Shiraz and its Sky

Shiraz and its Sky
by msabaye

Shiraz is very much like some human beings who make it easy for others to love them. It is easy to love Shiraz: who wouldn't love brooks with wafting aroma of Jasmine? who wouldn't adore gardens, flowers, and poetry? who can resist being near Hafez, Sa'di, Khawju, ... ? culture and art? drinking icy fragrant extracts or eating a thousand different pickles?

Shiraz has it all. But there is one thing Shiraz humbly offers that I love best: its sky. The city's ultimate ceiling is unlike anything I have seen anywhere. It is vast and mostly clear with occasional bits of clouds here and there. I have heard about Kahnouj in Kirman where people say one can touch the stars. Until I see that, my first vote for the sky goes to Shiraz. Next time you are there, try to look it up (no pun intended), it is quite something.

Photo: Quran Gate - Shiraz

Maria Sabaye, 1996


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Maryam Hojjat

Kerman has most beatiful Stary Sky at Night.

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for your great blog.



by Mehrban on

بده ساقی می باقی که در جنت نخواهی یافت

 کنار آب رکن‌آباد و گلگشت مصلا را

Arash Kamangir

Shiraz I will see you again

by Arash Kamangir on

I left shiraz a long time ago and I have not been able to visit my hometown ever since. I always remember Shiraz when I smell a rose.


شیراز در شعر




خوشا تفرج نوروز خاصه در شیراز
که بر کند دل مرد مسافر از وطنش
* * *
باد صبح و خاک شیراز آتشی است
هر که را در وی گرفت آرام نیست
* * *
خوشا شیراز و وضع بی مثالش
خداوندا نگهدار از زوالش
* * *
شیراز و آب رکنی و این باد خوش نسیم
عیبش مکن که خال رخ هفت کشور است
* * *
صفا هونم صفا هونم چه جا بی
که هر یاری گرفتم بی وفا بی
شوم یکسر برونم تا به شیراز
که در هر منزلش صد آشنا بی
«باباطاهر عریان»
* * *
هر باغبان که گل به سوی برزن آورد
شیراز را دوباره بیاد من آورد
«لطفعلی صورتگر»
* * *
هر که بیند همچو من شیراز را فصل بهار
می زند بی شک از این جا پشت پا بر هر دیار
«فریدون مشیری»


سپیده دم چوشود تازه ازصبا شیراز

خوشاهوای مصلی و حبذاشیراز

ناصربخاری شاعرقرن هشتم

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Nowhere, absolutely nowhere in the world can beat the night sky of Isfahan..........Thanks for your beautiful blog which revived some precious memories of numerous sleepless nights at the military base there, where we, a bunch of young officers, were told and thought we could grab the stars down.........what an illusion.........for the stars were in fact too far, and the liar Commander in Chief was too incapable...................



by Abarmard on

Nice. Thanks for the blog.