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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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Shah is Dead so don't try the "life is sacred argument"

by Sacred? (not verified) on

If you're against the shah's death, you should be against the cruel death of defenceless animals for stupid reasons like fur. It's that simple. She probably wrote this title to mean that - not to say marg bar anyone. get a hold of yourselves. just because someone mentions the shah your heads blow off.


Dear Heartbroken ZebelTheRebel

by Anon (not verified) on

If you think the ONLY "viable otion" is to call me an idiot, then I truly feel sorry for you. As I said before, I am no a monarchist, and I needn't apologize for what the Shah did/did not do. I needn't apologize for the way he ran the monarchy. I owe no apology to the [supposed] victims of his Savak be they male or FEMALE (which seems to be another point lost on you). The point I was trying to make that is so obviously lost on you is that you can't have so much rage and hatred as to wish someone who is ALREADY dead more "death"...titling one's blog "marg bar shah" to draw attention to violation of animal rights is such a cheap shot that not only detracts from Nazanin's "cause" it brings waves of hate-mail to her. If life is sacred, then ALL life is sacred, and no one is more sacred than the other.

As for you, I might suggest you learn English first then post your replies. For instance, it's not "body" as in "badan", it's "buddy" as in rafigh/doost. "Ain't" is NOT a word, and it's not "otion" it's option.

Red Wine

Marg bar Shah/Akhound/Comunist/Ingilisi Nokar

by Red Wine on

Marg bar Shah/Akhound/Comunist/Ingilisi Nokar

Niki Tehranchi

Unnecessary cruelty

by Niki Tehranchi on

I apologize in advance for the long post.


I think the problem people have not only with the fur industry but with killing animals in general for food, leather clothing, scientific experiments etc. is that it is being done with such crulety and inhumanity.  I am as weary of PETA and other fanatical animal rights groups as some of the people on this thread.  As usual, a pure idea degenerates into shallow and meaningless "stunts" designed to feed the egos of the people running these organizations.  


If you watch "I am an Animal", a documentary on PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, she describes how she got involved with this issue in the first place.  No, she was not dropped on her head as a child or brought up by hippy dippy parents in a commune.  Rather a normal person like you and me, she happened upon some dogs that had been abandoned and dropped them off at an animal shelter, believing they would be found a home.  To her surprise, when she went back a few days later to check on them, she realized they had been killed. 


She describes in poignant words how she went to the back of the shelter and saw the man who was in charge of "terminating" the animals.  There was a smell of death in the air, the surface on which the animals were being held was overflowing with the blood and hair of several dead animals.  The man would drag the next animal to be slaughtered yelping and resisting in a panick, as he could smell the blood and death of the animals who had preceded him and knew what was coming, the man not bothering to wipe/clean the area before the next animal.  Once securely held, the man would then proceed to stab the very alert dog with a long knife, stabbing again and again until he found the heart or the animal had stopped living. 


When she saw that, Ingrid asked to volunteer at the shelter in place of the man.  When the puzzled interviewer asked her why, she said she thought if she could clean up the area to erase the traces of death, if she could be kind to the animal, bring it out gently, take him for a walk, caress him and hug him, so that he would experience some kindness before the end of his life rather than ending it with terror, if she could use some sedatives so he would go to sleep, not knowing he would not wake up, if she could do something, anything in her power to make it more humane for these animals that were going to be put down no matter what, then she would feel that she could make up little by little for those previous animals she felt she had betrayed by leading them to their horrible death.  At this point, she could no longer go on and neither could I.  I could not watch the rest.


The way we treat the animals that do nothing but to serve our needs and to help us, from seeing eye dogs leading the blind, to the "therapeutic" pets that are popular in hospitals and nursing home to help in the recovery of sick patients, to the rescue dogs that go forward without fear when people are stuck in avalanches or other natural disasters, to the pets that provide companionship to the people who the world has rejected, tells a lot about us as a civilization.  Caring for animals is not exclusive of caring for your fellow man, I think in a way they go hand in hand. 

Curious Joe

To: Hamshahri Please Clarify

by Curious Joe on

I just read your comment -- which said:"Shahi twats: If you don't want to sign it, you don't have to. Iranians do NOT even respect each other, by the look of how most of you low-lives have attacked her. She must be naive about how stupid Iranians and the readers here are, to take the time to post a petition about animals." Frankly, Hamshahri, I cannot determine what you meant by the above comment.  The following scenarios are the possible ways I can interpret your comment.  Please let us know which one you meant.

