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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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Re: Hey Jendeh Dozarri

by Big pimpin (not verified) on

Dude @ least she's mastered a language. You've written in two languages & have managed to shit on both w/ your vocabulary. I understand though, if I didn't have anything to say I'd use the same words. KESAHFAT!



by Nazanin Ghasemian on

You'll be back. You said you were finished responding to me yet you still visit the blog. You're always welcome, even though you resort to calling me names and posting other people's papers when you respond.

If you think I'm unoriginal and you have better ideas, register and write your essay. It will require courage, but I'm sure you can stand a bit of criticism since you're heavily armed with a colorful vocabulary and the ideas of the Claremont Institute.


Nazanin: You have a problem

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

Nazanin: You have a problem with comprehension. You're hopeless. I didn't say the Islamic republic is a self-appointed entity (which in essence is anyway). I meant they have self-appointed themselves to defeat "US imperialism" and the "arrogant powers"/

You have nothing original to say...because you don't really read and you're cluless. I couldn't care less about monarchists. They are just as stupid as you. You are no different than the monarchist. In fact, you share a great deal in common.....I'm done. You're too ignorant.


We Learn History So We Do Not Repeat It

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Even a US textbook wouldn't classify the Iranian government self-appointed.
To counter what I deemed a strong message you post papers that call for a military attack against Iran. 

We learn history so that we do not repeat it. The last time Monarchists asked the United States to do their dirty work in Iran, it haunted the shah until the end of his reign and it haunts his son as the reason he has no wide-scale support outside of Westwood and Tysons Corner. 
Your papers are like CIA Op. Ajax sprinkled with military threats. "We should definitely be encouraging a fundamental political transformation within its borders" and lastly we should target with military force. And they consider Iran an aggressor?
Sad that anyone is getting paid at Claremont or elsewhere for writing these kinds of "strategies", considering what history has taught us about their failures when implemented in the Middle East and beyond.


Nazanine: Again, you can't

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

Nazanine: Again, you can't connect the dots and see the writings on the wall. The Islamic Republic doesn't want peace. They need a war to survive (at least that's what the hardliners think); hence, their hegemonic aspiration not only in Iraq but across the greater ME (Syria, Bahrain, etc) because they think they have a chance to come out as a winner and build their delusional Islamic Shia caliphate. It was only a few weeks ago where the newly appointed head of the IRGC said, "the chaos and instability in Iraq is good for Iran" because while the U.S. is busy in Iraq, we will be safe."


< Dozens died in Syrian-Iranian chemical weapons experiment’
“Proof of cooperation between Iran and Syria in the proliferation and development of weapons of mass destruction was brought to light Monday in a Jane’s Magazine report that dozens of Iranian engineers and 15 Syrian officers were killed in a July 23 accident in Syria.>>

Your knowledge of facts is weak, not to say nonexistent. Your understanding of issues is very poor, not to say idiotic. Your command of concepts and theory is opaque, not to say entirely muddled.

Thus, I'm going to save my breath because the problem is that your arguments are not in good faith. You already have a well-established point of view, and it's pretty much that of the mullah's regime. And it's painfully evident by your transparent recitation of the talking points of the official theocratic doctrine and indoctrination. Reasoned argument and evidence means nothing to you reformers if it doesn't corroborate your self-serving view of things.

The tactic for the reformers and usual appeaser(Takeyh, Nasr, Richard Hasse, Gary Sick) is to fuel a permanent hope that the Iranian power structure is experiencing a self-transformation to a more pragmatic regime that will eventually accommodate international norms. For these pro-Tehran champions, whatever happens in Iran, there would be a pragmatic faction ready to have a deal with the U.S! "

The Islamic Republic has to decide whether it wants to be a Nation or a cause...And I think after recent performance by Ahamdinejad in NY, even the democrats are beginning to see right through the reformers rhetoric and realize that they don't really have any power. What is so scary is the depth of the Islamic Republic's delusion about its status in the world, especially the Arab/Sunni world.

I'm going to say this in conclusion: Twenty-eight years ago, The Islamic Republic has self-appointed itself to defeat the "Great Satan" and defeat "US Imperialism" singlehandedly.(See that article by IHT


The regime is ultimately driven by the ideological goals that the Khomeini set out for the Islamic Republic... more on that some other time...


Hey Jendeh Dozarri

by Abgousht on

You wouldn't be wearing that toilet rag around your stupid head if you had any dignity. The problem with cunts like you is that because you master the English language you think we can't see through you!? You should be double-penetrated!?!


Twisting the Iraqi political landscape

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

You're referring to papers that suggest Iran has "complicated Coalition efforts to establish a stable democracy there."

Before all this attention on Iran's role in Iraq, there was never a track for stable democracy. These papers rely on administration advisors and CIA analysts who are trained to look for a cause to bomb Iran. There is no signal for peace or serious dialogue.


Typo alert: policy not

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

Typo alert:
policy not policsy. I shouldn't be typing so fast.


US Policsy toward

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

US Policsy toward Iran


Forging an Iran strategy:



Get your head out of the soaking sand, lady. While you're at it read this before you grossly pervert the name of democracy and calling the IR an "Islmaic Democracy".


The silent majority of Iranians who truly care about Iran are onto reformist propagnda. You're trying too hard.



by Nazanin Ghasemian on

The introduction/mission statement of the Claremont makes them the perfect avenue for espousing ridiculous ideas about how to make a case for war. Thanks for posting this link.
One of the people the argument hinges on: Expert Plagiarist Michael Ledeen who considers Iran a "Radical Arab State."
"A better way to think about our enemies has been put forth by Michael Ledeen, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a long-time EXPERT (?) on Middle Eastern terrorism. Ledeen has likened our foes to mafia families.3 Sometimes they feud over localized turf disputes, but when confronted by an outside enemy they are certainly capable of lethal collusion." (P 15)
In making a case against the Iranian government it's weak to quote the individual who helped sell arms to the nation he claims is run by MAFIA. It is Ledeen who behaves like a Mafioso, given his past in signing up to arrange arms deals to governments he claims he is set against toppling. They are really reaching when they have to turn to Michael Ledeen. 


Iran's proxy war against

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

Iran's proxy war against America: