Winter Again

Winter Again
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Winter Again

Old closed wounds,
awakened by scent of snow again,
Gone to the tavern once again
My lungs full of frozen air
How did I reach you again!
With what magic and in what way
World sleeps again,
with dreams of Spring, with no alibi
Another drunken night passes by
My heart is warm and my mind wordless,
entangled with your affliction again


Footnote: Original poem by Orang Gholikhani.  Blog Image, watercolor by Vincent Van Gogh; 'Winter, In Life As Well'.


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by yaar on


This site even ranks them lower (about 77%, although it belongs to 2002),
almost the same as UNESCO. Literacy">"Literacy: definition: age
15 and over can read and write
total population:
77% male:
83.5% female:
70.4% (2002 est.)?"


Sorry for formatting. I don't know how to properly format text. I have used
the tags given and they don't work, I have sent 2 emails to the contact us
given, no response. How do you paragraph break?




by Mehrban on

You are getting way too good at this translation thing.  You need to give a whirl on some of Forough's poems.  There are some real sorry translations of them out there.  

Very nice job. 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

rather early for the winter gloom! i usually get into this part of the cycle around end of February.

right now got the xmas hols and skiing (i hope) to look forward to :)




by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

     Wow! You are translated another poem.....sad and romantic....I have not seen another site with more poetry than IC.......I did not see a single poem on CNN or Yahoo sites......:O).....I am really impressed by the Iranians' poetry-writing ability and creativity.

     I got curious and did a search on Iran's literacy rate ranking in the world....I expected Iran at least to rank #1 in Middle East in literacy rate.........I can't believe what I found:.....Iran's literacy rate ranks #121 in the world, lower than many Arab countries, like KSA, PA, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE........another shocker is that PA's literacy rate ranks #2 in the world even though it is under the occupation! .....Iran has way more universities than can KSA have higher literacy rate than Iran?.....I really believe UNESCO's data is flawed......there is no way Iran ranks so low in term of literacy rate after seeing so many beautiful poetry written by Iranians......

Thank you for sharing!

Here is a wintry video from Iran, the singer got a great voice!

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on