Tirgan Short Story Contest

by msabaye

Have you ever thought about the number of words you use in your speaking or writing? If you write regularly or speak professionally, the chances are, you have. Now, here is a challenge for you: if you had 2500 words to tell a story, what would you write?  

Tirgan 2011 invites those with an interest in writing to participate in Tirgan Short Story Contest: you have 2500 words to tell your story in Persian.

Here is another challenge: you have until February 15th, 2011.

Every word counts just as every day counts. So, first visit the website to find out the rules. Then let your imagination run wild, grab a pen or a computer, and do your best to make a name for yourself in Persian literature.

Stories will be judged in two rounds; a selection of those that reach the semi-final stage will be published in a collection. The top three winners will receive cash prizes as well.

For information, please visit:


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