Letter to a Land I Left in a Rush

by msabaye

Dear Manitoba;

You took me in your infinite arms, you made me feel safe and secure. And I wandered in your vast fields looking at your never-ending horizon. I never took a moment to stare at your starry nights though. I don't know why or perhaps I do. You see, I was too young and ambitious, perhaps a bit foolish. I wanted to explore the frontiers of science, and you, in all your vastness, seemed too closed, too small.

I left, but the truth is that I never really left. I often thought about you. I wanted to come back. And I did. Do you remember? I walked about in the streets wondering about the years that had left me. You gave me so much. Most of my great memories. So many accomplishments. I didn't give you all the attention you deserved. I never stared at your "starry nights that will never end". Why am I writing this now? Because someone bothered to remind me of all that goodness in you that I was foolishly hasting to put behind. Will you forgive me?

You do forgive me, I know. It is amazing. In that huge heart of yours, the world itself can fit, and yet a tiny grudge can never make itself at home.

To Rachel, JP, Tannis, and Lewis.


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