Silence of Cherry Blossoms

Multiple Personality Disorder
by Multiple Personality Disorder



Silence of Cherry Blossoms 

Silence shakes,
and forgotten is the raucous

In desert, sadness befalls,
and anger chokes

Blossoms are the mourners,
for the dying land,
that, with pain, screams,
and its skin it tears

World has imprisoned its winds,
and unjust, in silence,
it kills dreams

The free die under the sun,
and nature takes its revenge on time

Silence shakes,
and this year, no one
jubilates for cherry blossoms

Footnote: The original poem in Farsi by Orang Gholikhani.    


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by Latina on



Thank you for sharing your translation of the poem. 



by yolanda on

Thank you, MPD, for translating this Japanese flavored Farsi poem. It is sad that Japan is hit with earthquakes, tsunami, volcano eruption, and nuclear disaster at the same time!

Here is the latest:

A United Nations forecast projects the radioactive plume from the Fukushima facility would reach the Aleutian Islands on Thursday and hit Southern California late on Friday, The New York Times reported.



So beauftiful. Thank you

by vildemose on

So beauftiful. Thank you MPD and Orang aziz. I feel a true sadness when I think about what these people are enduring right now.

Grieving for lost friends and relatives, displaced (half a million homeless and 200,000 evacutated) from homes with no certainty about even the most basic of needs, trying to care children and the elderly in the midst of all that. I would surely be in a state of despair. I hope they are at least able to find some kind of way to stay warm where ever they are.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

MPD , thanks for the translation .... nice job  

and  I love your ID and Avator  ... it's so cool  : )

Soosan Khanoom

Red Wine Aziz

by Soosan Khanoom on

i agree .......... the news are so disturbing these days ...

Have you heard this ?  " no news means good news "

well these days all we are hearing is news and more news ... and only bad news make it to media :(



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

م پ د جان بسیار عزیز ...

کاش میشد این اثر شما و اورنگ عزیز را به ژاپنی ترجمه کرده و نشان دوستان ژاپنی دهم.

عجب روزهایی بر ما می‌گذرد... سخت،طاقتفرسا.. دیروز ایران،امروز ژاپن،فردا دوباره ایران و روز دیگر جای دیگر و دائم اخبار بد !

این آهنگ را دلم می‌خواهد به آن گوش کنی‌،این به شیوه موسیقی‌ فولکوریک ژاپنی (Enka) خوانده شده است،امیدوارم که از آن خوشت آید.


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