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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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Thanks for the attenion!

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

This blog entry has nothing to do with Islam or the Iranian government. If you have concerns with either, please address them elsewhere. Start by writing blogs with your own ideas.

Also, if anyone from the Iranian government is reading this: please send all money in British currency, as the dollar is dropping and Alan Greenspan has suggested we diversify our investments.


Anonymous1974- You are a big idiot!

by Anonymous1974B (not verified) on

The number of Civilians killed in Vietnam was about 580,000 (killed by the US, Viet Cong, North Vietnam Army, South Vietnam Army). You say that this number is more than the number killed by the Moslem Fanatics around the world. Lets start from the First Muslim Fanatic (Your Dear Prophet Mohammad), Lets count 1400 years or rape, conquest and murder by the muslim world (this is not to say that the Christians were innocent). Also, the Muslims have killed more muslims than anyone else. Just this century: million muslims in the Iraq war, over 100K muslims in the last five years in Iraq, The great Taliban (over 50,000 muslims killed), Saddam (killed 300,000 of his own)...just to name a few- there are many more- look at what the muslims are doing in Darfur.

Also, the US has saved the world about 50 times already (world war I, II, from the hands of the Soviets so you can have the freedom to pray to Allah all day)....... Additionally, whoever the US country) has destroyed, it has helped to rebuild (Germany & Japan & the Marshall Plan for Europe). Why do yo0u think the Germans and the Japanese have one of the strongest economies in the world after they were decimated by the Americans?
The US is the most humane empire to exist in human history (not that its perfect- it has made many mistakes). Out of its humanity, it will attack your Islamic Republic of Iran in order to stop it from committing future crimes against humanity. At the end less people will die than if your beloved Islamic Regime accomplishes its goals.


To I want to know

by Jesus (not verified) on

From her answer to your very smart question, you can see why we have such a dislike for charlattans, and degenerates like her. She examplifies what Iranians hate in Islamists, "Arab invasion brought law to a lawless country, arrival of Islam on the Iranian plataue was actually like civilizing a group of lost people, therefore that invasion was justified". What I hate most about them is not they pretend to care about Iran while they actually care about stealing the Iranian wealth, and protecting Islam.
There are many geniune anti-war Iranians who love their country, but they are consistent, they have one standard, and we can certainly disagree in a civil way. What we can not tolerate are islamists clothing themselves as peace activists.
When it comes to peace and war, Islamist have no problem justifying war against anything that damages the intereste of Islam.
Nazanin continues to be one of the most despicable characters I have met. Only if you knew her few year ago, she examplified and sets the standard in "turn-coating".


Today's Iranian neocons were yesterdays' MKO "freedom fighters"

by Anonymous1974 (not verified) on

You have to realize that the microbes advocating an attack against Iran are the same animals who supported Saddam against Iran in the 1980s. The U.S. government is a piece-of-garbage, murderous entity. It killed more civilians in Vietnam alone than all the Muslim fanatics of the world combined. Any Iranian who supports such a bloodthirsty entity is a traitor, pure and simple. Most of these subhumans are lowlifes who do dirty work for the U.S. and Israeli governments. You didn't succeed in 1988, and you won't succeed now.



by Nazanin Ghasemian on

I can't give you an answer that is to your satisfaction because I can't imagine ancient life and its lawlessness. Today the rule of law guides nations in resolving disputes. Thanks for reading.


I don't think You get it Nazanin Joon

by Anonymous IRI Hater (not verified) on

The reasoning behind some people (IRANIANS AS well) wishing an attack on Iran is very simple. This Islamic Regime is very dangerous to world security and it has done nothing (especially since President Ahmadinejad has come to power) to make the world think otherwise. Just look at all the stupid statements he makes. They are dangerous.

I (including many other peace loving people)believe that if the Mullahs get their hands on nukes one day, more Iranians will die at the hands of the west (many more Iranians).

This Regime that you love to protect has expansionist policies (through proxies right now). Who the hell knows what they will do with nuclear weapons......

for example1) they can Cut off oil supplies, 2)control oil supplies, 3) attack their Sunie oil rich nations or block the Straits of Hormuz in order to increase oil prices to make more money because of their failed economic polices. There is a lot more they can do than the above. I am just trying to make it simple for you.

Accordingly, its better to get rid of them now, with a few thousand/hundred thousand killed, than later with a few million innocent Iranians killed. Right now, without nukes, they are nothing. Nothing! The US (really the entire west since the French, the Brits and all of Europe support it)can finish them off in a few days without a land invasion.