Scenario 1 - You stupid Shahi twats, you cannot even understand what Nazanin really meant.  So, if you don't want to sign her petition, you don't have to.  (In this case, please explain what you think Nazanin said that we twats are apparently incapable of understanding)

Scenario 2 - You are taking Nazanin’s side by calling anyone who criticizes her as a "low life".  I have noticed a lot of Persian guys in this forum like to take the female side, no matter what BS she is talking about.  It is a "Persian Man" thing, trying to appeal to any female to possibly smooch her into a  date (and hopefully a quick free fuck to follow), mainly due to the frustration backlash from lack of easy access to women and sexual freedom in Iran -- an "UP"bringing phenomenon caused by unnecessary restrictive Islamic phobia -- thus forcing women to go under chador.Scenario 3 - This Nazanin lady is a naive woman.  She is either stupid, or incapable of recognizing how stupid the participants in this forum are. (In other words, Nazanin Joon, come to me, the wise guy. I'll take care of you against all these other bastards who are merely after your pussy). Scenario 4 - You know Nazanin Joon:  You are right about your stand on animal rights.  These idiots on this forum simply don't have the balls to send a copy of your petition to their congressional representatives.  Me, on the other hand, have 50 friends in 50 states in the US.  I'll get each one of them to send your petition to their 2 senators and their House representative.Scenario 5 - Something different than the above 4 options.  Please describe. Thanks,Curious Joe












twats: If you don't want to sign it, you don't have to. Iranians do NOT even respect each other, by the look of how most of you low-lives have attacked her. She must be naive about how stupid Iranians and the readers here are, to take the time to post a petition about animals."




The beauty/fashion world can be downright ugly

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

This is an industry that aims to boost women and help them by improving themselves, but it seems more and more like they are not only exploiting animals, but women as well. Did anyone else read about how much lead is contained in lipstick? Amounts that wouldn't even be safe enough for CANDY. Considering how many other products contain lead (hair products), that's very scary. I say that as someone who loves the industry and is practically addicted to a couple of designers/products.

You're free to do what you like, but I hope you'll spend a moment to sign the petition. Hopefully, the industry will start paying closer attention to consumers, many of whom are Iranian women.


More proof of Iranian Stupiditiy, not Ayatollahs as a problem

by Hamshahri (not verified) on

Shahi twats: If you don't want to sign it, you don't have to. Iranians do NOT even respect each other, by the look of how most of you low-lives have attacked her. She must be naive about how stupid Iranians and the readers here are, to take the time to post a petition about animals.


I love DKNY's fury design and I eat animals!

by viva-dkny (not verified) on

I think it is stupid to eat meat and scream outrage because a great designer is using fur! So what? I like meat and I like chicken and I wear leather shoes and I keep my dog in my little apartment the whole day to feed him at the end of the day with beef and I wear my cute DKNY outfits, with fur, real fur when I am cold and I am so happy, not constipated like PETA activists or people like this Nazanin who likes chelo kabob but doesn't eat the rice and her only problem in life is animals and doesn't give a shit about humans who are too poor to wear DKNY, even without fur!


stupid title

by Anon (not verified) on

You dont think that animal cruelty alone is important or controvercial enough to draw attention from readers that you resort to using an unrelated title and one that is in very poor taste to trick the readers?

Curious Joe

Let's stick with the original post (OP)

by Curious Joe on

In keeping up with the protocol of sticking to the OP’s issue about “Animal Rights”, my mind started to flounder through the following:    


Within the Iranian culture, there is an expression about human beings as “Ashraff-e-Makhlooghaat”.  Culturally, Iranians think that the cortex development during the past million years distinguishes us from other animals “in superior ways”.  In other words, we are not just another animal on this Earth. 

That explains the rise of a bunch of egocentrics / egomaniacs like Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, etc.  Unfortunately, none of those fossils of 1400-2000 years ago had  access to the 21st century findings and the current Genome tabulation of genetics/DNA of all species.  


I wonder if the Iranian Rahbar (The Ayatollah), the Pope, or any Jewish Rabi, would be shocked to find that he (never a she !!) [url= //www.nih.gov/news/research_matters/april2007/04232007monkey.htm] shares[\url] 98% of his DNA with a monkey. 

It must be the 2% difference that makes them sure about “God”… Oh well, thanks to Richard Dawkins’ 2007 book “The God Delusion”,  hopefully the Mohammad/Jesus/Moses followers can all get over that 2% difference.


Unfortunately, “hope” is not a strategy.


Oh....you're breaking my heart!

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

Anon joon slow down!

Respect for dead?! Any dead. Is that your motto?
Please tell that to those mother's that your shah killed their sons! Tell that to people who have marks of his torture on their body. Please do...

you either respect lamb or the wolf. If you try to sympathize with both you got problem body!

Now if you claimed to be a monarchist atleast you had a point defending/respecting Shah. but you say you aint. Sorry to say but the only viable otion left is that you are an idiot!!! :-)

But still you are an Iranian so I like you...


To zebeltherebel

by Anon (not verified) on

Yes, we should be nicer to animals; but when I read your reply and Nazanin's post I realize that you two are olaghs and even though you are animals we should not be nice to you two.

Not everyone is a "monarchist". The point is that her title was in poor taste and one should show some respect for the dead. The Shah has been dead for almost 28 years and you two idiots can't let stop by spew your venom; Nazanin uses a revolutionary slogan to draw attention to her stupid article, and you call for celebrating his death.

To celebrate someone's death just goes to show that you are not even an animal, you are sub-animal...so death to you too.


Shah is dead!

by zebelTheRebel (not verified) on

In case you didn't notice! So what is this big
protest against wishing death for dead?!

You fellow monarchists really have to get over it! The fellow is dead. 30 years now. It was a good thing. He killed lots of people, tortured a lot. Death was good for him. Now you may say he was not the only despot and tyrannt you know of. You are correct we have more of those pigs still around. That does not mean he is not better dead than alive. So lets celebrate his death, death of dictatorship and also lets be nicer to animals as the author of the blog intended!

Can't we all get along?



by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

I thought for the first time we will hear brave voice debasing the freaking shah.but I was left disappointed...


To Curious Joe

by Anon (not verified) on

Na, Nazanin "Khanoom" doesn't have the intellectual capacity to understand what you're saying about the crimes of the IRI, the basiji and the IRGC thugs...she's too busy as kooneh Ahmaghinejad mikhoreh (see her post of October 15, 2007). If she did she would not spew off the nonsense in that post...rambling on about how Ahmadinejad was "elected" by the Iranian people and how happy they are with his presidency and what he has done for them. She, along with that jackass, is an embarrassment to the Persian community.


To Nazanin - Marg bar to!

by Anon (not verified) on

I've read a few of your posts, and a common thread runs through most of your writing, i.e. your stupidity. I'm not a Shah fan, but your title was a cheap shot, and as a few readers suggested, it was a sorry excuse to grab attention to one of your stupid remarks. You are a stupid, intolerant fool. I too don't wear DNKY, but just to piss you off, I think I will from now on!


To Jamal

by Anon (not verified) on

Very well put! nice, concise and to the point! Bravo!


Curious Joe

by Anonymous14 (not verified) on

Curious Joe خیلی زیبا نکته های مهم رو اشاره کردی. واقعا افرین.

Curious Joe

Re-phrasing your petition

by Curious Joe on

How about changing your article’s title to “Marg bar Ayatollahs, Mullahs and IRI Government”, recommending the following petition to Khamanei, Rafsanjani, and the "Guardian Council":


The letter would states: I am shocked to learn that the IRI continues to use torture in Evin Prison and killings/executions against political dissenters. Ayatollah Khamanei must have very little regard for human lives and human rights and for the millions of Iranians who are tortured or beaten by a bunch of state-supported Basiji thugs, simply to upheld and maintain the ridiculous Valayateh-Faghih and the IRI government and its constitution. 


I refuse to support any country with a constitution that does not separate the state from religion, and will fight-to-death against a bunch of thugs that have subjugated Iran to a bunch mullahs who spend most of their days talking Arabic and reciting Araajif, Chert-o-pert, mozakhrafaat and superstitions in the 21st century.

I'll write for ever and talk about “The God Delusion” book by Richard Dawkins, who is much more respected worldwide than a bunch of mullahs in Ghom, the Pope and his followers inVatican, or the idiotic guys fornicating with the Whaling Wall in Jerusalem.




Bad taste!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

If your goal was to help animals, you acted in very bad taste by titling your article this. I am not pro shah. But you have no right using his name simply to get attention. This was a cheap opprtunisti way to get attention and should not be rewarded. If I was not waering DKNY, from now on I will just to piss you off!


Donna Karan promotes torture

by jamal (not verified) on

Donna Karan promotes torture of animals. Bush condones torture of people in Guantanamo. IRI tortures dissidents in Evin. Shah tortured many in Evin and elsewhere. Marg bar all!



by Naz Banu (not verified) on

Your article is as stupid as your title. Not sure as to why you pick on Donna Karen, when there are thousands of other designers that do the same. How about using your time to concentrate on Human rights.


مسخره بازی

Anonymous14 (not verified)

چقدر نفهی که مشکلات دیگه دور و برت رو نمیبینی و سر خودت رو با این مسخره بازی ها گرم میکنی. برو خواهر این کشکتو تنهائی بساب.



by Bimokh (not verified) on

I switched to DKNJ a long time ago.



by Zarebin (not verified) on

I agree, no one should wear any part of a dog. Then, tell me Nazanin, can we have at least beaver?


Do you know how many animals....?

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

When I was working in a NYC bank once I heard bunch of brokers talk about this story:

A woman wearing a fur coat was passing by and bunch of protesters appraoched her saying:

"Do you know how many animals have been killed to make this fur coat?"

She replied:

" Do you know how many animals I have F***ed to get this coat?"



Thanks "Naazokbin"

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

You're right insofar-as this problem is (unfortunately) not limited to Donna Karan. Also, the point of this post is not for me to "pick on" DKNY. Fur/"faux fur" is something I want others to be aware of. This is a very recent case and that is why I'm posting this.


Another Dumb or Jealous Individual?

by Naazokbin (not verified) on

Ms. Ghasemian,
Now, tell me how different you are from Donna Karen?
She designs her clothes with the intention to sell and you used a cheap way of selling your and idea and ultimately yourself to the readers of this site.

One more thing:
You say millions of animals, so DKNY isn't the only designer using them, if she does as you claim. Why pick on one designer, then?


marg bar you

by shredder (not verified) on

marg ber you bitch!
Oh, wait this is not about Shah?


DKNY = Donna Karan

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

I just realized that most people probably encounter DKNY. Keep in mind that the source is still Donna Karan. And as Niki wittily points out, it is NAJESS! Although, I'm afraid saying that may encourage certain people want to buy more.