How to submit blog entries in Persian

by msabaye

Can anyone help me with how to submit blog entries in Persian? I run into a great deal of problems with margins and all sorts of symbols that appear on my entry when I make an entry in Persian. I appreciate your help.


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Please be careful with your spelling!

by Minoo66 on





Then simply cut/copy and paste.

Good Luck



by benross on

This may sound a bit technical but it really is not.

Cut and paste from word document should work provided the document is initially encoded with UTF-8 (Unicode standard) encoding system. This should also work with Persian-English mix if the text is Persian with few English words inside. If it is English text with few Persian words, it will be all mixed-up on this site because once a single Persian character is detected, the whole text is set to 'right to left' directionality which messes up everything. Persian text with few English words shouldn't be a problem. Use 'help' of your Word program to see how to set the encoding to UTF-8.


Mrs msabaye

by Souri on

I use behnevis

not bad.



Thanks a lot. I have not

by msabaye on

Thanks a lot. I have not heard of zamaneh. I use WORD, and I end up with very disorderly and ugly looking text.


Dr. Maria Sabaye

by msabaye on

Dr. Maria Sabaye Moghaddam


Thanks for your reply.

 That is exactly what I do: cut and paste from a WORD document, but it appears with all the wrong margins and many symbols.

Anahid Hojjati

I use Zamaneh Editor, it works well when not mixed with English

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear msabaye, I don't know what software you use for Persian.  I use Zamaneh Editor myself.  I type in Farsi using this editor and then I cut and paste all this in the body where I want to submit my blog.  It usually works well unless I try to mix Persian and English which in that case, there will be some problems.  However, for pure Persian input, zamaneh Editor works well.

Jahanshah Javid

Persian text

by Jahanshah Javid on

-- Type your Persian blog directly in the blog input page, or
-- Write your blog in a Word document and then copy and paste in your blog, or
-- If you copy your text from another web page or blog, you need to correct the line breaks before posting in on your blog.