La La La Human Steps

by msabaye

I watched a dance performance by La La La Human Steps. Apart from the incredible physical ability of the dancers, I cannot say much about it. Repetitions of movements and poses followed by more repetitions. I sat there marveling at their energy and complexity, but soon I grew tired of it as it kept happening again and again and again with fairly boring video installations in between.

Surely, technical ability is a huge part of dance, but it isn't all. Not to me. If I want sheer physical ability, I watch athletes. They are great. I look for something more in art. I don't look for just great words or sentences in literature, though it is an important part of it, I look for something more. Something beyond technique that connects me to my own humanity and to the others.

I was rather disappointed; so if athletic physical ability and fast pace are what you are looking for, this show is for you. If you are looking for more, look elsewhere.


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La link!**

by پندارنیک on

I really like the way you treat your readers; you don't shove your views up nobody's throat by all imaginable I went on a google search to find what you were talking about and found this video interesting and complimentary to your assertion.

**The layout of the YouTube page for this particular video is not the most appropriate one.