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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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RE: Nazi-aspirant Ghoh-mean

by Big Pimpin (not verified) on

I don't agree a 100% w/ what the blogger has to say, but have ever heard the saying: "the pot calling the kettle black"? Talk about regurgitation & repetitive...Geesh!


does not merit what???

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

"does not merit a serious reply"

what was her point again that "does not merit a serious reply?"

she argued Iranians will never accept US invasion to "free" them. It's a no brainer.Unless most people here do believe Iran needs to be freed from the Mullahs by any means.

Is her hijab blinding most " secular progressive" Iranians here? These so called reformers who lament over how " Islam", (yes Islam,not Iranians) is destroying our civilization are more eager to judge her based on her hijab.

To assume Iranians in Iran do not love Islam is silly and to assume Iranians who choose to wear hijab as IR's stalwart is an example of a much bigger stupidity and if you may, a form of bigotry.


Just ignore her

by A true reformist (not verified) on

There is a large group of bloggers who simply write to bolster their much repressed ego and they measure the success or failure of their post by the number of hits they get back from the readers. Ghasemian is one such person. There is no content in her posts and yet she is receiving a huge ego-boost by the number of replys she gets from the readers who have no better thing to do than writing nonsense. Please just ignore such non-seriois and purely rhetorical posts and let them disappear into the thin air. By the way, one should never consider such replys, as have appeared on this page, as a measure of their success - if anything it shows how cheap and worthless is the orginal post that has received so much equally cheap and worthless replys. Sorry Ghasemian, your writing does not merit a serious reply.


Wow, I feel sorry for you

by Anonymousz (not verified) on

Wow, I feel sorry for you Nazanin. Please stop writing and read:

//apostate.wordpress.com/about/why-i-left-isl... and do some reading.

Iran's revolution:



IF you still want to follow Islam, try to learn the real Islam not Khomeini's brand of Islam:



This is for you Hajieh

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on


Think About It

by Well Said By an Iranian (not verified) on

Think About It
"The Islamic colonization of mind and body endures to this date and has been a millionth time more devastating to our nation than any Western colonization ever could inflict upon a nation."


Nazi-aspirant Ghoh-mean

by !@#*&^%$#!!!! (not verified) on

Your so-called "arguments" are just regurgitated
dogmatic, mindless, zombiesque, robotic, broken-
record, cult-mind-fucked, repetitive slogans nailed
into your skull by the mullahs who have reduced,
battered and abused Iranian women into a state of
subhuman slavery.

Instead of standing up for your rights, and the natural rights of all women, to be be treated as
equals, with all of humanity's "inalienable rights",-
instead of such rightful self-assertion for yourself
and your gender,- you wear the symbol of your bondage, enslavement and meek, passive submission, on
your head, and around your neck. You accept your
status as an inferior and despised human being passively and mindlessly,- which is exactly what the
mullahs want you and all other women to do.

In other words, you betray yourself, your gender,
and the innate rights of all human beings to freedom
and dignity, when you accept the self-serving lies
and arbitrary dogmas of the tyrannical oppressors
dominating your thoughts and expressions.

Your writings show no evidence of clear, analytical,
critical and balanced thinking. There is no true
self-awarness, illuminating insights, or reasoned discourse that might be persuasive to a person with
common sense.

Merely repeating the same preconceptions and slogans
is just counterproductive.

Unless you see the light by a more honset self-analysis, and a more informed, dispassionate and
objective understanding of your enviroment, you
are doomed to endless failure, frustration and


The fact?

by Cyrus Khan (not verified) on

1. You demand that I speak to the "facts" you present in your confused piece. Sorry, madam, the verbiage you strung together does not qualify as facts.
2. You demand that I should leave the matter of your mental state to "real doctor." Well, madam, here is a fact that supports my argument that you urgently need mental health help. You see, you jump to the unwarranted conclusion that I am not a "real doctor." Why so? Just because I bother to respond to the trash you spew? I may or may not be a "real doctor." But, what is a real evidence of your confused and shallow thinking is that you go ahead and assume that I have no professional qualifications to diagnose you as a person in need of psychological help.
3. As awful as the West and America may be to you Islamists -- and in fact there are things that are abhor-able about the Western culture -- they afford any individual, including a creature like you, the opportunity to speak his/her mind without the fear of retribution by Allah's goons. Recall what happened to those precious brave Amir Kabir students who had the courage of booing the Hitler-wannabee when he showed up at their campus? Some of the students are dead, some are in prison being tortured, some in hiding , and some had to flee the country. Now, that's evil, what these deranged Islamists are doing to the land of Cyrus and his children. And you and your ilk have the gull to defend Islamist evil. Go, get help. Mark my word. You need it.


That thing on your head

by Caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

Could you and your friends please go back to Iran?
Or better still, go to Saudi Arabia and join the burqah brigade. Get out of the Western world, please.


beguiled ideology

by sz (not verified) on

Some, and thankfully a minute minority, in the Diaspora, mostly of confused Islamic and or materialistic parentage look to radical Islam as a way to wiping clean their perceived past misdeeds and starting anew. What they neglect to see is their new found savior is a monster in sheep’s clothing. Before they know it they are hooked line and sinker into a murderous cultish ideology that has the world divided into Islamic believers of their brand and infidels. It is a pity that most if not all these wayward simpletons have a kind heart to begin with and end up as a mirror image of their beguiled ideology


Cheney's aid : Regime Change in Iran

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on


I love you Nazanin!! You are

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

I love you Nazanin!!

You are not ashamed to say that you are an Iranian and a Muslim,unlike most Iranians in the US.

As long as we have Reza Pahlavi,Cagan,Ledeen and Wursmers who think they can walk into our holy land and enslave us, we have to speak up and spit back.


Your ideas are the product of your Islamic masters in Iran...

by Omar (not verified) on

so please write your ideas on toilet paper and then wipe yourself with them, since that's all YOUR IDEAS worth...


Respond to my ideas rather than commenting on me personally

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Leave medicine to a real doctor.

On the topic of my blog entry, please comment on my ideas and stop talking about me personally. That's why Iranians have such a negative view of politics.
I'd appreciate it if in the future you'd make an attempt to respond coherently using at least one fact. By using that approach, you'll probably feel compelled to put your name to any serious idea you come up with. Otherwise, you're going to continue replying to all future blog entries I write saying "you're sick. go to a doctor". Worst of all, you're unable to contribute anything toward having a productive debate.


I love you Nazanin!!! Keep writing what you're writing!

by mehdi (not verified) on

Finally I am able to read an article by someone who has actually been to Iran!! Don't worry about all of the garbage that everybody is saying what you're writing about is exactly what I have been feeling for the past 2 years. A majority of these accusing wolves have never even been to Iran; they have just heard about it from the US media and from overly nostalgic parents.


Nazanin, you may need some anal sex to open your eyes..

by Yazid (not verified) on



Get help

by Cyrus Khan (not verified) on

Frankly Miss, after reading your reply I became convinced that you need psychological help. It is no shame to suffer psychologically. It is just another form of class of illnesses that we are all susceptible to. You are terribly disoriented and you make no sense at all. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that you are displaying symptoms of schizophrenia. Hence, there is no reason at all to harp on a sick person. What you need is treatment and I, for one, wish you well. You are just too mixed up even for the mullahs to put you on their payroll. Take care.


Nazanin Naz Makon

by changiz khan (not verified) on

I suggest you educate yourself by reading my comments here ( //iranian.com/main/blog/ghool/president-b...) before the bombs start falling and see why you need to be "taken out." No we don't need sham-educated mullahs Mamas like you. We have already such educated female intellectuals that dwarf the likes of you when it comes to the depth and beadth of their understnadig of the concepts of love, war or faith. So in two simple words Nazanin: Piss Off! Yes, piss off back to the mullahs that have produced you as in this quarter your have nothing to sell - not even your abhorable self.

Thank you and good ridance.


khafe, already!

by mohamad (not verified) on

when are you ever going to shut up? you don't speak for iranian people. your arguments are despicable because you never criticize the islamic republic and only change the subject to suit your needs i.e. promotion of islamic regime. you talk about "islam" -- whatever happened to ayatollah boroujerdi who is being tortured in evin? he is not a muslim? you selfish islamofascist lackey, you are not fooling anybody here but yourself! btw, it's "we don't need ANY education" not "we don't need no education" beesavad!


More Shocking

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

If you want anyone to believe anything you say you should first disclose who you are, then disclose who my "friends" are. But since you're a coward, you're going to make false allegations. It suits you. 

I've explained my connection to "Zoroastrianism". As for supporting monarchists, I attended their protests. Looking back, I've realized how stupid it was. Especially when the so called head of the monarchy movement (Reza Pahlavi) doesn't bother to attend these "protests". 
It's sad to see that you all have to attack me in a public forum because you feel threatened by my past or don't like my opinions. 
I welcome you to continue reading my writing here, regardless of how much it challenges your political views.



by Jesus (not verified) on

This is the same girl who until couple years ago was a staunch monarchists, used to party and go clubbing all over the DC metro area, introduced herself to the rest of us as a zoroasterian, hated Islam, always talked nasty about arabs, and how they imposed religion on us. How can she come here with a straight face and say the complete opposite? I know how, it is all about the green cash coming from tehran. I guess IR has managed to add another agent to their pay roll. I talked to couple of friends in the DC area, and asked them about her, they are telling me she is gone crazy, just a complete psycho now. It makes sense after reading her writing..


You remind me of human garbage, Fuck your Islam and

by Omar (not verified) on

please do not forget your aftabeh before touching your keyboard.


As mast ke bar mast

by Cyrus Khan (not verified) on

Well folks, for as long as we have creatures like this contorted devious person, we are going to wallow in the quagmire of islamic deception, torture, fanaticism. Iran will never be free with people like you, true believers, paid mercenaries, or a brain-dead parrots. I bet you were one of those police-women who wielded truncheons on those true Iranian women who were putting themselves on the line to demand equal rights with men for worms like you. Shame on you and your savage islamic handlers.


I say either you are very naive or very marmolak (cunning).

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Interesting when you say: "including the large Muslim population that some of you here are denying"!!!

I will not touch on any argument raised. However, when you refer to Iranians not as a nation but by religion of Islam, I say either you are very naive or very marmolak (cunning).



by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Heed not the blind eye, the echoing ear, nor yet the tongue, but bring this great debate the test of reason.


Jihadist software Propaganda Program

by Anti-Terrorist cell (not verified) on

Are you sure you're a human being? Are you sure you're not an in-house software program, developed by the IRI's Intelligence Ministry to run on this site in a loop?



by bob (not verified) on

crazy monarchists!


crimes against humanity

by 10042007 (not verified) on

You filthy child-murdering psychopath!

Just look at Azarin Sadegh's report on the
despicable crimes committed by you and your
filthy kind against the children and the people
of Iran!

You are all murderous criminals and will be brought
to justice.