Happy Anniversary to HamAva Friends

Happy Anniversary to HamAva Friends
by msabaye

It was five years ago on this day, where I had the pleasure of performing with an amazing group of people to a live audience in Toronto. The event was called "A Night with Persian Pop Music" commemorating three legendary singers and musicians, Farhad, Foroughi, and Ghanem. The show was different from many events of its time in that it contained audio-visual introductions to these people, their work, and their significance to Iranian music. Bahar did a great job at placing Farhad and Forooghi in the 40's social and political landscape of Iran. We also had professional set design by Setareh. This was also a new idea because at the time, most people put a carpet and one or two vases to decorate the stage for just about any event.

The event was a success, and we raised about $1500 for a not-for-profit organization in Iran (Shora-ye Ketab-e Kookdak). I would like to wish HamAva people,wherever they are, whatever they do, all the best. I especially raise my hat, on this day, to the amazing band leader, Maziar Khatir, who brought us all together to do something so wonderful.



Photo: Rehearsal for the Concert (Sorry Maziar, I couldn't find a photo with you in it!)


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by yolanda on

I watched your music video. You got a great voice and you are a great singer! It is a very pretty and gentle song! I went to Toronto twice to visit relatives, but I did not know there are a lot of Iranians there. I visited Niagara Falls and Mississauga and saw some Chinese architectural structures with beautiful dragon decorations.


Thank you and look forward to more singing from you!

thank you for sharing!




More has to be done

by فغان on

Genuine Iranian cultural events and activities in Canada and particularly in Toronto area should be encouraged and intensified in order to offset the recent flow of IRI's sympathizers who are infiltrating that community by means of, sometimes astronomical, financial backing.

Toronto area, as I have been told, has more Shia religious institutions per capita, than any other city in the world.    

The Pahlavis and all mullas must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth.