much, and with a naive wish for dialogue, thinking the blogosphere has no borders, but when i posted a comment against the bombing of iran i was bullied out of the discussion because i dared to comment on bigotry.

there, i dared again. i will continue to protest against injustice in my own neighbourhood, but i will not be put into a pret-a-porter prefab box, or stand by silently at such incitement.

Darius Kadivar

Frauline's "Finkelstein" the Farsi Equivalent for Frankenstein ?

by Darius Kadivar on

For the YOUNG , CLUELESS and SCHIZO IRANICAN Parsis I suppose ...


At the Closest Palestinian Theater Near You !



Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

is certainly an interesting and courageous character. the point made in this video is really quite simple: the holocaust has nothing to do with the average palestinian. israel's genocide against the palestinians is criminal and punishable under international law. using the holocaust as a justification for murdering palestinians is morally and ethically corrupt and unforgivable.

as for the link with iran: it is clear that the genocidal regime in israel is an existential threat to iran. supporting palestinians and other arabs against israel serves the national interests and security of iran - in addition to being morally justified.

to see Finkelstein's views on israel and lebanon, see this amazing interview he conducted with an anti-hezbollah tv station in lebanon:

Darius Kadivar

Sargord The Loser Just like Your Bassijees

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes Absolutely Just Like YOUR treacherous Bassijees in Occupied Arabized Iran today. But Unlike YOU many French Policemen as shown in this Film Refused to OBEY and Saved Jews !

They became Known as Les Justes !

Now Go and Join the Dustbins of History with Your Treacherous Friends !

Sargord Pirouz

Hey DK, those were actual

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey DK, those were actual French policemen that rounded up the jews in France- not Germans.

Don't believe me? Go ask your French momma. 


بابا اینها چشونه با فلسطین و فلسطین؟!!


ما ساین آاپ کردیم در این سایت که دربریه ایران بخونیم و بنویسیم.  بجای اون هر چی‌ میبینیم دربارهٔ فلسطین و اسرائیل است و یک مشت عغدیهیه اسلامی فحش و بد و بیراه به آمریکا میدهند.  آیا این سایت همیشه اینطور است؟  چرا اسمش رو گذاشتند ایرانیان دات کام؟  یهو بگذرند فلیستین دات کام.  اصلا این سایت ادیتور هم داره؟  این ادیترش میبنه که سایتش چی‌ شده؟