So, we really love Iran and Iranians and want to save the lives of more Iranians by supporting the eventual attack that will take place soon. The west is not stupid, they will not fall for the lies of this regime and they will prevent it from becoming a regional power. With power you need to be responsible. These turban heads are not responsible. They only care about preserving the fake system of the Velayateh Faqih. They must be destroyed at any price before they lead the country to mass distruction.


Re: Nazanin: I want an answer from you please.

by I Want to know (not verified) on

Nazanin, as you know, today there are some Iranians that support a US-Iran war. Their reasoning is that the IRI and the clergy are corrupt, that the clergy's dictatorship and "ekhtenaagh" reaches even the most private affairs of Iran's citizens, that Iran almost has a caste system with the mullahs on top, that Iran is being torn from its foundation, that the people are fed up with this regime, and so on. Therefore the US should bomb Iran in a way that the regime falls and a new goverment, even a pro-west one, replaces the mullah's regime. Then things will get better for Iranians.
That is their reasoning. There are other Iranians, including you and I, who oppose this view. We believe that war is never good and nothing beneficial to the common Iranian would come out of a war.
So far you and I are in agreement. But I'd like to know your opinion on one subject. I want to know if we agree in that subject too or not.
As we know, during the end of the Sassanid dynasty, there were Iranians (eg, Salmane Farsi) who openly supported an Iran-Arab war. Their reasoning was similar to today's Iranians' reasons: That Iran's ruling class was corrupt, that the clergy had a forceful hand in every aspect of Iranians' life, and the country's foundation was laid in waste. Therefore, they supported and Iran-Arab war, and they even greeded the Arab army with "open arms". Of course, there were those Iranians who opposed and fought the Arab invaders with everything that they got, and sadly they paid a heavy price for it too.
I know the Iran-Arab war and an Iran-US war can not be compared since almost the entire Arab population wanted to immigirate and live in Iran and impose their religion and culture on Iranians, and Americans just want to have an eye on the oil and to keep Iran from becoming the dominant power in the region. But here is my question anyway:
If, by magic, you would be taken back in time to that period of our history, whom would you side with? The Arab invaders and their Iranian supporters, or the Iranians who fought against the Arabs?
I look forward to your answer.


Thanks for Keep'n it REAL!!

by Mehdi (not verified) on

I am so glad that you have posted this article because the presence of such hateful "eye-rainians" has really had me questioning if they had even been to Iran; or whether they learned about it from FOX News.

Please keep writing (you are a force for good in this online community)

The same hateful people who insult you are the people who supported Saddam when he massacred normal everyday Iranians during the 1980's. (ie. MKO, etc)



by no_name (not verified) on

Most of us who live here do because we hate IRI Regime and tolerate all the "where are you from" questions because the opportunities and freedoms are far more valuable than the alien existence that we have.

We care for our people in Iran and the future of the country and would love for thing to get better.

BUT YOU HAVE TO BE DUMBER THAN A BRICK or an Israeli/neocons agent in disguise to think bombing Iran will make things better. For the brick-heads who do, I suggest reading all the intelligence report by CIA about Iraq from 80s till now and look at the Iraq situation now and you will come to the conclusion the Iraq's current situation and civil war was not an accident or miscalculation.

Former speaker Gingrich, former head of CIA, woolsey and the necons players are publicly stating their plans of creating a civil war situation in Iran and dividing the country.

Do you all really think, this will improve things? What will you think is going to happen? The Mullahs will still control central Iran and the periphery of the country will go to Arab states, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan and etc.

What you will get is majority of people still in control of the Mullahs, but without much revenue from oil, you'll have poverty and extremist control of people without any revenue to rebuild what was destroyed by the bombs.


Goozidam behet Anonymous!

by Goozidam beh rishet (not verified) on

You throw your thick skull out of the window ASAP. Didn't you know that Khorsandi gets his Teryaak money from the mollas? Khaab boodi? baazam bekhaab!


Now Everyone works for IRI

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

She quoted Hadi Khorsandi and you are saying she works for Iranian lobby? Throw away your keyboard ASAP. You're too dumb to have it.


Save Islam by destroying the theocracy in Iran

by changiz khan (not verified) on

Ms Ghasemian, remember that Islam is not a monopoly of yours and your beloved mollas in Iran. If there was a minimum of decency in you and were not so in love with the hate-filled regime of Teheran, you would not have protected them so vocally. You are a petty hypocrite who talks about hate but is lobbying for the most hate-mongering regime in the world. I only laugh at your sorry ass.


Thanks Nazanin

by Bavafa on

I couldn't agree more, putting nationality, religion aside I just can't believe how some folks could so easily advocate war on a nation.  I wil bet not one of them have seen the affect of war up close and personal.  It is simply shameful.