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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


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by Kammy (not verified) on

Shame on those of you using words like "cunt" and making childish puns of classic Iranian name and telling her to "f*ck off." Vaghean bayad khejalat bekeshin.What kind of language is this in a political discussion? Ya mesle adamizad harf bezanin ya harf nazanin and stop embarassing yourselves and Iranians. How can you expect to be taken seriously if you cannot have a discussion like civilized people? This LAAT way of speaking puts you at no higher a level than the mollahs.

I have not seen the referenced movie, but the argument is well-crafted. To those accusing her of supporting mollahs, know this basic concept: a straw-man argument will only destroy YOUR credibility by making it apparent that you could not even grasp the meaning of her post.

The motives are not limited to money, but of course money is a motive. Why do you think people strive for political power? With it would come money, power, prestige, fame...what so many people dream of. This isn't rocket science. Their current financial state cannot buy and is not buying them all of the aforementioned.
One poster says:
"Since in all your writings you talk about them, as if they are very important and they actually do have any kind of decision making power over Iranians lives."

Again, this reinforces that RP's current financial state has not brought him everything he would have with a serious political position.

Those making lewd sexual comments toward the author are the ones with psychosexual disorders. If you want to separate yourselves from the mollahs, stop imitating them with disrespectful objectification of women.


Thank you for reading!

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

I really appreciate it.
Some of you take exile politics too seriously. It's a relief you're not actual politicians.


Woman scorned!

by curious??? (not verified) on


You remind us of the old saying "Hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned".

Were you jilted and abandoned by both Ledeen and

Is that the reason for your obsessive-compulsive
fixation on these guys?

Or are you so confused that you really think that
these two guys run America and make all its policies?

Or is it all just a twisted and warped expression of
your Freudian penis-envy?

Just clarify your motives. Ledeen and Pahlavi would
like to know.


the question of money

by NorCal (not verified) on

"On the one hand idiots like you accuse Reza Pahlavi and his family of stealing billions of dollars. Then why in the world would he want to get money from CIA!?"
The money his father stole is for Reza himself to maintain his lifestyle (ie not working for a living). The money he gets from the Americans is for pushing his and the US political agenda. Two separate piles of money intended for two separate expenses. Surely you don't expect Reza to spend his own money to further the American agenda. Why would he (or anyone) do that?.
Reza Pahlavi, just like his father, is a NOKAR of the US. He gets paid for rendering a service which furthers the cause of his master. There is no reason for the Nokar to spend his own money to advance the cause of his Arbab. Specially when the Arbab is willing to pay top dollars.


Nazanin is enjoying another Islamic cock...

by Anonymouss (not verified) on



Band of sisters

by Fozulbashi (not verified) on

Deliberations of Ghasemian are not worthy of debate. Every time and again, we get a Reborne-Mulsim-Bitch (it is almost invariably a woman) who has rediscovered Islam and is embracing it with all it assumed glory. So far we have had Nahid Shafiei, and a couple of others and now we have Ghasemian. I feel seriosuly sorry for the nation whose Islamic revivalist are such morons who lack education and even finesse.


Islamist hatemongering

by Fred (not verified) on

Islamists have to hate to justify their very reason for being. The object of their hatemongering, as inconsequential as they might be, is irrelevant; it is the discharging of their venom that energizes them.


Are you PR for Ledeen and Reza Pahlavi?

by Anonymous and wondering (not verified) on

I am wondering if you are working for Michael Ledeen or for Reza Pahlavi. Since in all your writings you talk about them, as if they are very important and they actually do have any kind of decision making power over Iranians lives.

If you are honest and you really don't like them, then why you just keep reminding us of their importance?

As your readers, we are getting tired of them and if you continue praising these guys, we will get tired of you too.